5 Things to Consider While Purchasing Baby Cribs Online

In the growing phase of a kid, it’s essential for him/her to have ample amount of peaceful sleep to keep them cheerful and active all day. Thus, it is important for the new parents to provide a secure sleeping environment for their munchkin. The baby cots are the safest bed for your little munchkin where he/she can play and sleep peacefully.
Baby cribs are very simple in design with all those safety railings around, but the making of these cribs should be perfect such that there are no rough edges or pointy corners which might hurt your little one.
Baby cots available online are in different designs, styles, sizes and colours. And if you are going to keep it in your bedroom, you need to make sure the mensuration's are correct.

If you’re searching around for a lovely baby cot for your baby’s nursery, then you really should consider the below-mentioned points to make your journey to the perfect crib a little easier.

1. Buy a new baby cot:
I know its most accessible to reuse the old baby crib that you used a long time ago for your relative, but it's time for you to choose the new one, as it is crucial for you to make your baby feel safe and sound all the time.
And, also as the older cribs models might not meet current safety levels or might be decayed.

2. Some question to ask for the safety measure:
Baby cots are required to be the safest and obviously why not? We have our precious babies sleeping in it.
To ensure this primary factor, one should ask these questions:
Is the cot deep enough?:
The depth should be 30cm when the mattress is in the upper position. And at least 15cm when the dropside is down. Ensure there are no footholds in the baby cot so that your baby doesn't climb and try to move out of it.
What material mattress?
Make sure to choose a mattress with pure fabric as choosing synthetic one might give allergies to your young one.
Are there any sharp edges?
Check for any sharp corners or protruding edges that could hit a child's head.


3. The different types of baby cots:
A traditional baby crib is the straightforward choice. These are sturdy as these are made of solid wood such as sheesham, mango, etc. This variety can be easily found in stores as it's pretty favourite among the customers.
A convertible crib has the ability to adjust the height of the mattress as per the requirement. Hence, you can change it according to your infant's growth.
You can even opt for cribs with wheels so that you can move it quickly around the room.

4. Look precisely at the construction and quality:
Check the frame of the cribs by shaking it. If the frame seems loose, then don't go further with that piece.
To avoid any accidents, choose the solid wood as the base material because it is strong, durable and last longer than other stuff.

5. Customise your crib:

You can take the responsibility of setting up the crib by giving the dimensions of the crib, material to be used, finishes or colours to be applied and giving a rough sketch of what design you want!!

While selecting the baby cot for your munchkin, it is important that you keep appearance as the secondary factor, and consider safety and security of your kid at topmost priority.
Consider the features as mentioned above to get the best baby crib. It will help you narrow down to your preferred perfect option.
Install a new baby crib in your kid's nursery to get your newborn a safe and peaceful sleep. Ensure to get a piece which is easy to assemble and is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the baby. Other than offering exceptional comfort, it should also provide ample space to put the daily clothes or essentials of the baby in a well-organised way.

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