4 Steal -Worthy Tips for Choosing a Perfect Coffee Table

A coffee table holds an essential job — it needs to hold cups of coffee, snacks, magazines, and even games on the game night. Sometimes, it serves as a colouring station, sometimes you might just want to rest your feet on it, and other times it serves as a work area.
And just as a matured girl is incomplete without her old values and new broad thinking, a contemporary style living room without the presence of an antique coffee table marks a void.
There are several factors you ought to keep in mind while picking out a centre table. Ask yourself the few questions to get the better idea of what style you need.
What does your coffee table need to do for you? Does the room feel like its craving a certain polish or glamour? Do you prefer a solid wood coffee table or a sleek metallic one? Once you begin to answer all these questions one by one, you can look for the one that provides the perfect solution.

To help you in finding a perfect solution, I think the below four tips for revamping your living space with an elegant centre table will help you to drive in the right direction.

1. Think about the right shape for your living room: If you have pets or children at home, an oval-shaped or round coffee table tends to work best. Having a curved edge will prevent injuries from any pit falls or bumped heads. Round shaped tables have a little more room to walk past, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces.

#Tip: Contemporary round coffee table online blends old materials with latest design. Its round shape will make it easier to steer around tight spaces.

2. Determine the size of the coffee table you need: The size of a coffee table is just as important as its shape. It should sit no lower than 2-3 inches from the seat of a sofa. A standard table height of 15-17 inches pairs well with a normal size couch. Obviously, a higher sofa will require a taller table, more in the 22-25 inch range. If you are used to entertain, taller tables, make it easier for hosts and guests to rest dinner plates and cocktails conveniently.

3. Carefully consider the material: Centre coffee tables come in the astounding variety of visually appealing materials. Among that, glass, metal and wooden coffee tables are common choices. Metal materials offer a more industrial look, while we feel glass combined with metal offers a bit more finesse. Our designers particularly love the versatility of wood. Mango and Oak are on the casual side, whereas Sheesham and cherry bring an altogether formal feeling.

#Tip: The combination of two different materials in coffee table is what makes this piece a true stand-out furniture piece — for an example: smooth glass on top and a bricked wooden shelf for storage on the bottom.

4. Determine the main use of your coffee table: For what purpose you use your coffee table? Is it going to be a place for your knick-knacks? Additional storage space? Will you require a multi-functional piece? Coffee tables with storage drawers and shelves can hold anything from kids’ toys to brochures to coasters.
If the idea is more for décor motif, you can focus your attention solely on finding the coffee table online with the form, lines, and texture you love.

The best rule when buying a coffee table is to make sure it works for the bot, your space as well as for your aesthetic.

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