How to Study Better and Get Higher Marks

If you are lagging behind on your grades, then the solution may be in the way that you study. Whether you aren’t studying or are going about it the wrong way, there are some adjustments to be made. Here are six of the bets studying techniques to get better grades:

1. Study Using the Chunking Method

The chunking method is a study technique that involves splitting up your session into fifteen-minute chunks. So, you can spend fifteen minutes on history, fifteen on math, fifteen on chemistry, so on and so forth. This gives your studying a distinct focus and gives you the illusion of progress as you go along with the session. Information will be easier to remember because your brain has separated the information into little chunks.

2. Focus on One Topic at a Time

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of studying you need to do and try to do it all at once. This is not the way to go if you want to be an efficient learner. Focus on one topic at a time. By this, I don’t mean broadly math or history. I mean take each subject on topic at a time. You can determine what qualifies by chapter headings and vocabulary words in your textbooks. By doing this, you maintain a tighter focus, thus allowing for your brain to soak in more information.



3. Employ Active Recall

Active recall is a studying method that involves you putting in a study session and once you have come to the conclusion, close your studying materials and repeat out loud everything you can remember learning during that session. You can also opt to writing everything down on a piece of paper. This is a method of reinforcement, of hammering in all of the topics you need to get down. By just remembering the information (and not consulting any extra help to remember), you are setting yourself up better for remembering the information during a quiz or test.

4. Connect the Things You’re Learning to Your Interests

All of these subjects we are taught in school, topics we have to memorize for quizzes and tests, are pedantic and quite dull. It can be easy to forget why these things are important to learn at all. So, instead of trying to find some contrived reasoning (maybe I will use it in life sometime), find your own reasoning in your personal interests. Dig deep into what you love and find how they connect to the topics you are covering in class. This will make studying much easier, as it will feel like you are getting greater insight into the thing you love.



5. Exercise Before You Start Studying

The main reason why studying can be so hard, especially after a day at school, is your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. You have gone through an exhausting day, with your brain firing at full capacity. After school, it is natural for it to enter a period of rest, thus making studying harder. I would suggest, if you want to be ready for a study session, to go work out. Take a run, head to the gym, or enjoy a sports game with some friends. This will rush blood to your brain, giving your brain the juice it needs to be efficient during a study session.

6. Don’t Overexert Yourself

It may seem ridiculous to think of pursuits of the mind in this way, but you should make sure you do not try to do too much when you are studying. Exhaustion is not just something that can affect your body but your mind as well. In fact, it can be easier to push through if your body is exhausted. Your brain just will shut down, refusing to hold in any more information. So, to avoid wasting time studying when you are already exhausted, you need to pay attention to your level of fatigue as you go along. You will do no good for yourself by trying to push through with a studying binge. You will not remember any of the information. So, avoid overexertion if you want to be an efficient studier.

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