How to Create Website to Win More Business in 2018

By Reddington

A website works 24/7; no employee would do that. Starting a business either virtually or physically demands presence, acknowledgment, and beauty just like us. We want people to have great experience of what we are and how we can help others – quite similar right? Therefore, in this era, what is winning more business either in ecommerce or mobile apps is User-Experience (UX).

Regardless of tons of themes and customizations tools, people today are more about having an extraordinary experience either with subtle graphics, a bot, and attendant to your site or just by the content you are choosing for your website.

Here, we will discuss all those components that will help your website to deliver a great experience, so be it a business website, an ecommerce platform or just a beauty blogger site, grab some notebook to tie these tips to earn more in 2018.

Do-It-Yourself Websites

First, there is no harm to take website on your own, secondly, if you can then why not? When it comes to design a website, there is a way to design it such that it communicates to all types of audiences that it receives. Therefore, we believe it takes someone special to get eyes on your website. Themes and customization over one click may do wonders for your business. However, the best way to do it so is by allowing your company to connect your audience through creative design and excellent web idea.

Let’s say your firm provides health care services, and your potential clients range from the age of 50s to 80s. By design, you may take inspirations from creative themes available online or on Envato however a customized website design would change the concept, exceptionally and would give a modern experience to even the oldies. Hence we learn how skills are

Hues for Web Design


Just like words holds meaning colors too. In contemporary age, colors and web designs aim to deliver a mesmerizing experience that is unique, that converting to give tougher competition. Therefore, going out in the market with flat design or dynamic, a wrong choice of color would project inappropriate vibes. Similarly, using a subtle touch of patterns behind the backdrop of the slides would immediately attract user’s attention would give a memorable impression.

Product & Services Presentation

Selling in styles often hurts the sales; you know how? That’s most probably because the styling is prioritized over needs and learning capacity of visitors. To understand the scope of your website design observe how big ventures are keeping the style and product presentations to format inherited from the ancestors of designers, i.e., following the menu and products to the basic rules in the primary menu format. Therefore, be it solid materials (clothing, shoes, jewels) or digital products that live on a screen (Hosting, Designs, Customer Support) must be presented such that it fascinates and sells.

Customized Features

Websites designs are progressing much like new generation - they like T-shirt to wear, but something that is customized, something has never experienced before. Therefore, adopt some trending features like “Recently Purchased products,” “Countdown Cart,” “Product Views,” and New style of rating your product that can be done by adding emoji. These varieties of features or even some of them will help you learn more about your visitor’s behavior to improve your website performance and services.

Support & Copy

Today, the hard copy does not convince mind to read any further comparatively to copy with subtle sarcasm, irony, and a touch of humor which is allowed to use today. Regardless of how critical the product may seem your copy can lead visitors to buy more and more. Your web content should be as easy as ABC and must address the problem like Neil Patel Co-founder of Crazy Egg did.

Quick Take Away!

Regardless how hard it may seems to move mountains remember professionals are always there. Therefore, whether it’s about website design or keeping it trendy and eye-catchy, you can change the game of everyday sale just by learning your visitor’s behavior, keeping it modern and using the right hands to help you do better. With creatively designed layout compiled with interesting customized features avail the best of creative designers and professional website design services here at LogoDesignValley.com  


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