Safety Points Should Consider Before Using a Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Hydraulic torque wrench is not like a regular wrench you can usually find in the garage. This one can work as a double tool. It can loose and fasten large bolts quickly and easily. It operates through the hydraulic flow which produces pressure to create rotary motion. People who work in massive industrial structures often use this tool. Most of them will not find it difficult to operate. However, no matter how professional you are, you still must be cautious in using this device. It can be dangerous, and unwanted accidents might happen. That’s why we prepare several safety points you need to keep in mind.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

1. Attach the Pieces Sequentially

When you bought a hydraulic torque wrench, it will arrive in dismantled condition. You will need to attach every single piece so you can use it. You have to do this part sequentially. Make sure to not change the setup the order and just follow the guidelines. Otherwise, a malfunction might happen while using this high power device.

2. Adjust the Settings

Note it that the settings of all hydraulic torque wrench models are adjustable. That enables you to set the device in the correct level with the project you are working on. For example, if your project requires you to use pre-determined level, you must set the controls in that way. If there is no specific requirement, you may utilize it with the lowest level.

3. Inspect the Socket

Do not forget to do socket inspection. Make sure that it is still in top condition. You should never use the tool when the socket is cracked or worn out. It will not be able to hold the wrench’s bolts securely.

4. Hold It Firmly

Be sure to hold the middle handle firmly. Besides for efficient operation, it is also for your own safety. Unlike regular wrench, we do not need to turn our hand to use the tool. It will fasten or lose the bolts automatically. Nevertheless, you still need to place your hand properly on the handle.

5. Dress Properly

Before you start using the torque wrench, wear your safety goggles first. It protects you from small particles that fly through the air. Tie up your hair too if you have a long hair. And, do not wear any loose or baggy clothing. If you do, tuck it securely into your pants and hold it with your belt. All in all, keep away anything on your body that could easily get caught in the wrench.

6. Use It in Steady Capacity

Using the wrench in full capacity for every project is not necessary. Each project must require different capacity. If there is no clear info about it, use it in low or medium capacity. That allows you to use the tool at ease. Moreover, the wrench will have a long lifespan in that way.

That’s all the safety points we can share with you. With these points, you can be sure about your safety. And, you will be able to finish your job efficiently too. There is one more thing, though. Make sure to buy the best hydraulic torque wrench only. Always check the quality to convince it is safe to use.

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