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With DIY window cleaning, there' plenty that could go wrong. It may look simple and straightforward, but blunders ranging from choosing the equipment to use, to the procedures used when working on the window put your investment at risk. Common mistakes include:

1. Using the wrong scraping tools
Perhaps there's some stubborn gunk on the window- like body waste from insects streaking the glass, residue from stickers that were recently removed, all through to substances like paint that accidentally got sloshed onto the glass as you were painting the frames, or dried-on concrete splashes from construction works. These cant be simply wiped off, and tougher tools are needed. Reaching for conventional items around the household- like razor blades, flat-head screw drivers, or even putty knives, can end up damaging the window. They create permanent scratches on the glass, ruining your investment.

2. Scrubbing with hard-bristled brushes
This will also result in scratching the glass surface. The scrubbing action itself is a delicate endeavour, and compounding it with using brushes that have hard bristles can result in extensive marks on the window that will be costly to repair.

3. Using hard water
This depends on the region your residential or commercial place is located. Those supplied with hard water find themselves dealing with scale deposits on their sinks and showerheads. The windows are no exception. The mineral salts that are in the water are left behind when it evaporates off, creating spots on the glass. These are unsightly, make it difficult to enjoy the view outside your property and also lead to shadows being cast into the interior space as the sun shines through the windows. They also make the glass appear dirtier, coming in the way of you getting the most out of your investment.

4. Working with harsh cleaning agents
Back to those stubborn spots from the mineral salts, acid rain, insect gunk, graffiti, and other substances that end up on the windows. One may be tempted to reach for the all-purpose cleaners, acidic products and other cleaning agents that work wonders when getting rid of the stubborn spots on countertops, walls and floors in the building. Applying the same on the windows can etch the glass, and others will react with the seals and metal frames, corroding them and reducing their structural integrity. Some of the reactions will result in toxic fumes being released, which are then inhaled by the person doing the cleaning.

5. Shattering the glass
This usually happens when high-pressure systems are used to work on the windows. For instance, that power washer that is highly effective in blasting grime that has caked onto the driveway, when used on the windows, can shatter them. The forces with which the jets of water are delivered are powerful. Unlike the strong and hard nature of surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and walls, the glass is brittle. A DIYer may be tempted to use the power washers and direct the water jets from the exterior building surfaces, decks, roofing and patios onto the window in a bid to work on all the surfaces at a go. This is likely to cause irrevocable damage. The seals and supporting frames are also at risk. For instance, damaging the seals of double and triple planned windows results in fogging as the moisture that's in the air that has got in between the panes condenses.

6. Personal injury
When it comes to cases where there are high-rise windows, the DIYer may choose to go for the ladder. Basically, as you move up and down the steps, you’ll be carrying the cleaning equipment. Then there's the point where, while still atop the ladder, you`ll need to reach out to get to the far corners of the window. All this time you'll be looking to have a firm footing. It's a tricky balancing act. The risks of toppling over are high. The fall could result in anything from minor bruises to fractures, depending on the distance of the fall.

Dial Up The Experts

You dont want to put your windows and yourself at all these risks. Whats more, spending loads of time and energy on the process and ending up with unsatisfactory results can be frustrating. You don’t want things to go down this route. Hiring the expert window cleaning team will take the burden off your back, while ensuring you get high quality results at the same time.


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