How to Activate My Sprint Phone

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During the activation of a Sprint phone, some issues may occur that might hinder the successful execution of the procedure. If your phone "hangs" in the network, you may follow some simple steps in order to provide it a boost it needs to complete the successful activation. Still, if the activation of your phone continues to fail, then call Sprint's customer support service for immediate help. 

In order to boost up your phone for the successful completion of its activation, you must follow the steps given below:

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Hard Reset

Sprint phones are programmed to start with the activation as soon as they are switched on. However, sometimes this activation procedure may fail. When this happens, you need to hard reset the phone.

 A hard reset of the phone or pulling out its battery will provide the phone a time gap before it re-attempts to complete the activation process. Wait for a minute, insert the battery of your phone and push the power button. Do not touch the screen or any other button until you are asked to do so by the activation wizard.

Update Your Data Profile

In case the automatic activation process fails, you must update the data profile of your Sprint phone to activate it. When the data profile of your phone is updated, it allows your phone to check with the network.

As the contact is made with the network, your phone will get activated. Now, open the settings menu of your phone and either click on "System Updates” or "Phone Info." Then, click on "Update Data Profile" to begin the procedure.

Next, restart the phone as you receive a confirmation message, which says that the update is complete. However, the data services on your phone may not be accessible for up to 4 hours after the activation is done.

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Online Activation

If you are still not able to activate your phone, then go to the Sprint Activation Web page. This activation page will thoroughly guide you in setting up your phone and choosing the right plan.

Depending on the phone you have, you may be asked to input the codes into the phone through its keypad. The website will also display the progress of the activation process within the system. 

You will require the electronic serial number of your phone in order to complete the registration. This electronic number is located below the battery of the phone.

Upgrade or Add-On

In case the Sprint phone you are trying to activate is an upgrade or an add-on, then your service plan should have certain features. For example, for smartphones like LG Optimus and BlackBerry, it is required that you add a premium data feature into your service plan as activation will not be completed until and unless you choose the correct plan.

If you are trying to activate your phone online, then you can get the help in adding the features. You may also call Sprint's customer support service [icustomerservice.net/sprint-customer-service] for guidance through the process.

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