How does Odoo Report Designer Enhance the Information Reporting System?

By Maulik

It is the MIS reports that help the business owners to evaluate their daily activities. They are able to resolve the problems that arise, make decisions, and track the progress. So, proper reporting on every activity in the e-store becomes inevitable.

But, the pain for every Odoo e-commerce merchant is that they remain stuck with default reports pre-packaged with the software. This software forbids professional look to the reports and customization options. This leads to poor information reporting.

To resolve this problem, you can search for Odoo Reporting module. This module helps the business owners in decision-making. It also provides customization options and report designs that make all types of reporting way better. Now, let us have a glance at different ways we can customize different reports.

Multiple Report Template

A business undergoes many activities like purchase, sales, payment history, invoice, delivery, etc. To keep information related to all these activities in just one book may lead to confusions and look messy. Therefore, an Odoo report designer avails you to select template designs for each of these activities and jot down the information related to each separately.

Admin can opt for any template themes from all in one report templates like - contemporary, elegant, creative, professional, advanced, and exclusive. So, now set default templates for purchase order, sales order, delivery report, etc. and allow yourself to view the reports clearly creating an easy understanding.

Configuration of Report Fields

The Odoo report customization provides customization options. With the help of this, it is possible to add watermark, set default color and so much more. It also enables us to modify certain fields in the report like template base, template text, company name and address, customer name and address, company logo and more.

For that, admin has to first choose a standard template configuration. Thereafter, they can change the configuration settings as and when needed. For example - the option of displaying the company name in “bold” or with a different color is available.

Customer Specific Configuration

How will you find specific customer in your big customer report book? Therefore, the Odoo custom report module helps you in identifying some of your regular customers. As it allows you to highlight customer name and address with specific color of your choice. This helps in customizing the customer information. You can provide a detailed information about your customer and save it.

For example - the languages they know, their contact number and more. You can even provide a designer template for each and every customer. Moreover, there’s a color picker with the help of which you can choose any color for the editable text fields. Now, customize all the fields of your reports right from company name to customer address.

Client Quotation Forms

Businesses offer services to their clients. So, when clients get an interest in their services, they are ready to strike a deal. But before that, they ask for price quotations. Most business people take it as a simple quotation. Therefore, don’t pay attention to give it a professional look. And that is where they break the impression of the enterprise.

So, here’s an Odoo based report designer that enables you to assign a template design to the quotation form. The quotation form should include whole about the time period for the project, the reason behind the project price and the necessary information. Apart from template design, the admin can change the font, logo, company name in “Bold”, colors, etc. So, start using it right there and make your impression.

The Odoo custom report module has an option to save the report in the PDF form and get it printed. It also allows you to keep track of your payment history. Now make your Odoo store report to look professional with these features and customization options.

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