Dog Overheated Symptoms- Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time to spend with the dog outside doing a great deal of funs with him. As you can notice that temperature is marginally increasing day by day, therefore it's necessary to protect your dog from overheating.

Whether you take him on the Road for a walk, ride in the car or playing with him in your garden, the heat can adversely impact on your dog makes him overheated that may also turn into death.

To overcome heat problems, you need to consider these dog overheated symptoms tokeep your best friend safe and healthy.

It is crucial to keep your dog hydrated and happy especially in summertime, but occasionally it becomes hard to get a dog owner for to know whether their dog is dehydrated or not. Get familiar with these dog overheated symptoms which are listed below:

1. Thick Drooling: Have you noticed your pet's drool is becoming more thicker than normal. It's among the main reason your dog may be getting too hot.

2. Rapid Heartbeat: Have you checked that your pet's heart racing? If not then you need to check it to make him hydrated and fresh.

3. Dark red gums and tongue: If you find your dog's tongue and gums are becoming red, then it'll be a stressing situation for you as it's one of the primary dog exhaustion symptoms.

4. Dizziness: Especially during summertime you are able to locate this common problem of dizziness in your dog which means they're getting too hot.

5. Weakness: If you find that your dog is getting weak particularly in summers and he's having trouble picking up himself, he could be overheating. Give him an superb cold dish of water to conquer this problem.

6. Heavy Panting: Panting to get a puppy can be a normal thing which could be discovered in many dogs whether they are hot or excited, it's critical to understand just how much and how thick they're panting which would be a indication of overheating.

If you discover any of these dog overheated symptoms on your pet, then you need to also contact your vet to avoid any difficulty later on.


How to keep your dog cool in summer: 

1. Add ice cubes to the water dish: The best and secure way to keep your dog cool in warm summer by just adding some ice cubes into his water dish.

2. Provide a few canned food in regular diet: To keep your pet cool and hydrated constantly during hot temperature is to introduce some canned food in the daily diet.

3. Avoid walking on the hot pavement: As we all wear boots to avoid burning off our feet on hot sidewalk. Therefore it makes a great sense that you should also offer boots for your dog to reduce burning off of their toes while walking .

If you are not able to purchase the shoes for your dog, then it's a good idea to set your hand on the pavement to make sure that the sidewalk is not too hot for the dog.

4. Take walks on the cooler parts of the day: A great way to prevent overheating of your dog by making him walk in the early morning or day.

5. Keep your home cool: To keep your home cool you need to leave the AC on and close the curtains to prevent sunlight. If you don't have AC in your home, then you should open the windows and turn on the fans which will help keep them cool in those hot summer days.

6. Don't leave your pet in a hot car: Did you step into your car during summer? We know the heat is unbearable, but you don't know that this can be even worse for your dog too. So it is highly advisable not to leave him in the car particularly in summer which will bring a worse position for him.

7. Introduce a bath: During hot days notably Dogs with long hair requires an intensive shower twice or thrice in every week to keep them fresh and cool.

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