Things to Avoid In a Chef Interview

By Aussiechef

You might have just completed your Hospitality Cookery Courses from one of the top cookery courses providers to become a Chef, or you are a working chef and not satisfied with your current employer and looking for a new job. In both the cases, you need to face an interview. Believe me, chef interviews are not much different than other profession interviews, but with the increased competition in the field, you need to be extra conscious. Below we will discuss things that you need to avoid that can improve your chances of getting a Chef Job.

Talk to an expert:

Before you even think of submitting your resume to your dream company, that you want to work with, talk to an expert consultant, who can provide you details that you need to take care of, while attending a chef interview, like your outfit, the way you should talk and most important part is your resume and its cover letter, as your resume reflects your expertise, so keep it short, only include relevant information and its cover letter defines your personality, so you can use your resume cover letter to actually stand out from the competition.

Focus on yourself only:

At times people are to stressed about who their opponents are, just focus on yourself, as stressing too much can make you nervous, and this is when you can make mistakes. Better would be to focus on your interview, stay humble and if you sound a genuine candidate to your interviewers, you will be hired for the Job.

Your outfit:

What you wear, speaks a lot about your personality before you even say a word to your interviewers, if you are a working chef it would be hard for you to manage interview schedule, but it is advised not to appear with dirty chef cloths or chef uniform from your workplace. Yes, you can wear chef uniform or a complete chef outfit in the interview if you are asked for a working interview, else best would be to consider wearing formals or a suit.

Don't talk Negative about Your current or Past Employers:

Your current or past employers that you have worked with might have behavioral issues or the working conditions may not suited you or there could be many negative reasons for leaving your job, but if you are asked about your company stay positive with your words, because if you talk negative about your current or past employers, your prospective company will assume that you will negatively about them, also.

Manage your time:

If you are to appear for an interview, better be there in time or even if you reach early best would be to take a walk as reaching early might stress your interviewers, and if due to some reasons you get late or don’t have the time to go for the interview, best would be informing the company, as world is small and during business meets people talk about good and bad employees and interviews both and you would not like to be stamped as Mr. unreliable in the chef world

If you follow the basics of chef interview discussed above, you will gradually and slowly master the art of cracking chef interviews. Remember to be honest recognise your strength and weaknesses. There is always a position for everyone you just need to be there.

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