Five Things to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are pretty common in Florida. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida remarkably has the highest rate of bicycle accidents and subsequent deaths as compared to the other states in the nation. The worst part is that Florida is not showing any improvement in the reduction of such accidents.

When someone experiences a bicycle accident, he might be nearly clueless as to what steps he needs to take. However, when a victim of such a case intends to file a lawsuit against the concerning party or individual, he should do so only after negotiating with a professional and experienced bike accident lawyer.


Getting instant medical help

The first thing that the victim needs to ensure is to get immediate medical attention. He should access the emergency medical care center that lies nearby to the site of the accident. If he is severely bruised and is unable to move, he should ask help from his reliable friends, relatives or family members in the near vicinity. If that also seems bleak, he can ask for help from the witnesses. You might call the paramedics so that you are transported by ambulance to an emergency department. It is essential for you to get  adequate medical attention so that the recovery process is more effective and quicker.

 The major symptoms should be instantly noted. The urgency for a primary care provider is attributed by the fact that the accident does not have any lasting complications on your body. There is a category of injuries that gets prominent late after the occurrence of such an accident. Such delayed injuries should also be taken note of and addressed to the healthcare provider for treatment.

The medical treatment might go on for a long time in case of certain internal fractures or complications. You might need to consult with medical specialists, medical pain management, physical therapy and other chiropractic services. Meaningful consultations are crucial in order to know as to which medical treatments are the best for the fast recovery of the personal injuries. Untimely treatment of injuries might make them worse. Do not compromise on money when your health is at stake.


Give brief statements to the law enforcement officers

A group of law enforcement officers often respond to the scene of the accident. They usually record statements from every single individual or party involved in the accident. Instead of creating a ruckus, or confiding in the police entirely, remain calm and composed. Then, give a brief statement to the police depicting simple facts of the accident. Obtain a copy of the police report once completed.


Hire a Bicycle accident attorney as early as you can

Contact a specialized bicycle injury attorney as early as you can. Only when you hire a professional lawyer, you are ensured that your entitlement to your compensation is safeguarded. You can get your peace of mind back with such a strong guidance backing you. Your stress of paying for the consistent medical treatments is reduced. This kind of relaxed environment is required for you to practice self-care and focus solely on self-recovery. A specialized attorney is the only legal representative you can afford to have. He is the ultimate protector of your legal rights.

He shall stop you from making statements that might be misused against you to attack your character. Such twisted mechanisms are often applied by the insurance company of the accused individual.

Insurance companies shall consistently contact you after the accident and will ask you about the incident in details. They shall not let you know their actual intention of recording your statements on the call. This recorded statement of the facts might be used against you. Even if you know a bit about law, you certainly do not know the tactics that are required to defend yourself from the wrong claims made by the opposition. You certainly need a representative who knows law in and out.  A proper attorney shall take every measure to make you win the case and help you receive the compensation you truly deserve.


Go for documentation

Make sure all the physical injuries are documented. Be it bruises, scars or cuts, everything should be put into documents. Such powerful documentation shall reinforce your personal injury claim. If you have missed your work due to the injury from the accident, mark the time you have missed from work. Get it documented to support your claim for lost wages. A bicycle accident attorney can help you a lot in this context. He can advice you beforehand as to what to document or maintained as a record. These documents come into play as the trial moves ahead. A simple document or record can affect the jury’s decision and make it sway in your favor.

Photographs, video, and audio recordings are some of the sure-shot pieces of evidence that play a very significant role in case of a personal injury litigation. So, when you are a victim, you should carefully document the accident as far as possible. Any symptoms or losses caused by the accident should be documented no matter what. Thanks to smart phones, taking photographs and video recordings is a child’s play now.


Refrain from discussing your accident on social media

Social media has become the most important part of your lives today. Most of you have become so open about you lives that you do not think twice before posting your personal life story on social media. However, it has its own share of adverse effects, especially when you are a bicycle accident victim!

You might feel like sharing the entire bicycle accident scenario with your followers and friends just in one go!  This can have drastic outcome. These posts shall be searched for and recorded by the opposing party’s insurance company to be used against you. Thy might try their best to belittle you. At least, make sure to change the settings and make your profile status private. However, do not take the risk of posting anything related to the incident on the social sites.

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