5 Myths about Paying Guest Accommodations in Delhi

Paying Guest Accommodation is becoming popular day-by-day. But, there is much confusion about PG hostels. Before even trying the option, we seem to be fall prey to prejudices.  There are many who will say that PG is not good for blah-blah-blah reasons when you ask their opinion. So, read this article to debunk all the myth related to best PG in delhi.

1.       Small Haphazard Rooms?

Most of the PGs are houses of owners converted into Paying Guest Accommodation. So, it is a common belief that, for making money, landlords convert even their smallest rooms and charge high. But, Professional Paying Guest Accommodation doesn't do such type of things. They especially convert their property to PG after taking a license for its operation. They provide all the facilities to their tenants and take care of it timely. So, if you feel any PG is not providing spacious room, you can look for other options. You will get plenty of options in same money.

2.       Unhygienic and Unhealthy Food?

It is a common belief among tenants that PG doesn't provide healthy and hygienic food. Reason? Answers are many. They don't have professional cooks. Most of the persons engaged in cooking have never cooked before. They don't pay cooks well so cooks lack interest in cooking and so on. But, it’s wrong.

PGs hire professional cooks for their kitchen. For every PG owner tenant's satisfaction is most important. Utensils are properly cleaned. They have pre-prepared menu according to days and provide food accordingly. Most PG owners come themselves for routine rounds to check food and other amenities so that tenant doesn't feel inconvenient.

3.       No Regular Cleaning?

Yet another myth is related to the cleaning. Tenants tend to think that PG owners don’t provide regular cleanings as their expenditure will increase. Persons engaged in cleaning activity don’t work properly as they are less paid.

But, all this is completely false. PGs provide proper sanitation in their accommodations. They pay workers, especially for cleanliness. It is also the duty of the tenant to complain if cleanliness if not properly maintained. 

4.       Amenities not in good working condition?

Another myth about PGs is that amenities in PGs are not in proper condition and most of them don't work efficiently. For PG owners, tenants are the source of income. They know that their business can run only when they are satisfied. So, they provide all the facilities in PG. In rarest chances, it happens that some glitch comes to appliances and it takes some time to bring workers for repairing it. PG is best accommodations where you will find all the basic amenities in best working conditions.

5.       Inadequate Facilities?

It is believed that exclusive facilities are not given by landlords. It is another way to charge. But, most of the facilities like Wi-Fi, AC and other services are included in the charge of PG. Some facilities which consume electricity are also provided on demand to reduce wastage.

Hence, trust a PG owner if he says that he provides all the things. You can check all the facilities for your satisfaction before finalizing the PG.


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