Can HDFC Top 100 Fund Make You a Successful Investor?

When you are out to buy something valuable, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Well, while there could be many answers to it depending upon what type of buyer you are, but there’s surely one thing for which every buyer stays concerned – the utility of the product. And because of the global collaboration of markets, people are now served with commodities with better utilities.

Mutual fund markets have also experienced similar phenomenon. However, this increased market space has aggravated the state of confusion over the choice of products. Thankfully, the market still has HDFC Top 100 Fund and the like products to offer that require no double thoughts while initiating a purchase in them. This fund relishes a noticeable spot in the market, which is a direct result of its long history of impeccable servility and client satisfaction.

In order to further acquaint you with HDFC Top 100 Fund (G), a brief account on this fund has been jotted down below that reveals its importance and significance in creating a high-powered portfolio geared towards growth and wealth building. It is suggested that you take an extra minute in reading this write-up carefully without rushing it, so as to draw maximum benefits from it. So, without much chit-chat, let’s cut straight to the chase and discuss our topic in detail.

What is HDFC Top 100 Fund?

HDFC Top 100 Fund, previously known as HDFC Top 200 Fund, is an open-ended, equity oriented fund of the large cap category. It involves application of the investors’ money in the stocks of giant companies that enjoy a commanding position in the market. Such companies have a well-established network, solid financial base and the power to expand enormously.

HDFC Top 100 Fund (G) is one of the largest large cap funds in the Indian markets, having a corpus of worth Rs. 15,031 crore. The fund has a keen focus on tapping soaring opportunities across different market segments, where the Banking and Finance industry holds the major stake in its portfolio with 34.13% of assets being solely applied to it.

The fund has been consistently awarded good rating by CRISIL, which has varied between three and four stars. The performance of this fund, especially in the long-term investment segments, has been quite impressive, taking a good lead against the benchmark and the similar competitors. As of May, 2018 the return percentages stood at 8.36% and 13.71% against the benchmark returns of 8.40% and 12.37%, respectively. Furthermore, the fund has yielded appreciable returns till date, which are currently standing at 20.09%.

The Salient Features

There is a horde of advantages associated with an investment in HDFC Top 100 Fund. The most intriguing ones have been shortlisted and penned down below: -

  • Portfolio Durability
    Apart from good returns, the stability of the portfolio is one of the most important concern and holds a special spot in the investor’s plan of action. While deciding on the investment plan, an investor considers the fund’s strength to fight off the volatility as it is the ultimate deciding factor in its success. Being a top large cap fund with some of the best quality stocks resting in its portfolio bank, HDFC Top 100 Fund (G) assures stability in the portfolio, thus opening ways to a successful venture.
  • Huge Growth Possibilities
    Since the underlying stocks of the large cap funds are those of the well-established companies of the market, these funds have a large appetite for growth and the financial strength to diversify in other fields. This enhances the overall value of the investment, and thus makes it an attractive buy. Since HDFC Top 100 is amongst the best choices available in the market, you can enjoy all of these benefits by investing in it.
  • No Fear of Insecurity
    Large Cap Funds provide the maximum protection against market volatility, and thus sabotage the fear of adverse impact of the market forces. This significantly reduces the risk of low income and the investors enjoy steady flow of returns over the lifetime of their investment. The average returns that HDFC Top 100 Fund (G) has yielded till date amounts to 20.09%. Hence, it would be correct to expect a steady reciprocation in the future as well.

Adding aggressive funds to your investment cart surely raises its strength for earning returns, but it is necessary to put a leash on their risk factor by investing in stable schemes such as HDFC Top 100 Fund.

This article shows the major highlights and advantages associated with an investment in HDFC Top 100 Fund – Regular Plan (Growth).

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