The Dangers of Anxiety and How You Can Deal with It

Anxiety is a very common problem in society today. People are generally so busy and worried about too many things. There is indeed much more to worry about today than was the case before this technologically advanced age. It is easier to do a lot of things today but life seems much more difficult for the average human. Expectations are too high and the pressure from society and family is just too much for people to carry. You have your job(s) on one hand and on the other there is family and friends. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you are so stressed you don’t understand what is happening or what you can do to remedy the situation.

It may help if we start by pointing out that you don’t need to feel awkward about the problem. Come to think of it, it’s not something you can’t deal with. There are actually ways to deal with anxiety and like you will discover as you continue reading, there are definite steps you can take to get rid of anxiety. Before we get into how you can deal with anxiety, let’s take out some time to actually consider the dangers of anxiety. I believe this will help you avoid it once you successfully deal with it. So many people have let it become their new normal but you don’t have to join that group.

Dangers of anxiety and why you need to get rid of it

One of the most common results of anxiety is social withdrawal which of course affects the quality of one’s relationships with others. People who are often anxious usually find it difficult holding up or keeping relationships with friends and family. They often want to be alone and are usually difficult to communicate with. This makes it even harder to build strong relationships. If you have troubles with anxiety and have realized that your relationships with friends, family and loved ones are already deteriorating, then of course, you should know by now how serious the issue is and why you should follow the steps herein to effectively deal with anxiety. The danger it posses to relationships is one reason why overcoming anxiety should be taken seriously. There are other reasons why anxiety should not be tolerated in your life. 

More prone to fear. People who are taken by anxiety usually live in fear of the unknown. The expectation of negative happenings and outcomes trigger fright and flight hormones which may prove beneficial in the short run but detrimental in the long run. If fear caused by anxiety is left unchecked, there is a high chance that it could lead to panic attacks. On its part, panic attacks have the tendency to complicate stress levels and make the process of healing even more difficult. Needless to say, high levels of anxiety can and will seriously affect the nervous system if something is not done to remedy the situation. 

Little or no rest due to sleep disorders. The brain and nerve stress associated with anxiety can in itself lead to extreme tiredness even before the person concerned gets into any form of rigorous activity. This is why resting is a powerful natural anxiety relief. More so, it is simply more difficult sleeping when you are faced with extreme anxiety. The end result is a weakened immune system and susceptibility to common viral or bacteria infections. Apart from the health aspect of it, less sleep means the victim will be less active or productive at work.

Since anxiety normally clouds right judgments, those who struggle with it normally turn to drugs and alcohol for relief but as you will expect, these only make matters worse. Drugs cannot even reduce anxiety, talk less of eliminating it. They further weaken the nervous system and the entire body’s ability to handle the crises. If care is not taken, extreme anxiety could lead to serious addictions which may become another problem that  aggravates circumstances and will have to be handled separately.

Now that you know a few serious reasons why you should do away with anxiety, lets consider exactly how you can.

How to deal with anxiety

- Identify what’s causing anxiety

There are different reasons why people get anxious and knowing exactly what triggers it in your case is the first step to overcoming anxiety. So many things could be the root cause of anxiety. It may be pressure from school or a job. It could be one’s relationship with family or friends or fear of the unknown. It could even be a particular person that always brings a feeling of anxiety. Another reason for anxiety is uncertainty. As humans, we love the idea that we can have some form of control over our lives and affairs. The possibility of being able to know what will happen in future or the ability to influence that future is a deep desire in our hearts.

To some degree, people can affect what happens tomorrow but for most of life’s issues, there is simply no certainty, no absolute control. This puts many men, women, boys and girls in a desperate situation. Knowledge is indeed powerful and on high demand, especially knowledge of the future. Uncertainties make the future even more blurry. Since there are several issues about the future, you need to take out some time and figure out what it is you are anxious about. Once you are able to do that, you have a good part of the problem solved. Knowing exactly what makes you anxious could be a natural anxiety relief in itself. It’s like having fever which is a symptom for several diseases. One cannot take medication without actually finding out what exactly is triggering the symptom we see.

- Deal with those you can control and avoid those you cannot control

Just like symptoms fall under different types, there are actually those you can control and others you cannot control. However, take note that you may not be able to control or change something that causes anxiety but you can get rid of anxiety by changing your attitude towards it. For example, if you feel anxious because of pressures from your family, you cannot get rid of them but you can change your attitude towards the things about family that make you anxious. You could also be anxious about an examination and you just can’t refuse to take the exam after months or years of studies. You must therefore change your attitude towards the exam by looking at the bright side of things. One way of overcoming anxiety is simply deciding to deal with what you can control and letting go of what you cannot change.

Some other things which bring about anxiety can be controlled and these you must endeavor to take charge of or simply avoid. One of such issues is probably your job or the people around you. Individually, these two things have the potential of causing a lot of anxiety. Worse of all, they are sometimes combined to make things worse than most people actually know how to handle. If anxiety is job related, you have to make preparations and switch to a better one which is less likely to cause anxiety. When you realize that people are the cause of the anxiety you are experiencing, you need to avoid such people as much as you can. It may be difficult to avoid certain people probably because they are close friends, family or relatives. With such people, you should simply endeavor to respectfully walk away from. Summarily, if there is any cause for anxiety you can control, take charge of it and get rid of anxiety. If something is out of your control and has the potential of making you anxious, it is better you avoid it altogether. This will help reduce anxiety.

- Change what you are eating and drinking

It is not very common for people to consider what they eat as part of their anxiety problem. Some foods and drinks have the potential of aggravating anxiety because of their content. Your anxiety levels may witness a significant drop when you make changes to the things you ingest on a daily basis. Eating right is a simple but effective natural anxiety relief. Coffee for example is rich in caffeine and this is a stress aggravating agent. Those who drink coffee very often may find it difficult giving it up. However, they are very likely to witness a drop in anxiety levels by substituting coffee for normal tea or other non-caffeine beverages. Another things that spirals anxiety levels is excessive sugar consumption. In a world where sugar is so much loved and wanted by people of all ages, and included in most of the things we eat habitually, it is very tempting to consider sugar as a stress or anxiety relief substance. While it usually seems to soothe anxiety momentarily, it is worthy of note that sugar and starchy foods do not actually help you get rid of or even reduce anxiety. More so, you will realize that after some time of using sugar to soothe your anxiety, the frequent rise and fall in blood sugar levels will eventually increase stress levels, emotional strain and of course trigger more anxiety.

One of the most suggested ways to deal with anxiety, especially with regards to what you eat is to watch sugar intake.

Probably, the worse things amongst those that are good at provoking anxiety are drugs and alcohol. Like most other such substances, they give a brief fantasy of relief from the rest anxiety people suffer. The actual problem is, after the momentary feeling of rest and control, your mind is clear again to face the problems or situations that made you anxious in the first place. But you are not ready to face the situation because all the while, your emotions and ability to deal with it have been weakened by the drugs or alcohol.

While you are avoiding the wrong foods and drinks, it will do you a lot of good to actually include the right ones in your daily diet as a means of overcoming anxiety. Just like there are foods and drinks with the potential of aggravating anxiety levels, there are others with the potential of relieving anxiety. 

- Exercising for anxiety relief

Going to the gym may not be the kind of thing you like to do, and you don’t need to lift weights or get into any form of rigorous exercise to do away with anxiety. However, engaging in simple exercises is one of the ways to deal with anxiety. Any stress relieve exercise you may do will simply be about relieving your mind and easing the pressure on your nerves, brain and emotions. That means simple exercises like walking, strolling or jogging will do just fine. You can also join a Yoga club. Such exercises are quite effective in calming the mind and easing the effects of stress in order to reduce anxiety. It may not be common for people to get rid of anxiety by exercising, but it is possible.

When faced with stress, it is especially important to eat right so that your immune system and general health may be capable of warding off the adverse effects which stress normally has on the body. 

- Engage in activities that are relaxing

Apart from actual physical activities, there are things you can do to help you deal with stress. Some of them serve as natural anxiety relief and could help in overcoming anxiety. Watching interesting programs on TV is one of them. Sometimes, because of the very busy schedules we keep, it is easy to forget that the little moments we spend with people and leisure breaks are not just so we can rest. There are more important things that happen when we really take out time to relax. For one thing, your brain nerves and emotions have a break from those thoughts, actions and emotions that trigger anxiety. Fortunately, most of such activities do not require money or include expenses. All you need to do is understand the importance and be disciplined enough to make the necessary commitment to get rid of anxiety. Proper relaxation is one of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety. 

- If you are the lonely type, spend more time with friends and family

Hang out with friends and family, especially people you are very fun of or who are interesting to be with. It will not only serve as a natural anxiety relief but will help you rebuild broken relationships. Just being around people alone helps you take your focus off the things that make you anxious. Such people also have a high tendency to trigger excitement, joy and laughter and as far as dealing with anxiety is concerned, these elements of the human nature are very important and most often effective in dealing with stress.

One attitude that characterizes the lives of anxious people is withdrawal from social interactions and activities. However few things are more dangerous to anxious people than loneliness. Loneliness has a tendency to make anxious people even more anxious, especially if they find it difficult controlling their thoughts. It is therefore imperative to have people around when you can and to take charge of your thoughts when you must be alone. You should be able to know exactly what thoughts trigger anxiety and endeavor to avoid dwelling on such thoughts as much as you can in order to reduce anxiety.

- Learn to give yourself a break

Even when there are too many things to do and several responsibilities to worry about, you must learn to take a break. It is one advice that too many of us know how to give but hardly take personally. As important as it is to work hard, make an earning and build a career, you must realize that all these are not half as important as your physical and emotional wellbeing. After all, your productivity and effectiveness at work are seriously influenced by the amount of rest you get. Those who spend their time working too hard and worrying too much hardly have much strength left to effectively do their work. Then because the work is not done or maybe you are not as effective as you would have wanted to be, it becomes another reason to worry and be even more anxious. We simply cannot do without rest, and we all need a break, especially against anxiety. It is difficult to reduce anxiety when you have no time to take a break.

- Learn to always prepare properly before any major activity or event that could make you nervous

A good number of life’s encounters require proper preparation for objectives to be met and success achieved. Too many times, people are anxious because they have a task ahead and either they are unprepared to face it, or they are not sure how prepared they are. There is actually a tendency for one who is prepared for something to feel unprepared when the time comes because of anxiety. But what is worse is to actually know that you have made no preparations for a particular task that lies ahead of you. Avoiding or defeating the feeling of being unprepared is necessary to overcoming anxiety. The uncertainty of what may happen or how you will perform makes things worse and if you were already anxious, it becomes even more difficult and complicated handling the issue.

You have to prepare for work, prepare for the next day, prepare for a meal, prepare for almost everything worth doing, or else panic strikes and anxiety sets in. So what do you do? Make sure you prepare. Knowing that you are prepared to face whatever you look forward to takes a great part of the stress away and puts you at the advantage.

- Understand and accept that you can’t always please or satisfy everyone. That means learning to say No!

How many times have you seen someone working their butts out, doing everything humanly possible to please people. The desire to please people is the reason why people are obsessed about things like Facebook likes and all other forms of social media acceptance and validation. Sadly, it does not end at a personal level, neither is the issue limited to social media. People seem to have the impression that even their marriages and relationships need some form of validation so they do all they can to get it. Do all the good stuff, be careful to look very good the next time you show up and endeavor to please those who do not even care.

Don’t let the expectations of people put pressure and anxiety on you. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness. It is okay to desire making those who matter to you happy when you can but never go off the edge to please anyone. If for some reason, someone demands something of you which you cannot give, it is important to simply say No.

For some reason, it is difficult for many to say NO, but learning to do so is one way you can avoid the pressure that usually comes along with trying to please people. It is hard to please people, especially because each person you interact with has his or her own expectations and those expectations are usually so lofty, you can hardly satisfy them. The expectations of other people change so often that you get lost and confused trying to meet up. Just do what you can lovingly. That should be enough to touch a person’s heart.

Sleep more often when you can or feel like it

Apart from the obvious fact that you forget your troubles while you sleep and rest from them, it has an important advantage when it comes to dealing with anxiety in your waking hours. Improper or inadequate sleep in itself is a reason for anxiety. Ironically it produces a domino or spiral effect where anxiety leads to sleeplessness and sleeplessness in turn leads to more anxiety. If you keep going through this circle, you are simply going to experience an emotional and bodily breakdown.

Make out time for a break and take a nap during those breaks. It helps calm your nerves and keeps your mind at rest. More so, you must ensure that during your sleep time, you are not being drawn into doing other things rather than sleeping. Sleeping right is one of the most simple ways to deal with anxiety.

 Try to stay away from gadgets

The very close connection people seem to have with their gadgets is one thing that could make getting over anxiety difficult. Your phone for example, can make you more anxious by significantly reducing sleep time or causing irregular sleep which is even worse. Apart from that, social media promises a world where you can share your pains with everyone but nobody in particular. It also makes people feel like they are in the company of friends when almost all those friends are simply virtual and can either not help in any way or do not even care about what is going on.

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