15 Reasons Why Football is the Best Sport

The world is heterogeneous, with thousands of different languages and races, different ethnic backgrounds and geographical locations. The difference is made more evident with the existence ofcountries as independent and autonomous states from each other and many more. But this difference in race, language and ethnicity however is often downplayed when it comes to sporting activities, especially in the case global competition. The ability for people from different backgrounds to be galvanized by sports equally depends on the sporting discipline in question. Over the years, it has often been evident that Football is the best sport discipline when compared to other popular sport disciplines like, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, and athleticism amongst the thousands of sport disciplines that unite people. Football, or soccer as is popularly known by the Americans of the United States, by organizing different footballing tournaments like the FIFA world cup which has existed since the 1930’s, the FIFA confederation cup and the organization of regional tournaments like the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) the Copa America, the CONCACAF, the EUROS, have always succeeded in converging the world together for one common cause. It becomes more interesting when people have to travel from different countries and continents in order to take part in a competition. During this process, cultures are interchanged amongst the different groups of people coming together from whatsoever race or ethnic background. Many people although not football players, have taken the game of soccer as a normal way of life and have made living out of it. Many have equally gotten employment through the game by doing top football prediction for others to try their luck in betting. So below I will give you 15  reasons critical reasons why the game of soccer is probably the best sport that has ever existed in both modern and ancient history.

1)     The passion of the sport

The game of football is famous for how passion arising it could be to both the players of the game (footballers, coaches, referees), and the fans of the game. No matter where you watch the game, the impact of the sport is always the same. Unlike some other sport disciplines, football literally can make many people go crazy just because of the love they have for the game, most especially because of the stars of the game like the legendary Diego Maradona, greatest goal scorer in the history of the game Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazario, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who have taken the football game itself to a whole new level in the late and early 20th and 21st centuries respectively. The passion for the game of soccer knows no bounds. Everywhere one goes; football is always core of exciting discussions. That same passion that is seen across the world is the same passion that is felt throughout the football stadia with its fans and players. Everyday somewhere in the world, a football stadium is full of fans ready to rally behind their players just to win a game. Football clubs play the game on weekly basis and the fans too are ready to sacrifice their time to support a national football team or a professional club for the glory of the game at the end of tournaments. All of these make the game of soccer stand out amongst world sport disciplines as the best sport that anyone could ever dream of playing or gaining fame from.

2)     The simplicity of the game

If there can be something that people hate the most in life, it is when they have to observe and study a thing or phenomena for quite a long time without actually getting what the gimmicks of the game or the phenomenon that is being analyzed is all about. This particularly is one of the major advantages that the game of football or soccer, wield above the other sport disciplines. To understand football, all that is needed is to do is to watch the first few minutes of the game and find out of the simplicity of the game. Some other sport disciplines could be very complicated and complex to understand as well as take part in them. Sport disciplines like the NFL, American football, and baseball, are very popular as well as very important sports amongst the world sport disciplines, but anyone who has watched a game of these various sport disciplines, will definitely agree or ascertain to the fact that it is actually very tough following them given its technicality and complexity. Did you know that even the NFL referees have not been able to completely master all the rules of the game? All these very complex nature of other sport disciplines as compared to the beautiful game of soccer is what has actually made football the most popular sport in the world. Once you have been able to know the offside rule, which perhaps is the most complicated rule of the game, then it can be certain that you already have your hands on deck understanding the game.

3)     The consistency in the game

Some games have lost their popularity and rhythm simply for the aspect of a lack a consistent maintenance of the rules of the game and styles of play of the game. Most sports that lose their momentum are quite noted for altering the rules of the game, particularly the NFL. Just some 1 to 2 years ago, the NFL eliminated their highly unpopular tuck rule, while also equally modifying the rules that govern physical contact amongst the players on the game pitch, though this is done in a bid to avoid a future lawsuit. Most of these inconsistent rule changes are even most frequent in the game of rugby. Now when it come to the game of soccer, it is a different story, as the rules that are governing the game of football have been the ones in use for many decades without any need of a change. Though there could be some adjustments in the rules, but the game of soccer has hardly ever experienced a real change in the rules that govern the game or the style of play of the game, reason why it is always at the top of world sport.

4)     The popularity of the game

Not only does football count as the best sport because of its beautiful style of play or the simplicity of the game, but equally because it is considered the most popular sport discipline in the world, and could spend yet another century at the top of world sport. It is the most popular sport in the world in terms of players and has employed hundreds of millions of people at a global level. According to the FIFA 2006 Big Count, more than 265 million football players existed at the time. That number surely must have gone up drastically by this point in time. 270 million people were involved in the game of football that year too when referees and others were included into the equation. The popularity of the game of football is equally boosted by the intensive support that the sport fortunately happens to get from the fans and the players of it all across the world. With these many football related jobs available on the footballing market, it doesn’t really come again as a surprise that football is the most popular sport amongst other world sport disciplines.

5)     The intense rivalry matches

Other sport disciplines may have good gaming days and good competition days and other significant day’s special to the sport. But one of the most special, if not the most special moment in the soccer game is when two bitter rival teams have to face each other for a football especially on football greatest stage like the FIFA world cup or the Champions League. The most popular football rivalry match of all time in the history of football is the game between the two Spanish giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These two teams are considered as the two best teams of the European continent and the world, and in them are found the greatest players that have ever grazed a football pitch. This great rivalry match which has been nick-named “Classico” is equally the most watched match in the 21st century amongst other matches. This and other matches are different from cross town derby matches that equally draws attention, especially if the teams are equally two very good teams, for example Manchester United facing Manchester City is the most popular derby match in England, because of the strength of the two teams and their everlasting struggle to dominate football in their city. These sparks are equally created through the success of the teams in competition for glory in that particular game across continental countries and international boundaries. For instance, a game between Barcelona and Manchester United will equally spark so much interest from fans, most especially these two teams are the most successful teams in their various countries. These rivalries not only add to the buildup of the match, but they also add to the play on the pitch. These rivalry matches always raises the impetus of the various fans from across the world to a whole new level, and people are ready to lose anything just to stay in support of their teams. This may just be one of the best reasons why the game of football is still the most popular sport in the world. During these periods of “Deadly” rivalry matches, top football predictions are carried out for prizes that may just be jaw dropping. The best soccer prediction at the end of the day takes home the prize, and others just have to sit back and count on luck for their next prediction.

6)     There is no age limit to get into the game

The most exciting thing that could equally benefit the game of soccer yet is the fact that anyone could get into the game regardless of how young the person is. There are histories of football players who got into the game at the ages of just 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. This adds to the beauty of the sport as persons with passion for the sport are able right away to make their dreams a reality. Other sport disciplines have some restrictions on their rules of involvement and non-involvement. For instance, the NFL game has a rule that all its players must have to be 3 years out of high school before getting into the NFL draft. In the NBA, players of the game must be a year at least removed from the high school before getting into the game. On the contrary, in football, these age limits or educational backgrounds are of very little interest to the game. Once a club sees you as capable and fit for the game, you are immediately taken, regardless of the age or educational level. Very good examples to show the practicality of this law in the game of soccer is with players like Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and Luke Shaw of Manchester United. Both players made debuts for their various clubs Liverpool and Southampton respectively at the ages of 17, and intrigued their fans with their fine spectacular displays in the game. If these two were players of American Football or of Basketball, they will only have been able to represent their teams at the ages of 19. Another good example too is that of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who broke into the first team at the age of just 16 and was so impressive; many clubs seek for his signature upon his first display for the club. Such is what has really placed the game of football at the top of world sport ranking for the past decades.

7)     Internationality of the game

Perhaps the most exciting thing of the best sport in the world is the fact that the sport is equally partaken by different countries of the world. About two and three nations attempted the qualification of the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil, alone to overtake the number of representatives in the United Nations. Could there, or is there actually a sport in the world in which more than 20 to 30 teams are consistently competitive and at top level all the time. This too could be a major reason why football is the best sport in the world. The high level of competition in game of soccer has surely downplayed other top world sports like Rugby to being a practical joke as teams are literally pounded by the score line of 142-0.

8)     Poor countries have a chance of beating the rich one in football

Out of the game, countries are always counted above others especially in terms of economic strength or their military capability. But when it comes to a game to of soccer, that aspect is completely ruled out and the very poor countries equally have the opportunity to stand above the seemingly richer countries and even beat them in international competitions. For instance the United States of America getting knocked out of the 2010 FIFA world Cup in South Africa by Ghana with some of the local South Africans chanting Bye Bye to the American giant. Perhaps it may not be very possible in the fields of economics or technology or military might, but when you have a chance at standing above someone who is above you in almost aspects, then it is imperative you take your chances while you still can, and that is why football will always be considered the best sport and the most popular sport in the world.

9)     There is no physical size advantage

Best soccer predictions could turn sour at times because the team which you probably counted on is beaten by a meager and non-significant team, very little in terms of physicality or the advantage of heights. Right now in the footballing world, the best player of the game is small weedy Argentinean standing at 5.7. Lionel Messi actually defies the expectations of many football pundits as to how he does the things he does with that very little height of his. Perhaps the only position on the football pitch is the goalkeeper who needs to stand at least 6 in order to make it to the top. Reasons why some of the most prolific goalkeepers in the world like Immanuel Neuer are of very high standings in heights. There are some sports that you may never make it to the top without predisposed genetic advantages regarding size, but in the world of football, everyone may just have been created equal.

10)  You can play anywhere regardless of minimal equipment

The most exciting thing about the game of soccer is the ability for the game to be played with very minimal equipment. If you have to better understand this aspect of the game, then try doing a winter sport or others like Table tennis and skating, you find out that you would require a hefty amount of cash just on equipment for the activity. But with football, the only thing you might need to do is get a ball or anything round that can be used in the place of the ball and then you are good to go. This simplicity and the less complexity in getting into it actually place it above other sport disciplines in the world.

11)  Non-footballers make much money out of the sport

As much as football is the way of life to football players, referees and many others who are directly involved in the game of soccer, some people have equally made a good living out of the game without necessarily being directly involved to the success of the game through top football predictions and the best soccer predictions. Some top football predictions have been able to give some people jobs through the opening of Kiosks whereby the best soccer predictions are made for an amount of money. Africa, top football predictions are very popular in countries like Nigeria with betting companies like Bet Naija and Naira Bet that have employed millions of people in the country.

12)  Soccer players are better looking

It may be very funny and ridiculous but it is actually very factual that one of the things that has made the game of football to be this popular the way it is because of the players that they own. Football stars are generally good looking when compared to other sport disciplines like boxers racers. Now let’s face the fact. Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Junior will not appear on the different fashion magazines they are in if they were wrestlers or boxers, because their physical appearances may not have been to suit the taste of the magazines. Soccer players develop more attractive physique than other sport disciplines because of the need of their all-round fitness. Such features of soccer players have made the game attractive to the women especially those interested in knowing the most attractive players of the game just because their physique and appearances.

13)  Its historic stadiums

The game of soccer has been able to withstand the test of time especially because of the history of some prolific football stadia across the world. In America however where soccer is not amongst the three top most popular sports in the nation, it is rare to come across a stadium that was built over a century ago. But however in Europe, that is almost like a tradition for them. Historic footballing stadia like Anfield, Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Alianz Arena are great footballing stadia with memorable history and they do not intend to be wiped out any time soon. Anytime fans get in to those stadia, the feeling they get may be as much earning a life time opportunity.

14)  Relegation

The aspect of the worst teams having to suffer additional punishment of relegation from a top flight league is one very interesting thing that has kept the world glued to the game. Most of the top-flight leagues usually have their worst teams relegated to the lower division, while the best three from the lower division are promoted to take over from the three worst teams of the top flight. The uniqueness of this system in football has equally made matches between two teams fighting the relation battle become another interesting firework to witness just because of the relegation factor. During this period, the best soccer predictions and predictors become highly unpredictable as teams are basically fighting for survival.

15)  Transfer season sagas

Transfer window seasons have become the time where football fans are the most nervous of their star players leaving their clubs for different destinations, managers are engulfed into various negotiations with agents and players they wish to bring into their squads. The most recent and the most lucrative transfer in the history of football was the transfer of Barcelona’s wonder boy Neymar Junior to the French giant club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) that had an estimated amount of 222 million pounds spent on Neymar alone, Barcelona’s capture of Liverpool’s Phillipe Coutinho and Dortmund’s starlet Ousman Dembele.

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