Why can Employee Verification not be ignored by Businesses Today?

Running a company is not an easy peasy road for business owners. There are so many aspects a business owner needs to consider. One such task that becomes one of the pillars of the foundation of any business is hiring.

While you are busy growing up your business, a single wrong-hire can totally change the game for you. If you are starting a business, then the task of hiring gains higher importance as you are adding a member to your small family.

Traditionally, the recruitment process used to be tedious and quite lengthy, to be honest. Candidate used to wait for hours before appearing in the interview and wait for months for the final result.

On the other hand, today, thanks to technology, the entire recruitment process is fast-tracked. Recruiters go through your profile on job portal, download your resume and contact you fixing the appointment for a meeting. Even the results are declared quite soon (within days).

While all this happening, the essence of the verification process is lost somewhere. The significance of verifying an employee’s details is not lost although.

Incomes the third party verification companies. These are the firms that are hired by the businesses across the world to assess the latter’s employee authenticities.

The third party verification companies have experts that thoroughly examine the details of the candidate such as education qualification, work details, criminal background, health issues, and so on.

Nobody wants to hire an expert who cannot add value to the company.

But why is the demand for third-party verification companies is seeing a hike in recent times? It is so because of the following reasons:

Error error…everywhere

 Recruitment has gained a lot from the advancement in technology as the platform such as LinkedIn has emerged that is considered an ideal place to build professional networks.

Another relief is the rise of job portals such as,, and Craigslist. The recruiter can simply hop on to these job portals, look at the candidate’s profile and then download the resume. The candidate is called and the hiring proceeds.

The real pressing question is “Where is the candidate’s detail verification process?”

Here the importance of third-party verification companies comes to play a role.  Social media is known to have millions of fake profiles as no verification is needed there. Hence, it becomes quite easy to develop a fancy profile on one of these daises and fool the companies.

This is why third party verification companies have gained such prominence among the businesses.

Candidates lie in…

Since a maximum of the conversions takes place online, background verification is not really an option for a company.

Recruiters won’t be going back on the job portal again and again to check the candidate’s details such as previous employment, salary, and so on.

“Did you know that out of everything, employment detail is the thing that candidates lie about most?”

As per a report, hiring errors increase while recruiting a candidate at an associate level.

Background verification is of utmost importance

With the growth of your business, it becomes paramount that hiring is done right. Big organizations tie-up with renowned third party verification companies but smaller firms have to do this in-house only.

Discrepancies about the salary are the most preferred lies among the candidates. If the candidate has a history of fraud, money laundering or similar cases, you can simply ignore those.

Hence it becomes extremely quintessential to hire one of the proficient third party companies to implement a perfect background verification.

Final takeaway

Prevention is better than cure.

This quote fits for businesses that ignore the need for background verification and later on pays heavily, either in terms of money or brand image.

Getting a good verification company for your business secures your company from any unprecedented happenings in future.

If you are looking for an efficient outsourcing company that can offer you an unparalleled verification service, reach us in the comment section.


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