How Is Voting App Useful In Various Other Elections?

By Neeraj

There are numerous fields where voting is necessary. Sometimes voting is done to choose a management committee whereas at time it is done for taking decisions. In this article, the two important organizations are discussed where election is a vital procedure. One is corporate voting and another one is housing society voting. These voting processes are very complicated and vulnerable. Here voting app does wonder. It enables many organizations to conduct various type of elections. The stockholders or the members of the housing society who are eligible for voting has to just register it with the valid data. Once they are registered then the election is conducted, and final results are obtained.

Corporate voting

In any company board of directors play an important role as they are the ultimate decision-making authority of the company. Therefore, the corporate board election is as important as shareholder election. There are different classes of stocks and associated rights in large corporations. So, the elections could be bit complicated especially when it is shareholder election according to their rights, but this complicacy could be reduced if voting app is introduced. It makes the determination of different classes of shares easier.

There are various sections of corporate voting like employee voting, board member voting, and specific committee voting. Sometimes, voting is also done for receiving the feedback from the customers about the quality of the product or service. Time to time contests and awards are also conducted for keeping the employees motivated and the energy high which becomes easier by usage of the app.

Housing society elections

Elections at housing societies are necessary as it determines the managing committee of the housing society in every five years. Sometimes these elections are avoided at many housing societies because of the hassle in the election process. But if voting app is introduced then the entire process becomes easier. A proper procedure has been laid down for conducting elections to appoint a managing committee by cooperatives societies Act. The election process starts about two months prior to the end of the existing managing committee’s term. The management committee must inform the members about the expiry of the term but when the app is chosen over the traditional method then the app would notify you about it.

In case of dispute with another member of the society or if there is grievance over certain matters practiced by the society then a complaint with the managing committee could be launched. The committee has to look over the issue and then respond the complaint. The management regulates all the matters of the housing societies, including a transfer of shares, maintenance of records, improper use of funds and unfair electoral practices. The election process could be simplified by the usage of the voting app. It not only makes the election process simpler, but it also helps in avoiding the grievances of the members. Hence, it helps in the conduction of hassle-free and genuine housing society elections.

In the event of question with another individual from the general public or if there is grievance over specific issues honed by the general public then a dissension with the overseeing board could be propelled. The board of trustees needs to investigate the issue and afterward react the dissension. The administration manages every one of the issues of the lodging social orders, including an exchange of offers, support of records, inappropriate utilization of assets and uncalled for appointive practices. The race procedure could be rearranged by the utilization of the voting application. It influences the race to process less complex, as well as aides in maintaining a strategic distance from the grievances of the individuals. Consequently, it helps in the conduction of problem free and certifiable lodging society decisions.

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