4 Questions From the Bible About the Nature of God

4 Questions From the Bible About the Nature of God

Are you curious about Christianity? Or have you already welcomed Jesus into your life, enjoying the benefits of doing so? Either way, studying God’s character is uplifting. When unsettling events transpire, knowing God’s nature will strengthen you.

The Bible portrays the Lord’s attributes in vibrant detail. Below are four queries often posed by believers, along with those on the fence. The fascinating biblical answers follow. You’ll be edified!

Is God supremely powerful?

In Genesis 17:1, when the Lord approached Abram, He identified Himself as “God Almighty.” the Bible records many miracles orchestrated by God, proving His sovereign power. Jesus has the Lord’s authority, dispensing miracles through God’s will. Let’s recount a few of His extraordinary deeds from the New Testament.

-          Jesus cured people of leprosy, blindness, hearing loss, hemorrhaging, mental illness, and paralysis.

-          The Lord revived three people after their deaths. Jesus resurrected a widow’s son, His friend Lazarus, and the child of a synagogue leader.

-          When over 5,000 people flocked to hear Jesus speak, He fed them well. Initially, it appeared everyone would starve. Food was scant among the crowd, only two fish and five loaves of bread. Amazingly, Jesus turned the meager dinner into a bounty. Moreover, there was ample food remaining, enough to fill 12 baskets.

Each day, it’s good to review God’s generosity toward you. By this, you can vouch for His providential power.

Is God our creator?

Genesis 2:2 gives us breathtaking images! It explains how God fashioned the world and all its creatures, including a man and woman. While the undertaking was enormous, it was a cakewalk for God, spanning only six days. On the seventh day, He took a breather, choosing to rest.

The original Hebrew version of Genesis uses the verb “shabbat,” meaning “to stop.” So, how did God “rest”? He paused from creating, delighting in what He had made. Meanwhile, He continued caring for His creatures.

Then, for our benefit, God designated the seventh day of the week for rest. He called it the “Sabbath,” a special day for fellowship with Him. You can also view it as a “mental health day.” Put your hard work and worries aside, doing only your essential tasks. Then, while relaxing, thank God for what you have.

Is God kind and benevolent?

Jeremiah 29:11 depicts God as compassionate and reassuring. The prophet spoke the words God gave him, saying He has good plans for His people. So, the Lord wants you to stay hopeful in tough times, knowing He intends to bless you.

Jesus embodies the Lord’s kindliness, recounted in the Gospels. For instance, Jesus healed all the sick people who sought Him. He cared for neglected individuals, such as the poor and widows.

One day, it became public knowledge that a woman had cheated on her husband. At the time, the penalty for adultery was death. Still, Jesus drew mercy from her accusers, saving the woman from being stoned.

Moreover, the Lord was a friend to lepers and tax collectors. Even while He was crucified, abandoned by His closest disciples, Jesus forgave them.

Jesus gives us sound advice on how to address people. “Treat them as you want to be regarded.”

Is God present to all people at once?

Since God is a spirit, He surpasses limited time and space. In the Psalms, King David poured out his gratitude to God for His constant presence. Proverbs 15:3 says that God watches over everyone continually, good and evil alike.

Again, the Lord spoke through Jeremiah, proclaiming that He resides in both heaven and on Earth. In the Gospels, Jesus pledges His constancy, vowing He’ll never leave us.

Still, it can be easier to sense God in certain places. Examples of opportune settings are soup kitchens, churches, and botanical gardens. Jesus says you can summon His peace through prayer.

Furthermore, each time you read the Bible, you connect with God. Then, if you repeat the words to yourself, His support becomes tangible. That’s because God infuses the scriptures with His empowering spirit.

Hence, God extends His companionship to all human beings

Glorious God

The Lord’s character is impeccable, worthy of your trust. The Bible brims with 1,189 chapters, helping us to know God personally. This precious tome confirms that the Lord is:

-          all-powerful

-          kindhearted

-          a wise Creator

-          ever-present

-          faithful

-          forgiving, merciful, and just

In short, God is wondrous!

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