How to relax before exams

So you’ve studied for hours on end today and you’re finally ready to relax. Well, guess what- relaxing, just like studying effectively, is an art! Relaxation time is very precious so why don’t we use it well?

Don’t mindlessly browse the internet.

This is NOT fun, it is a waste of time- unless you really enjoy it. Seriously, just checking your facebook, email and twitter alternatively because you have nothing else to do is a waste of potential “me” time.

Don’t mindlessly browse the internet. If you’re going to stay online, then make sure you’re doing something. Easy way to know whether you’re relaxing or just upholding neurotic thought patterns- ask yourself “am I having fun?” and you have your answer.

So how exactly DO I relax?

That’s totally up to you. Do what you enjoy. Go read a book or play a video game. Watch a movie if you have enough time. Go talk to people. Work on a hobby that you KNOW you love and enjoy. Pump up some music, read something interesting and kick back with a can of soda and surf the web (as long as you’re having fun!).

Some people find that the best way to relax is to do something mindless yet enjoyable. This is totally understandable- you’ve been thinking all day, so now it’s time to watch an episode of your favorite TV series. I know that students often don't have time to do all homeworks, so you can order an essay online and hat more time for preparation for another subjects.

It’s important to know that if you feel guilty about relaxing, it no longer becomes relaxing- it becomes a subtle form of torture! So work hard during your productive hours- make sure you earn your leisure time!

How do I know it’s time to relax?

When you’ve achieved your day goals or when you’ve got too much brain fog to think straight- whichever is first. If it’s the latter though, you may want to go to sleep early.

Although it is important that you study hard if you want to do well in school, don’t forget who you are! It’s seriously okay to kick your feet up and play a video game for a while; managing stress levels and keeping studying from being a dreaded chore is crucial for success.

There may be some days where you just can’t concentrate no matter how hard you try. If this happens more than once or twice a month, then you just aren’t trying hard enough. Still, these days do occur, and it may be best if you relax for an hour or so and come back to work later.

How long do I relax for?

I’ll let you make up your mind on this one. Some days you might only have half an hour before you have to go to sleep because of an early class tomorrow, and some days you might get a couple of hours to do whatever you like. Be sensible with your time, and make sure you benefit from the studying or relaxation choices you make.


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