Healthcare Sector to Benefit from Technological Advancements in the Temperature Controlled Packaging

Proper packaging and shipment of temperature-sensitive products is a daunting task. Changing lifestyles due to rapid urbanization has led to a staggering rise in the demand for canned and ready-to-eat food products. With the growth in the food & beverage sector along with the widespread product wastage control movements, temperature-controlled packaging solutions have witnessed a surge in demand. Food such as meat and dairy products and beverages such as cold drinks and milk need to be transferred from one location to the other, using temperature-controlled packaging solutions. In the healthcare sector, pharmaceuticals and genetic material need to be maintained at a constant temperature till they are shipped to their destination. This technology is widely used in the food & beverage industry for the transportation of perishable food items since they are most susceptible to microbial activities. Allied Market Research published a detailed report, highlighting the key market trends and top impacting factors in the global temperature controlled packaging market.

The latest news and developments in the field of temperature-controlled packaging market include FedEx Cold Shipping- a temperature-controlled solution, the prestigious Queen’s award won by Peli BioThermal, the active refrigerated shipper used by Omni Logistics, BillerudKorsnas’ investment in cold chain packaging company, and others.

FedEx introduces FedEx Cold Shipping for the healthcare industry

Leading transport company, FedEx recently launched temperature controlled packaging solutions for the healthcare sector in SA. The FedEx Cold Shipping is a reliable, affordable, and environment-friendly solution that can ship goods at the required temperature. This cold packaging option can maintain a constant temperature in the range of 2-8 degrees. The temperature-control environment can be sustained for a duration of 48 hours, using the standard box, whereas the extended duration box can maintain the temperature for 96 hours. The FedEx Cold Shipping ships products at a lower cost, since the packaging is smaller and lighter in comparison to the gel-based systems. As a result, larger quantities of products can be shipped. The solution is best suited for transporting pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, including biogenetics and biomaterials.

Prestigious Queen’s Award bestowed upon Peli Biothermal

Peli BioThermal was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. Peli BioThermal is one of the leading global providers of single-use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging. Astounding results in innovation within the temperature-controlled packaging, Chronos Advance, for the pharmaceutical industry, fetched Peli the world’s most prestigious business award that recognizes enterprise excellence. Chronos Advance is a range of high-performance single-use shipping systems. It offers advanced insulation and utilizes phase change materials in the system. The product’s success lies in the advantages it offers over the traditional packaging systems using gel and ice packs. The weight and space efficiency obtained along with the constant temperature maintained while transporting vaccines, tissue samples, or clinical trial samples was found to be optimal for the healthcare industry.

Anti-microbial flexible packaging developed by Uflex

The Indian company, Uflex, got the FDA’s nod for its flexible packaging material having anti-microbial properties. The material enhances the shelf life of the packed foodstuff by scavenging the microbial growth. It uses the principle of active packaging, wherein, the internal environment is modified owing to the continuous interaction with the packaged product over the duration of the specified product life. In this packaging system, the sealant layer has special anti-microbial properties. As a result of the alteration in the state of the packaged food, the shelf-life is extended along with an enhancement of its sensory qualities and maintenance of microbial safety even in areas having tropical weather conditions.

In the trial carried out at room temperature, the flexible packaging material displayed remarkable results by preventing microbial growth in the sandwich for a total duration of almost 8-9 days, whereas the sandwich in the normal packaging material was spoiled in a matter of 3-4 days. Bread, having a high yeast content, passed the test successfully, thus establishing the credibility of the anti-microbial pouch. Mr. Jeevaraj Pillai, Joint President of Packaging and New Product Development stated that the pouch remains inactive while it is empty, and is active only when it comes in contact with the food. He also added that the use of this technology will lead to lower contents of preservatives used in the processed food industry.




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