Top 10 Types of Kurtis Best Choice for Tall Women

No matter which age or size you belong to, it’s very important to remind yourself that you are beautiful in every shape and skin tone. What you just need is to know the right kind of clothes and styling hacks for your individual skin and body type. Be it petite, tall, plus size or any body type, make sure that you dress comfortably and confidently to give your best shot at every event. Here is the list of different types of kurtis which are best suited for women with tall body structure. If you are the one, catch with my post and reinvent your kurti collection in the best possible way. Scroll below...

 Tail Cut Kurti

This kurti is one of the aptest choices for women will taller figure. It has a longer back and short from the front which goes perfectly with the taller illusion of a woman. You can also try angrakha kurtas in this pattern to add more glamour to your overall personality.

Flared Kurti

While these kurtis are ideal for every kind of woman, the way these staples go with the personality of tall ladies is unbeatable. Also, flared kurtis can be worn for all types of occasions, be it casual or formal.

Kaftan Style Kurti

A palette of radiant hues and attractive prints give rise to trendy kaftan kurti. These are baggy and long in nature and look absolutely delightful on women with a taller body. Well, these types of kurtis and salwar suits are perfect for travel purpose. 

Overlay Kurti

An overlay kurti has two different prints; one of them starts at the waist and goes till the hemline. These kurtis are also a good choice for tall women to enhance their overall look and style statement. Wear them with trendy bottom wears and get ready to strut like a diva.

Tunic Style Kurti

A tunic is always confused with a top. A little longer than the usual top and a bit smaller than the kurti is where a tunic resides. Tunic style kurti is generally body-hugging and can go great with tall women.

Long Straight Kurti

Whether you pick long kurtis or salwar suits, both these staples are must-have for women with a tall figure. If you are somewhere between 5’5” and 5’10”, the long straight kurtis can do wonders for your casual dressing with much ease and satisfaction. Such kurtis look appropriate on women with great height and can add plenty of charm to their overall personality.

Pair these stylish kurtis with trendy pumps and wedges and make the best of important occasions and events.

Dhoti Style Kurti

This is also one of the best types of kurti for tall women as it complements the leggy illusion perfectly and provides the desired look. Also, the fact that dhoti is known for an added flare and voluminous appeal make it the most suitable choice for women belonging to Deepika Padukone club.

Get dhoti style kurtis or salwar suits right away and embrace your beautiful body type like never before. Bundle up, you stunner! 

Jacket Style Kurti

Jacket style kurti is another variant for leggy lass but make sure to go for long jackets to achieve the desired appeal. Try these trendy kurtis in vertical patterns and oomph up your overall resemblance. These kurtis are a huge craze among young women and fashion divas as they bring the best of both the worlds in a single outfit. You go, girl. 

Tiered Kurti

Forming a tiered-like structure comprising of various layers, these kurtis are nothing but al sort of a taller illusion. Such kurtis are a great pick for parties and important events and can do wonders to women having more than average height. Wear these with bottom wear or without, depending on your personal taste and mood and bring people on knees to address your fabulous fashion statement.

Floor Length Kurti

How can you say ‘No’ to these exquisite pieces of weave!?

Floor-length kurtis are generally known as Anarkali and these are simply must-have for tall women to stay stunning and gorgeous forever. These are actually designed to complement their great body type and height and can bring them into the front light of any event. Grab these ones without thinking twice and bring the best out of your dazzling personality instantly. Hurry Up!!!

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