5 Non-Surgical Chronic Back Pain Methods that you should pursue

We hear people groaning about incessant back pain for various reasons. This is quite obvious these days as people mostly are firmly stalled at their respective workstations and doing their jobs with almost no fieldwork. Pain management for back pain becomes an immediate need. People earlier used to usually cope with it in order to avoid it but now, especially millennials are aware that there are numerous ways in which back pain can be cured manually without high-end surgical operations. But how does all of this happen? Let us find out-

The points/questions you might consider during a chronic backache should include-

  • The tenure of the pain
  • Did you get any serious injury within recent years?
  • What might be the cause?
  • Does it happen too often?
  • The symptoms of pain

Manual therapy

Manual therapy has over the years, proven to be of great help to those suffering from chronic pain. It includes some specific types of exercises and posture correction techniques that help improve the joints as well as the soft tissues throughout the body. For spinal pain, manual therapies can be the best solution. It helps to decrease the pain, increases mobility and makes your body more flexible.


The needle technique which has been in practice for thousands of years hasn’t turned primitive at all, in fact, it’s still impactful as it was back then. Acupuncture has proven to reduce inflammation in the joints as deduced in various case studies. It actually does more than a Placebo Effect as doctors consider it as a reasonable referral option. You can discuss it in details with best pain management doctors and they might share with you some important insights on the effects of Acupuncture.


While in the case of chronic back pain, meditation may not be able to eradicate the ache fully but mindful mediation does help to lower the pain to a certain extent. At times, psychological abilities can actually affect the pain which can be controlled during meditation. It focuses on something which is calmer, peaceful and serene, taking away the attention from your back pain and focusing on some energy, word or sound. It happens with practice as you start doing it daily while concentrating on your breathing.


There’s a hollow where your spinal cord ends in the lower back area. In the lower point of your back, there are pressure points that lie horizontally. Spending a few minutes pressing on these areas make it possible for the back pain to dwindle. There are also other areas in the hand, feet, knee back, hipbone and stomach which have pressure points to cure back pain. These points to regularly be pressed gently in order to get relief. You can visit a chronic pain management clinic and consult some certified acupressurists to know exactly know which are the pressure points.

Hot and cold treatment

This is quite a commonly sought after homely treatment to treat any joint related pain. Ice packs and heating pads are both efficient techniques to lower the pain the back pain. If you have received the pain from an external injury, it’s recommended to use an ice pack as it soothes the effect of the pain inflicted from the accident. In case of prolonged chronic pain, heating pads are ideal. You can keep alternating between heat and cold for stimulating effects. This method is called Contrasting Therapy.

There are various ways in which back pain, whether acute or chronic, can be cured without surgical operations but with comparatively easier techniques. The aforementioned techniques are effective, less painful and cost you nothing compared to a major operation, ergo, always try to maintain a calm mind and not panic when you experience pain.

If the pain persists, you should right away go and see a physician. Vardan is among the leading welfare initiative providing optimum pain management services in Delhi who preach and promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Following the procedure of Functional Manual Therapy which includes various therapeutic exercises and special fitness regimes, the institute provides the highest quality of methodical physical therapy.

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