What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Server

Cloud hosting or cloud servers are now common thing to most businesses and individuals who needs to store important data and retrieve it anytime and anywhere they wanted to. The cloud hosting services providers offers hosting services to many virtual servers. It gained popularity, because of its flexibility in nature. With cloud hosting, you have the flexibility to get data anytime you need it, pay for the space of your requirements, all the important information you stored are secured and less expenses, because you only pay for your usage.

Advantage of cloud servers

Cloud servers have several advantages compared to individual servers. The following are some of them.

Un-interrupted services. Since cloud servers are a composition of networks of underlying servers, continuous service is assured. Even if one server goes down, services provided will not be interrupted, because it will get resources from the remaining servers. Reliability is there through out. With cloud servers available, employees don’t not need to bring with them important documents, as it is available on the go. This will enable them to work while on travel and even while on recreation activities. Given that working power, it means greater productivity to businesses.

Cost Efficient. This way of storing important information is cost efficient. That is one reason this technology is attractive to small businesses. With this, businesses will only have to pay as to their usage. They don’t have to pay for any unused space or services. If the demand is high, capacity will automatically increase, without additional charges to the customers. You don’t need to buy or install your own software. You can always avail of those many cloud hosting facilities online.

Responsiveness. it can easily respond to any demands. Results can easily be access on anytime of the day with ease. It is because it does not rely on one physical server alone, but, from deferent underlying servers.

Set-up. The set-up for availing of cloud hosting services is very simple. It will only take minutes do. It is hassle free and there is no hard ware or even software involve in the process.

Updates availability. With cloud hosting, updates to you gadgets is always available for you. The provider will see to it that you will have the latest update for your gadget.

Disadvantages of cloud servers

Here are some of the disadvantages that that comes with it cloud servers..

Security. Because cloud hosting means that you are sharing important information to a third party. And the fact that thousands of users worldwide are using the same platform with you, there a big possibility of a security breach. The chance of your data infected with virus also feasible.

Less control. In this kind of setting, you have less control of your information. You are all dependent to the host server and if the stop to operate, the possibility of losing important data is likely.

Dependency in the Internet. This is another scenario worth considering. Once internet connection bag down, there is no way you can access your stored data.

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