How can Job Seekers Clear the Pre-Employment Background Screening Easily?

In this modern era, it is very difficult to find qualified candidates owing to the high rate of resume falsification. However, it is imperative to hire ideal candidates as far as business’s expansion is concerned. Therefore, pre-employment background screening has become the significant aspect of the hiring process.

On the other hand, competition for jobs has been getting fiercer with every passing day. To beat the competition, around 58% of job applicants provide false information during the interview. This aspect invites unnecessary problems for the business owners at the later stages. However, credential fraud never pays off.  

Apart from that, ideal job seekers usually think that clearing a pre-employment background check is tough. However, this factor is not true because clearing background screening is only difficult for those candidates that provide fake information to meet the company’s criteria.  

Are you a job seeker? Do you want to clear pre-employment background screening with an ease? Have a look at the following points that will surely help you regarding the same:

Conduct criminal background check on yourself

Well, if you want to join a multinational company with the desired package, you need to represent yourself as an ideal candidate. To make that happen, you should conduct a criminal background check on yourself.

This is so because multinationals always contact third party verification companies to conduct pre-employment screening on the candidates that are going to be selected. So, it would be beneficial if job seekers prepare themselves for the background check.

Sometimes candidates think that there is no meaning in running a criminal background check on themselves if they haven’t committed any crime. Somewhere this aspect seems correct.

The fact that will surprise you is criminal records get miscataloged every day because of some silly mistakes. So, there is a high possibility that you may find out unexpected criminal history after running a criminal background check on yourself.

However, if you have already found out some inaccuracies, you need to rectify all the errors by contacting the courthouse. In some cases, a simple phone call or written request can do the trick. On the flip side, you have to file a petition to remove all the false criminal charges.

All in all, conducting a background check on yourself is the best way to clear pre-employment screening.

Stay away from resume falsification

If you are a job seeker and want to get your dream job, always stay away from resume falsification. This is so because companies of all sizes always check the information provided by the applicants in the resumes thoroughly with the help of third party verification companies.

The main reason behind that is most of the business owners want to hire an ideal candidate so that they don’t have to face any problem at the later stages. 

Sometimes job applicants show fake certifications and salary slips during the documentation in the greed to get the dream job. This aspect always leads to embarrassment and termination. So, it is imperative for you to ensure that educational and work history information that you mentioned in your resume is correct.    

To clear pre-employment background screening easily, all you need to do is review your resume and ensure that everything is correct.

Review your social media profiles

Are you wondering why you should review your social media profiles? Nowadays, business owners contact third party verification companies to conduct a background check on the potential employees to get to know about online behaviour.

Companies never tolerate inappropriate activities such as posting unprofessional photos, bad-mannered comments, profane statuses, etc. as somewhere business’s reputation at the stake. 

So, if you don’t want to lose a good job opportunity, review your social media profiles and delete or edit all the silly posts.

Be aware of your rights

Usually, job seekers think that they are powerless against the pre-employment screening. In fact, some employers also believe that interviewees cannot do anything against background checks. But this aspect is absolutely incorrect.

As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) policies, the employer has to explain the reason in writing to an interviewee if pre-employment screening leads to disqualification. In addition to this, the candidate can challenge the decision if the reason is not valid.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the job seekers can easily clear the pre-employment screening if they are aware of their rights.

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