Achieve Business Goals with Android Application Development

Achieve Business Goals with Android Application Development

Wondering who’s the clear winner in the iPhone versus Android battle is? Well, it’s undoubtedly the users! The tug-of-war between these two leading Operating Systems has indeed done wonders for their uses. With one trying to outdo the other, rapid technological advancements and amazing new features are being introduced every time we bat our eyelids!

If you’re planning on mobile app development to take your business to the next level, it’s important to cover both these widely used operating systems, as they have a combined market share of 99.6% of smartphone users, according to figures reported by Gartner.

However, budget constraints may drive you to choose one, at least to spearhead your enterprise mobility journey. Here are a few reasons for choosing Android and hiring an experienced Android application development company.

Target the Best Market
Although Android does enjoy a larger market share, iPhone has a strong foothold in an interesting niche – among people with higher purchasing power, those willing to spend on luxuries and savvy executives. If this describes your target audience, your first step would be to identify a reputed Android app development company and foray into the world of enterprise mobility.

iPhone apps are more popular in developed countries. So, if a majority of your target audience lives in the US or in Western Europe, opting for an iPhone app may be a prudent decision.

Apple of Your Eye
Apple products, especially the Android, have dominated the market as the most desirable devices for several years now. The grand iPhonee of Steve Jobs introducing innovative technologies at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has become synonymous with the Apple brand image. Having an Android app can help you create a strong brand identity that’s associated with trust, high quality, innovation and focus on delighting users.

Amazing User Experience

Apple closely regulates its entire ecosystem to offer the best user experience to its customers. The company has stringent criteria in place for approving apps for its App Store. Each app is thoroughly tested before it's made available to users. So, when downloading an iPhone app, there’s never a doubt whether it will work flawlessly.

Expert Android application development companies like HokuApps follow every guideline and meet every criterion out there, ensuring seamless functioning of all features and an excellent user experience. The more enjoyable the user experience is, the better are the chances of your mobile app contributing to the achievement of business goals, be it increased employee productivity, enhanced sales, and revenues or improved brand image.

An Image of Trust
Since Apple is considered a highly trusted brand, anything associated with it also earns a reputation of trust among users. Many will swear by Apple’s strict quality standards. They rest assured that these standards are met by iPhone mobile apps.

Sometimes, the mobile app may be the only medium through which a geographically distributed team interacts or the only point of contact with customers. This makes it critical for a brand to inspire trust among users via its mobile app, and this can be achieved by hiring an Android app development company at the earliest.

Backed by Incredible Hardware
If a user’s device doesn’t work smoothly, even the best of mobile apps cannot ensure customer engagement. The quality of the smartphone or tablet plays a key role in achieving uninterrupted and fruitful user interactions. With an iPhone app, you don’t need to lose sleep over this aspect. After all, Androids are known for their superior hardware and software.

High Security
Most Android application development companies would vouch for the level of security offered by iPhone. This is of utmost importance to businesses that need to protect sensitive data and their customers’ privacy. Apple does an excellent job of protecting against external threats, including viruses, malware phishing, and hacking.

Adding to this, HokuApps ensures the confidentiality and privacy of enterprise data by encrypting all communication with clients, deploying the highest global encryption protocol, storing data behind firewalls and having several programs in place to continuously monitor this.

An experienced Android app developers would do more than adhering to Apple’s superior quality standards. It would combine this with user expectations, the need to meet your business goals and incorporating industry best practices.

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