Five Most Popular Fantasy Novels of the 21st Century

Fantasy literature has an imaginary story that surrounds unrealistic characters and events. Historically, most works of fantasy were written for kids. However, at present, it is equally loved by adults as they are often characterized by a departure from accepted social rules and represents that which is impossible. Such stories often revolve around magic, terrible monsters, superheroes, hypothetical creatures, such as aliens, magicians, and witches. The ancient philosophies of Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and other eminent scholars had a great influence on the fantasy genre of literature. They often used various animal fables and magical tales to illustrate the principles of humanity and political science. This is why various iconic characters from epic novels have themselves become cultural icons in many countries. Here we have enlisted some of the best fantasy novels that you must at least once

1. The Name of the Wind  

Written by Patrick Rothfuss, this book narrates the gripping, emotional, and imaginative story of a old landlord Kvothe. He was borne to opulent musicians. But his life took a devastating turn when the entire family was brutally murdered by Chandrian(a group of seven paranormal beings like ghosts). He became a directionless pickpocket and thief before learning more about his parents’ killers. Later in his adulthood, he came to know that the killers of his parents could be found only after attending the university. His years there are spent in bickering with wealthier classmates. But there he also found the love of his life who later helped him solve the mystery.  

2. The Way of Kings  

Written by Brandon Sanderson, this novel presents an interesting combination of worldbuilding, coherent systems of magic, and unforgettable character development. The story revolves around an imaginary country, Roshar. This place is full of Spren that are natural organisms possessing the power to take different shapes and forms, appearing around certain events, ideas, or abnormalities. Besides this, certain magical creatures also live there, such as soulcasters, shard blades and shard plates. The story is narrated by Kaladin, a dark-eyed soldier betrayed by his light-eyed commander. In his country, people with black eyes are thought to be low-caste, and everyone abhors them.  

3.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  

Written by J.K Rowling, this is the last book of the Harry Potter series. Deathly Hallows is a continuation of the story in the previous two books, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It narrates Harry’s search for the Horcruxes and his final showdown against Lord Voldemort. Besides this, the book evokes the magically vivid secret world of Wizards. Well, it goes with the same good-versus-evil paradigm that is characterized by the earlier books, but what you will love to read here is Harry’s confrontation with his death, and his relationships with loss, with power, with bereavement, as well as with love.

4.  The Lies of Lock Lamora

In this book, author Scott Lynch writes the story of a young orphan, Lock Lamora who tries to escape his world of abject poverty. To earn money, he becomes a pickpocket and con artist. But his skills are perfected after getting trained under Father Chains. Later, he becomes an official priest of the Crooked Warden. Reading the first few chapters of the book, you will realize that unlike other fantasy novels, this book seems to be inspired by heist stories. But later, Locke and his crew confront an actual magician, and then there will be many imaginary incidences that you will love to read about.  

5. The City of Brass  

Though this was the first book in Chakraborty’s Daevabad trilogy which gained immense popularity among the youth. The story is set in an 18th-century background and goes with the life of Nakiri who is a skilled con woman and a black magic practitioner. But later, she has to bear the consequences of her deeds as one day she finds herself thrown into a mythical world. And, at the heart of that world, is the City of Brass, called Daevabad where she’s caught up in the brewing tensions between tribes of djinn.
These were some of the best fantasy novels of the present era that you will love to read. Do not worry if your entire time is crammed with the loads of academic tasks that are not letting you do this as we have arrived to assistance you. By taking English assignment help from our subject experts, you can be assured of getting 2:1 grades in the internal assessments.

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