Kidney Disorders and Kidney Dialysis

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs in human beings and mammals. They are responsible for filtering waste products in the human body. There are 2 kidneys in every person. If the kidneys do not perform their tasks properly, there are chances that it could lead to kidney failure. Buildup of waste products in the body is a very dangerous and unhealthy phenomenon. Dialysis and kidney transplant then comes into the picture. Dialysis also are in different types and patients are free to choose according to their requirements and disorder type. Read on to have a look at few kidney disorders that necessitate dialysis.

Kidney disorders:

Following mentioned are few kidney disorders that require dialysis as part of treatment procedure:

Chronic kidney failure – Also known as chronic renal failure, it is characterized by a slow but steady loss of capacity of kidney functioning. The symptoms are not even stark. Meaning that the symptoms aren't visible until the kidney function gets severely impaired. Chronic kidney failure is symptomized by changes in sleep patterns, vomiting bouts, nausea, change in frequency of urine passage, hypertension, cognitive decline, breathing problems etc.


Chronic kidney failure is triggered by a variety of previous complications. Few of them are kidney stones, prostate complications, high blood pressure, diabetes types (Type 1 and Type 2) to name a few. Dialysis treatment then is useful for helping the body excrete waste products, because kidney cannot do so on its own like before.


Acute kidney failure – Acute kidney failure is the deterioration of kidney's working power. However it is very sudden and brighter side of it being, that it can be treated. A decreased appetite, blood in the stools, high blood pressure, lack of energy and enthusiasm, bleeding nose, bleeding at the smallest injury are all symptoms of acute kidney failure. Dialysis is a treatment option when the body is unable to get rid of waste products in entirety and higher fluid retention.


Hydronephrosis – Hydronephrosis is a condition that is a result of another condition existing in the body already. In this condition there is swelling in the kidney that occurs because of inadequate drainage of urine from the body. The obstruction in the urinary tract can cause the kidney to enlarge in size that may in turn lead to damage that stops its working forever.


Diabetic nephropathy – People who suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes are most likely to suffer from diabetic neuropathy sometime ahead. If you have high blood pressure or higher sugar levels then you are at a higher risk to get diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. People at the last stage of diabetic neuropathy are prescribed to undergo a kidney transplant because dialysis may not be enough. Symptoms start showing up in the 4th or 5th stage; they are not visible in the initial stages. Some of the noticeable ones in the later stages are vomiting, a dark yellow urine, water retention and swelling in ankles and feet.


Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome - Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is a disorder that happens because of damaged red blood cells (RBCs) that obstruct filtering of waste products by the kidney. Bloodied stools, lack of energy, tremors, hypertension, swelling in the bodyparts are few symptoms of HUS. Leaving the symptoms untreated, they are likely to lead to cardiac problems, stroke and further kidney complications like acute and chronic kidney failure.


Types of dialysis:

Dialysis is usually a substitute for people whose kidney functioning is impaired. Dialysis acts as a stand-in for the kidney. It controls urine output thus regulating fluid balance.



Following are the 2 types of dialysis:

Hemodialysis – This type of dialysis sees, putting the patient's blood through a filter for cleaning it of salts and waste products. Cleansed blood is then in turn returned to your system. Conventional, daily and nocturnal are the 3 types of hemodialysis. Conventional one is usually done thrice a week. Whereas the daily one is opted for patients depending on intensity of symptoms. It can be given to patients having acute kidney failure. If the person is at a terminal stage, they also are provided daily hemodialysis. The nocturnal dialysis is given to patients at night when they are sleeping. This type is suitable for people suffering from chronic kidney disease.


Peritoneal dialysis – The peritoneum is the thin tissue layer that forms the lining of abdominal cavity. Likewise, in peritoneal dialysis, the peritoneum is used for providing dialysis to the patient. The dialysis solution is passed into the body through a catheter. The solution acts to absorb fluids and wastes when inside the body. Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) and Automated Peritoneal Dialysis are the 2 types of peritoneal dialysis given to kidney patients.

Dialysis is a life-saving medical treatment technique. It is important for kidney patients because dialysis acts as a literal substitute for the actual kidney. The right type of dialysis not only improves energy levels in patients suffering from acute or chronic kidney failure but also helps in improving their life expectancy. Find dialysis facility in top urology hospitals in India here.

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