6 Best Ways to Invest in Gold with Little Money

Investing in gold not only has very deeply rooted cultural and traditional significance for Indians, but it also one of the most stable ways to invest your money and to guarantee great returns on your investment.

Just looking at gold rate today in Bangalore and comparing it to the 1 gram gold price pattern in the last year would provide us with an idea of how stable the gold market can be. If you have been eyeing gold rate today in Bangalore or 1 gram gold price today in the hopes that you would be able to snag a good rate for your gold investment, here are 6 best ways to invest in gold with little money:

Buying Gold Bullions and Jewellery

Investing in actual, physical gold remains a well-established way of investing in gold. This form of gold investment is very popular since you can actually own gold in a very tangible form and this can also be a liquid asset for whenever you might want to re-sell it. However, in order to turn a profit in re-selling or to ensure that you get a good value in your investment, research on gold rate today in Bangalore or 1 gram gold price online so that you are able to make an informed decisions on the rates at which you trade your gold.

Investing in Gold ETFs

Gold EFTs stands for Exchange Trade Funds, which are becoming hugely popular today with the advancement in technology and people’s ability to remain connected to their assets through online mediums. Gold ETFs are a type of mutual funds, which are traded like ordinary stocks. This ensures that you are able to get good returns on gold, which is held as a part of your investment portfolio. For success in these markets you will not only have to know gold rate today in Bangalore or 1 gram gold price, but also go beyond that and find out more about changes in value patterns in the gold market.


E- gold are gold which are held electronically, and which can be converted into physical gold at any time, based on the desire of the investor. Each unit of e-gold corresponds to 1 gram of pure unadulterated gold. So you have the peace of mind of knowing that the gold you buy is pure and untainted. This is an excellent way to invest in gold, since it combines the liquidity of being able to buy and sell at any time, with the ease of not having to worry about storing and keeping your gold asset safe. Here again, before investing, do take account of the gold market by keeping track of gold rate today in Bangalore or 1 gram gold price online.

Gold Options and Futures

In this case, there is an underlying gold futures contract, which is signed by the investor. You, as the investor, have the option of having a long-term position, also called as put option, or a short-term position, which is also called a call or futures option. Gold put options markets is generally more risky than a futures market since here you are making the call expecting the market price to fall. In any case, gold options and futures can allow the investors to make a huge profit on the initial call that they make, but the biggest demerit of this is that this market is time sensitive and if the option’s time value is gone, then it is worthless. Thus, this requires the investor to be market savvy and have a good knack about timings along with knowing basic facts about the gold market such as gold rate today in Bangalore or 1 gram gold price.

Gold Mutual Funds

Gold mutual funds are investment in the stocks of companies, which mine gold or are involved with activities that concern making profit out of gold. Gold mutual funds can be very profitable if the investment is done keeping in mind certain central factors: the company with which the investment is made needs to be one with a good track record of bringing in profit and honouring their commitments to its investors. The promised gains has to be juxtaposed against market realities such as gold rate today in Bangalore or the pattern of any fluctuations in 1 gram gold price to decipher their feasibility. Along with this, the investor’s desire to balance between risks and rewards is also important to the decision.

Closed-End Funds

In closed end gold funds, companies provide a fixed number of funds for shareholders. This too is an excellent way of investing in gold, where the price of the premium is determined by the market factors. So by being attuned with the stock and share market along with having a keen eye on changes in gold market, by observing gold rate today in Bangalore or 1 gram gold price, you can definitely make a good profit on your investment in gold.

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