Students should have the freedom to choose an essay topic

By Susan

Students mostly have to write essays in their school. However, the topic of the essay in some cases is provided to them by their teachers which are not good as the student has to write an essay on that topic out of compulsion rather than his/her own interest. This will limit the interest of the student on the particular topic as he/she will be keen on completing the essay in order to fulfill the requirement rather than learning from it. On the other hand, if the topic is chosen by the student themselves they will be motivated and encouraged to learn and research more on that specific topic as they will work on it with interest.

Following are the reasons as to why students should have the freedom to choose essay topics:

  • They will work with interest


The area where one can perform extremely well is the area of his/her interest. When one chooses the topic of his/her essay it will mean that the topic they have chosen is the one on which the student is willing to work on. In this scenario, the student will not only give proper time to writing this essay he will also plan the whole process. This may include planning and making a virtual outline of the essay before he/she begins to write, as it will help in covering the essay step by step. Once this is achieved writing essay will not only be very easier but it will be a lot of fun. This will reduce the chances of the mistake and a better understanding of the topic.

  • They will gain experience from research

When the topic of the essay is of your choice it becomes easier for you to research on it. The research for this purpose is done to increase knowledge rather than out of compulsion. This is the result of working in the area of our interest. When we are researching in the area of our interest than it allows us to research thoroughly giving our working an edge over the others. We can also research on the topic from different angle making it more diversified. This will help us write our essay not just pertaining to our topic but also including all the factors that are directly or indirectly linked to the essay topic

  • It will be easy to plan

The topic that at we are familiar with or which is our area of interest makes it easier for the topic to be planned. Planning is essential for any activity. When it comes to writing an essay it is necessary for the students to plan. Good planning will ultimately end up in producing good articles. With proper planning in place, one can benefit from many aspects like, we will know the correct direction to approach this essay with, the estimated time for completing the essay, the amount of research needed to be done for writing this essay and finally what to write in terms of explaining it to the reader.

  • It promotes creativity

One very big advantage in writing on our area of interest is that it somehow enhances our thinking process giving room to creativity. It gives us the motivation and encouragement to think beyond an average mind. Creativity is very important as it can be used to give the topic our own personal touch. This is vital for the readers as they will always like and encourage new angles to the given topic.

  • Increases knowledge

When the students work out of their own choice rather than on compulsion, it makes it easier for them to increase their knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success, and this success can be clearly seen in the essay once it is finished. Not only the essay shows the clear understanding of the topic but it also shows the grip, which the writer has over it. In this way, the student is not only able to increase his knowledge in term of the topic that he has selected, but he is also able to improve his knowledge upon the things that are related directly or indirectly with the topic. This also helps the student in answering direct and indirect questions related to the topic in their exams.

  • Interesting for the readers to read

The freedom to choose the essay topic is not only good for the student but it is also good for the reader or the teacher who is reading or examining the essay. With so much content and information at disposal these days it is very hard to find a read that truly touches our heart. This is primarily because of the fact that the most of the essays written fail to convince the reader.

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