Are You Addicted to Social Media? Find Out Here!

We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.-Stephen Hawking

This quote stands so true nowadays in light of the fact that we are more connected to the people through social media platforms than in person. Posts, such as the thought of the day, selfies, birthday and holiday pictures, link to blogs, weird videos, all these collectively define the virtual world of social media. If we look around ourselves, we can notice that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have integrated themselves so easily and conveniently into every aspect of human life. People have developed addictive behavior and anxiety when they lack connectivity with these portals. Yes, there is no denying the fact that these social media sites have given us a way to stay connected with the people, but this is also a definite case of too much of a good thing. 

If you are wondering whether you are obsessed with your phone or not, then here are a few symptoms and behavioral activities that are linked to social media addiction. Check for yourself:

You post every single thought 

Feeling too sad or extremely happy, going for a run or planning to cook, received appreciation or has a row with someone. No matter what is happening in your daily life, not a single thought or moment can pass without you posting it on your social media account. You constantly find the right angle to click selfies and search for a suitable caption for your status. You want to share everything with the people you are connected with through these platforms. Even the people you haven’t met for ages know your daily activities and your likes or dislikes. In fact, sharing pictures of the fancy meal is the first thing that you do as soon as it is served on your table. 

You reach for your phone first in the morning

You are half asleep and don’t even spend a few seconds between waking up and checking the social media notifications if this is what happens with you every single morning, then it is a sign of social media addiction. Students suffer from sleepless nights as they keep checking their phones and scrolling Facebook and Instagram page aimlessly and postpone their bedtime to keep themselves updated about their social media circle. Giving yourself some break and headspace will definitely make you less reliant on what is happening in other person’s life.

No-internet place makes you upset 

As soon as someone informs you that there is no WiFi or you are not able to find your phone network, does your world fall apart? If yes, then maybe it’s time to rethink your priorities. Scholars who are continuously busy in their phone, replying and posting on their various social media accounts, face inconvenience when they don’t have internet connection even for a moment. No matter where they are, be it school, workplace, or home, they lose their mind when they are not able to connect with their friends via social media platforms.

You get your daily dose of news from the Internet

Whether it is a rumor or real news, the first place that you find every latest update is none other than social media portals. Not even a minute passes to an event, and it is published instantly on different online sites. However, just because it’s there first doesn’t mean that they are the best source of news. Those who are addicted to social media often jump to conclusions based on what they read on these sites. They even get into arguments and debates concerning latest social or political issue.

You can’t stop yourself from checking notifications

The moment your phone beeps, you start craving to check notifications and couldn’t help to have a glance at your phone. In fact, you hear your message or notification tone even when it’s not buzzing. You continuously check your phone every few seconds and couldn’t stay away from it. Social media addicted cannot refrain themselves from checking their phone even when they are doing a work of utmost importance, like their class projects, homework, or revisions, and prefer taking online essay help instead. 

You keep scrolling aimlessly

Whether bored or looking for something, if you always keep on scrolling your Facebook and Instagram page, then you are guilty of social media addiction. Instead of giving rest to your thumb or indulging in something creative, you keep looking at all the news feed until you find something enjoyable. You watch videos, read blogs, share & like photos, and whatnot while you glance through your account and don’t even realize the miles and hours that you’ve scrolled.

You ignore friends and family

You might be well connected with your social media friends and maintain a regular network with them, but you don’t meet your friends in real life. And even when you hang-out with them, you spend most of your time with your phone and replying to messages or answering notifications instead of talking with them. In social gatherings, you are the one sitting alone in a corner with a drink in the company of your phone. This is quite a serious symptom because it creates a communication gap between you and the people who really care about you. 

Number of likes makes your day

Does more than expected likes on your post make you supremely happy? Or, just a few likes is a moment of stress and anxiety for you? In either case, you are surely obsessed with these social media portals. Your happiness and sorrow are dependent on the likes and reactions of people on your picture, you get isolated and associate your pride and self-esteem with the thoughts of people. Sometimes, lack of sufficient likes can make people delete that post from their page because they don’t think it’s good enough to go on their wall. This might sound crazy to some of you, but addiction has the power to make you crazy, trust us!

Social Media sites create an illusion of connectivity.- Malay Shah

It’s high time that you destroy this illusion and connect more with your family and friends who are more important in your life than people you have made network with online.

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