Why Choose Royal Grass?

When U2 frontman Bono famously sang the lyrics to the song ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing’ many cultural analysts assumed that he was singing about how marketing and advertising projected a perfect life that was better than real life itself. Those cultural analysts, however, were wrong! What the song is really about is how pleased the tax-evading, poverty-fighting singer was with his new artificial grass lawn!

Even Better Than the Real Thing!

If you are an artificial lawn installer, then it is important to source the best quality artificial grass. In which case, you need look no further than the market leader in artificial grass supplies – Royal Grass.

Studies have shown that homeowners tend to install artificial grass predominantly at the front of their properties. This is largely due to them wanting to retain natural grass in their rear garden (where they tend to relax and socialise more), whilst opting for artificial grass for the front of their homes (where more of an emphasis is placed upon the aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance option of artificial grass).

Neighbourhood Watch!

Tradesmen who install artificial grass also report that the majority of their business is obtained via referrals from previous clients who have recommended the service of artificial grass installers to their neighbours. You may well notice that it is not uncommon to observe several installations of artificial grass within the same street or neighbourhood.

Thus, if you choose to install artificial grass for one of your clients then this completed landscape ultimately serves as an indirect form of advertising for your own services and the products that you use. By sourcing the best quality product you are, in turn, creating the best possible advertisement for your business.

Royal Grass: Making the Unreal Real

Royal grass is renowned within the industry for providing the most natural looking artificial grass available on the market and it utilises the latest in technology and innovation so as to make the unreal (grass) seem real.

The defining feature of Royal Grass, as opposed to other types of artificial grass, is that it is made up of V-shaped artificial fibres, Soft Play Surfacing that are soft enough to create a natural looking product but also strong enough to remain durable for years to come.

The V-shaped design of Royal Grass enables the fibres to create the illusion that they are growing in multiple directions and thus mimics the appearance of natural grass. Indeed, the main problem with other brands of artificial grass is that they look flat, rigid, uniform and, in the worst instances, like little more than someone has stapled green Velcro on to a driveway.

Fifty Shades of Green

One of the other major failing points of artificial grass is that it is uses only one shade of green, a real giveaway that looks nothing short of tacky, even from a distance. In reality, natural grass is several different shades of green and often flecked with extremely light green (almost barley-coloured) strands during the summer months.

Royal Grass imitates this naturally occurring palette scheme by ensuring a variety of colours are incorporated into its V-shaped strands throughout the entire surface of the product. This technique further helps to convey a realistic and aesthetically pleasing finish to the landscape.

A Quality Product Sold by Quality Retailers

Royal Grass is only sold by authorised dealers, who are selected based upon their experience and credentials within the building supplies industry. These dealers are directly approved by the manufacturers of Royal Grass due to their expertise and respectability within the marketplace.

To this end, you can be reassured that when opting to use Royal Grass as your preferred product of choice the retailer will have extensive knowledge about its advantages and its superiority over other brands of artificial grass that are on the market.

A Global Brand Available to the Local Tradesman

Royal Grass is available in over 45 countries worldwide and is recognised as being the most realistic looking artificial grass on the global market.

In addition to Royal Grass being used worldwide by homeowners for their gardens, Royal Grass is also favoured by councils and large businesses for commercial landscaping work in local parks, offices and playgrounds. If you would like to create the best-looking advertisement for your local business, then it is recommended that you use a globally recognised brand that is at the forefront of its specific market.  

Easy to Use Resin Mixers

Not a lot of people are truly clued up on how to use this tool, unless they use it day-in-day-out with their profession. Luckily, the mixers are incredibly user friendly. All you have to ensure is that the mixer is placed upon a hard, horizontal surface before use and the mixer will do all the hard work for you. Simply pour in your mixture and you’ll be installing your driveway in no time.

Minimum Cleaning Effort

After spending the day installing your driveway, the last thing you want is to spend hours cleaning your resin mixers. With Baron, especially the M110, cleaning is a piece of cake! It can be done at two stages, either during installation or after.

If you’re cleaning your resin mixers after installation, pour a bag of dry gravel into the drum with a solvent and let it spin round the mixer for approximately ten minutes before emptying somewhere safe. Whatever is left can be easily removed with a wire brush. Keep the trap door open after cleaning to let your resin mixer dry naturally, ready for use the following day.

However, if you decide to clean as you mix, then you must keep your trap door open at all times. This means the mixture isn’t allowed to seize up. After one load of mixture is installed, simply soak a sponge in white spirit and wipe away any aggregate. You’re now ready to mix again and resume your driveway installation.

Sturdy and Reliable

A crucial element to a well-functioning mixer is its solidity. With solid frames and sharp blades, you are guaranteed a hard working piece of equipment that won’t falter under pressure. You’re free to mix until you’re blue in the face. 

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