Time Plays A Vital Part In Students Life

Students are often found complaining of a paucity of time and issues regarding time management in their academic pursuits. Generally speaking, students seem to be unaware of the value of time and do not manage their time well, thus facing strains in all situations where time-bound performance is expected from them.

Let’s have a deliberation on what value time possesses for students and how can they effectively manage it.

In early education teach the value of time:

The recognition of the value of time starts at home. Student’s time is vital for his academic life and later his career. Why is it so? At the very outset, a student must be awake well in time to get ready for cleanliness, breakfast and then his departure to school.

The creation of the sense of responsibility in valuing time is, therefore, parent’s duty. He must be in habit of going to bed early so that he may take required full sleep for getting energy.

In junior school and preschool, children must be taught about the importance of time. Storytelling is a teaching method more effective in younger kids. Therefore stories emphasizing the importance of time must be narrated in class.

The entire academic session is time-bound:

A student has to do everything according to the pre-decided timeline. He can’t be late in class as many schools do not allow students after a margin. Acquiring the habit of being late in school is shown in his report card as a negative element.

The timetable of student’s classes and tests /exams is also decided at the beginning of a session and it has to have complied meticulously. The assignments and homework given to students do also have a timeline. Even exams and tests need to be completed in specified time.

So it is quite obvious that a student remains confined in time limits and deadlines for his entire educational life. If time is everywhere in a student’s life what does this situation require? Obviously, it demands that a student must make time management his number one priority.He must discipline himself in such a manner that observing timelines must become his second nature. He must realize that he cannot afford to spend time in a wasteful manner.

The vital importance of time in student’s life also makes certain demands from educators, planners, teachers, and parents.

  • Time management skills must be taught to each student.
  • Special time management courses and workshops are arranged in school.
  • Punctuality should be appreciated and rewarded.
  • Time management must be made a norm rule rather than an exception beyond the school also.

Time is a major input resource in career building:

Every student must realize that time is directly proportional to academic and career success. The other resource is money which is provided by almost every student as they pay the fee and purchase course material and bear transportation cost.

The variable of time is one such factor which is more important than money because its application varies in magnitude and accordingly outcomes also vary.

Here I will also point out that it is not only the time which leads to success, it is rather the quality time which one spends in his academic activities which makes the difference. So often we find students complaining about not winning despite giving ample time to a task. What they forget is the fact that their time was not quality time as they were letting distractions hampering their studies.

Is present generation time conscious?

Unfortunately, the answer to above question is a big NO in case of a great majority of students. The amount of time this generation is wasting on smartphones, texting, facebook, twitter, and gaming apps without prioritizing their activities is frustrating.

The present youth do not plan daily time schedules about sleeping hours, study hours, sports, eating, and exercise. It is our responsibility to teach them that they can meet all challenges by being organized. What do we mean by organizing life in order to understand the worth of time? Following are checkpoints which every student must follow:

  • Prioritize your tasks: Always keep eye on your schedules and make a list of things to do in order of priorities. Needless to mention that Tasks must be completed according to the list.


  • Use a calendar: using a calendar for scheduling your appointments, meetings, and studies is always helpful. Make it on computer or mobile phone and refer it for compliance,
  • Avoid distractions while studying. Turn off notifications on facebook. Stay away from tablet or mobile phone while studying.

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The author of this blog, Marvel Anna has been a content manager A-OneAsssignments - assignment writing help and in charge student’s affair committee at a community school, in Melbourne Australia. 

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