How to Enhance your Magento Store Product Delivery Process?

UPS’s recent study shows that 59% of respondents prefer online shopping. Therefore, one can say online shopping has a become a favorite activity among avid shoppers. In addition to this, the fast-paced world not just demands unique products but also a swift product delivery. So, having one of the most reckoned Magento based e-store does not suffice.

You also need to provide a customized product delivery option to your customers. Temando conducted a survey and found that nearly 77% of online shoppers prefer their delivery to reach them post work hours or at the weekend. They even choose the delivery day and time as per their convenience. If you are unable to provide the above, the aftermath? Increase in cart abandonments. To get over these product delivery blues, you must integrate a Magento Delivery date extension to your Magento store.

It ensures a smooth delivery and helps in keeping your customers happy as it allows customizing the delivery day, date, and time. Curious to know how it offers customization to customers and the admin? Let us try to know its working in detail.

Delivery Date Selection Option

“When will my order arrive?” is the most common question that every shopper has when they order online. That’s because there is much anticipation associated with the product deliveries. So, why not solve their problem giving them the option to choose the date on which they wish to get their product delivered? Wondering if it’s possible? Yes, it is - with a Magento delivery date scheduler.

This allows you as an admin to set the delivery date in your calendar as per your convenience. Thereafter, your customers can choose a particular date on which they prefer to get their product delivery. So, this provides convenience at both ends - backend as well as front-end. This also ensures the order delivery is done in time, hence creating a good impression about your e-store.

Choose Delivery Time

It often happens that your delivery person reaches at the mentioned address but finds no one. May be your customer has gone to work. In this situation, if you had a Magento delivery module, it would have been helpful. It enables you to allow your customers to select the exact time when they want to get the product delivery.

With the help of this module, your customers will know the time the delivery person will arrive so that they remain home. They will select the time according to their convenience. Moreover, the admin gets to choose the timing when they shall remain available for the visitors to choose from.

Automated Address Rectifier

Even a petty mistake with regard to address, pin code, contact number or in bills can cause a major loss to the business. It can lead to product non-delivery and thereby non-payment for your products.  This way a customer would never be regained in the future.  This might often happen when your customers make a mistake while typing their addresses, pin code, etc.

But not to worry. Search for a delivery date schedule extension for your Magento store. It acts as a savior. As it comes with a functionality that enables you to enlist all the area-wise pin codes. So, when your customer puts a wrong pin-code, it suggests the right one. Save your business from making losses with this functionality.

Product Delivery Tracker

The most common question that customers mull over is “Where has my product reached?” and then you get calls and emails asking the same. That’s a big nuisance. But at the same time, answering your customers is necessary. Why don’t you get a helping hand for yourself that can provide answers related to the whereabouts of their products?

A Magento product delivery tracker is an in-built feature that keeps track and monitors the product delivery. It provides this facility to the front-end as well as back-end. So, implement this to your Magento store and bring surety about your product delivery.

Bottom Line

This article enlists only some features. There are many more to go. So, use this extension and make your product delivery process an accurate and timely one. And offer your customers a special facility to receive the product ordered on their desired date and time.

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