What causes Chronic Back Pain and how to cure it without surgeries?

Physiotherapy for back pain is one of the most common treatments these days as there are many people affected with severe pain in their backs. Back pain is one such disease that most of us have either encountered or will encounter at some point in life. It can become chronic if it lasts for more than three months. Both men and women are likely to be affected by the chances of back pain. The pain gets intense gradually if not taken care from the very beginning. However, there are cases such as accidents or lifting a heavy object, where the pain can take place abruptly.

It is classified into two types such as acute (one that comes suddenly and lasts for not more than two to three months) and chronic (one that takes a gradual process to develop, stays for nearly four months and leaves an enduring effect).

Here are some different causes of back pain and a few other ways of healing it without surgeries.


  • Strain – Strain in muscles or ligaments often leads to pain not only in the back but in any part of the body. The strain happens mostly by heavy weight lifting or lifting any weight in an improper way.
  • Sleep disorder – People who have sleeping disorders are very likely to experience back problems.
  • Structural problems – Structural problems such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis, ruptured discs,  and abnormal curves in the spine often result in severe back pain.
  • Wrong Mattresses – The mattress that is being used for sleeping has to be providing sufficient support to specific parts of the body and also keep the spine straight, if not, then the risks of chronic back issues are evident.
  • Spinal Infection – The symptoms of spinal infection include a rise in the body temperature and a moderately warm area around the back which results in severe pain in the back. There are many centers for pain management available these days that may help people identify the signs early.    
  • Everyday activities – Activities that our bodies are accustomed to like bending, stretching, sneezing, coughing, twisting, changing positions during sleep, slouching for longer and so on may also result in a severe back problem.


Cure and care


  • Massage Therapy – The massage therapy is one of the best? lower back treatments without surgery that helps in healing the muscle spasms. Also, massages contribute to the increase in blood flow that makes the healing faster by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the affected cells.
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture is the process of stimulating specific points of the body through thin needles penetrated in the skin for an hour in order to correct the body’s life force (qi).
  • Acupressure – The principle of acupressure aims at treating illness and delivering relaxation. The acupressure experts apply pressure to the acupoints of a body using their fingers, elbows, feet, palms or other devices in order to revive balance and health.
  • Meditation – Meditation, as we all know, is considered the best cure for almost every disease. Meditative exercises such as deep breathing and a few asanas of yoga (as suggested by your doctor) can help deal with severe back issues.  

VARDAN, that is a welfare initiative from the Times Group, focuses on Functional Manual Therapy (FMT), pain management, backbone pain treatment and post-operative rehabilitation that aims at enhancing the total body mobility. Take your appointment today! 

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