14 Things You are Doing or Not Doing to Sabotage Your Own Health

By Brooks

It’s a free world. There are so many things which are not clearly stated out in any Do’s and Don’ts book. They are not backed by any nation’s laws. But make no mistakes about it, most of these things you are doing or failing to do really have an effect on your health. You may not notice the difference they are making, but in time you will and believe me, you will not like it when the time comes. Prevention they say is better than cure. There is a very close relationship between lifestyle and health and this implies there are certain healthy lifestyle habits with the potential of either building or destroying your health. Lets look at some ways you have ignorantly been causing damage to your own health and body, possibly without knowing it.

Getting minimum sleep and rest time

Its a very busy century we live in. technology seems to have made things a lot easier, yet people still have to work harder. Much harder than is good for their health. The amount of sleep you get is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are going to succeed in any field in life, it is important that you work hard. At the same time, wisdom demands that you know the limits. There is time for everything, and that includes a time to work and a time to rest. When work begins to take the time of rest, it is a signal that you have things out of perspective and a step further into hurting yourself. Some people do not consider getting adequate rest and sleep amongst lifestyle choices they must make, but it is still a critical issue.

While rest is not necessarily sleep, it is important to point out that sleep is one of the best forms of rest. Otherwise rest could simply mean taking some time away from work and any other activity that adds to the stress your body has to deal with. Averagely, everyone is supposed to sleep at least eight hours a day. For children, that time may go up to about ten hours.

Sometimes, adults are drawn to the deception that sleep and rest should be kept at minimum. But that is contrary to the healthy lifestyle habits you ought to be practicing. Don’t resort resting as little as you should and put the rest of your time into something more important. Something like more work, so you can earn more money and live better. For most people, thats what more work is all about. Getting more money. However, more money cannot be interpreted to mean better living. More money could be used for hospital bills. It is common sense, but its not as common as the word sounds. Your health is clearly more important than all the money you can get in the world. Don’t give up rest and sleep as a sacrifice for more money.

The less rest you get, the weaker your immune systems becomes and of course, the more vulnerable you are to sicknesses and diseases. Getting adequate rest and sleep must be considered as one of the most important healthy living habits.

Ignoring Exercise

Surely you are guilty of this crime, but do you know the penalties of ignoring exercise? There are several reasons why people engage in physical exercises. Some for the pleasure of it, others to keep fit and maintain shape and for some it is just a routine they have learned to respect over the years. Whatever the reason for which people get engaged in physical exercises, the benefits are clear and should never be ignored.

Talk about things like diabetes, heart attack and other very common but deadly diseases, most are related to the fact that people do not get engaged in physical exercises. If they do, often its not as well enough as they should. Exercises regulate blood pressure, breakdown fat and reduce blood sugar levels. It reduces stress and helps your entire body function properly. Even your brain is positively affected by exercise. Those who regularly engage in meaningful exercises perform better mentally than those who do not. Break out from the circle that limits you to working sleeping and eating. The exercises you engage in do not even need to be rigorous. They should be enough to keep your body functioning properly.

Embracing stress

Don’t allow stress become a routine in your life. Avoiding stress is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, avoid anything that stresses you out. And if you do get stressed up once in a while, don’t yield to it or simply go through the motions, hoping that it will wear off. Some people get so stressed that every other thing ceases to make meaning or give pleasure to them. We could talk about the fact that stress reduces your productivity and makes life seem unbearable, but the health effects of stress must be dealt with too. Stress has a multipliers effect on your lifestyle and health and it makes it difficult to keep up with certain healthy living habits. It is the leading cause of depression which causes complications like sleep disorder and distress.

Not drinking enough water

You must have heard of water therapy. The powerful process which proves the importance of water to the body is in itself a reason why you should take the issue more seriously. Habitually drinking water is one of the most healthy lifestyle habits to practice. Yes I know you do drink water during and after meals. Maybe once or twice during the day when you are really thirsty and that’s about how far you go. Lets just get things straight by clearly stating that water is far more important than just a liquid you gulp down every now and then when you feel thirsty during the day.

For one thing, thirst in itself is a pointer to a deficiency of water in your body. That means you are not even suppose to get to the point where you are thirsty. But you always do. Its time to make some changes that will really influence how your body functions and keep you healthier. It may be important to remind you that every single cell in your body is dependent on water to properly carry out its functions. Digestion, excretion, temperature regulation and several other important processes that keep the body functioning properly are dependent on water. Oh the number of people who would have avoided diseases like kidney stones if only they took drinking water seriously. Don’t drink water because you should. Drink water as a habit and because it is vital to your lifestyle and health. Do it because you must.

Putting up with bad eating habits

Every now and then, people eat for the pleasure of it. Not for hunger or for strength but for the pleasure derived from eating. There may not be problem with eating for pleasure or for any other reason if you are actually eating right and in accordance with healthy living habits. That said, there are two aspects related to eating right. Eating the right thing and eating at the right time. Even when you are famished, you still need to be conscious of the fact that whatever you eat is what your body will process and it will definitely affect your health, positively or negatively.

There is so much confusion when it comes to nutritional advice. It seems that for everything one person tells you not to eat, there is some other person who thinks that is exactly what you should be eating to have a healthy lifestyle. The truth is, unless something is simply not food, you can eat whatever you want. What matters is the quantity you eat, the time you eat it and how it is prepared for consumption. Don’t let people confuse you with their opinions on what is good and what is not good for eating. Sometimes, even those who are under very strict nutritional routines face serious heath issues which are related to what they eat.

For some other people, the problem is not with regards to what they eat or even the quantity they eat but when they eat. You must understand that the body’s digestive system especially is not a machine that should work at any time you need it to. There are different meals during the day and there is a right time to eat every meal. To maintain good health, meals should be taken at their proper time. Breakfast for example should be taken by 7:30am and latest by 8:30am, lunch by 1pm or 2pm and supposed by 7pm or at most 8pm. This gives enough time between the meals for proper digestion and helps prevent certain digestive disorders and health complications. If you have the habit of eating between meals or late at night, you are actually posing a danger to your health. You should stop doing so now before things become complicated and more serious.

Working too long and too hard

There is a time to work and a time to rest. As a matter of fact, there is time for everything. Understanding and accepting this is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You certainly have to work and make money to take care of certain expenses, but work should not be taken to the extreme or placed above healthy lifestyle habits. People who live healthy understand how important it is to be hard working and how much they need to rest. Working too hard, especially when that work is not balanced with adequate rest is a health risk that should be avoided. You need your health more than you need money or a successful career. If you are not sound in health, nothing will really work out. Some people work through out the day, with very little rest and struggle to work throughout the night. The effect of such a routine may not be clear for a while but with time, you will come to realize how much damage you have been doing as you start aging faster that you are supposed to. Stress and hard work affects the entire body and its functionality.

Ignoring your relationships

Every kind of relationship you get into has the power to affect you to the level of intimacy you have in the relationship. You need to put in effort to build your relationships at every level. Relationships have to do with our emotions and you need to be emotionally healthy to keep the right relationship. When a person is stressed up emotionally or emotionally sick, it weighs on his immune system and make the person vulnerable to sicknesses. This is another proof of the strong relationship that exist between lifestyle and health.

Going on with addictions

Very few things can bring about health deterioration like addictions, especially to drugs and harmful substances. Every addictive substance has an adverse effect on the health of the person who takes it though the intensity of damage done is relative to the drug and the level of addiction in question. Smokers are fun of scoffing anyone that tries to talk them away from it. Governments and health regulatory bodies even force cigarette producing companies to issue a warning alert to smokers but that has not accomplished much. Its more important for people to know why they ought to uphold certain healthy living habits or make the right lifestyle choices. However, there are more diseases and health complications related to smoking than some smokers would like to believe. Almost every substance with a strong addictive tendency is harmful to the body, especially when taken in excess. If you have been addicted to any substance for some time, it is time to let it go and take charge of your health.

Apart from direct health hazards, addictions have long term impacts that affect certain vital organs of the body and make one’s days of old age a nightmare.

Not visiting the doctor on time

Most people who have private doctors go through routine health checks. It could be as frequent as weekly for some people. Well, others cannot afford a private doctor, but you don’t need one in order to visit the doctor often. When someone leaves the hospital with a bad report, most times, it is not the result of a sudden issue, but something that had simply gone unnoticed for a while. Severe health complications that have become life threatening could have been avoided if only the victim took the issue of visiting a doctor as a routine seriously.

Those who never go for any medical check up until things are critical have to go through much more pain, and spend more money. Visit the doctor as a routine and you will save yourself from unnecessary pain while increasing your life span.

Exposing yourself to bad weather

Even if you are use to extreme weather conditions, you need take precautions to avoid the adverse health effects that come with exposure to bad weather. Why buy weather appropriate dresses and not wear them in the right season or under the weather they were made for? Fashion makes people do unreasonable things, including dressing absurdly. It is important to wear weather appropriate clothes at all times. While you enjoy different fashion trend, bear in mind that the desire to be fashionable is not as important a your health. Staying appropriately clothed in every weather condition is one of the most important lifestyle choices to make.

Spending too much time on your butt

Most people who have jobs that require them to be stationary work at a desk or table. This means sitting for more than five hours for the average daily work time span which is a hindrance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are chairs designed to reduce the stress caused by extended sitting but they are hardly effective. It is better to stay conscious of healthy living habits and cultivate the right lifestyle and health habits. For one thing, even with the most comfortable office chairs, most people hardly take the right sitting posture. If it is a matter of your Job, you definitely have to sit while you are at work. However, start by sitting right if you cant sit for less longer. No matter the kind of chair you use, when your sit, make sure your back and spine are upright and as relaxed as possible.

Besides spinal issues which is serious enough, there are a number of health issues related to sitting for too long. Amongst other health problems, people who sit for too long are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, obesity, excessive waist fat accumulation and waist or back pain. You should deal with this by taking short breaks from sitting. You could walk from your desk after every two hours or so, or simply stand up and stretch. It helps to release the tension on your back and nerves.

Bitting Your nails

Bitting nails seems to be something for children but as some of us can testify, its hardly so. It is actually one of the most unhealthy lifestyle habits you can think of. There are a number of reasons why people bite their nails. Some people do it when they are bored, others when they are under some kind of pressure or tension. For others, its just a habit they picked up from childhood and have not been disciplined enough to stop it though they are now adults. Biting your nails, especially in public may seem weired and childish to some people but that’s not all you should be concerned about. The health complications that could arise from bitting your nails are serious enough to secure an admission at the hospital for a few days or over a week.

At any specific time, there are more than 10 different bacteria on your hands but for most of them, the little space beneath your fingernails is a sweet spot for a hideout. This means when you bite your nails, you also take in some dangerous bacteria, some of which are the cause of serious stomach aches. Even if you always wash your hands, bitting your nails is still something you should do away with.

Staring at the Screen for too long

Need we get into how important your eyes are? I think not. Many people work with a computer and for most of them, this means staring at the screen continuously for hours. This affects eyesight. Theres what scientists and eye specialist now call Computer Vision Syndrome. Though this is an umbrella term referring to several visual complications resulting from staring at the computer screen for too long, the problems may be the result of staring at phones and TV screens too. Since we now have LCD screens and HD screens, television screens are not as much a problem as they were some years back when they were very harsh. However, modern TV screens will still pose a danger to the health of your eyes if you don’t take the right precautions. For those who have giant screens, it will be dangerous and health threatening to sit too close to the television. Besides the light or brightness of the screen, you may have to move your head and neck more in order to get a better view. That means more strain on your neck which may lead to nerve aches and faulty vision.If you frequently use your computer at night, don’t work in darkness. Make sure the room where you work is well lit.

Holding Urine

If you are at a meeting, or in a situation where you just can’t leave to take a piss, you may have to hold back urine for sometime even though your bladder hurts. However, holding back urine should never become something you just do habitually. Don’t even consider it unless you really, really have to. The bladder operates in an elastic manner and if you consistently hold in urine, its going to get weak. That means at a certain time in life, holding urine is not even going to be possible. Apart from that, you stand the risk of having cancer of the bladder when you consistently hold in urine.

Seeing that there is a very close relationship between lifestyle and health, you have to be very careful how you live. It is important to always make the right lifestyle choices. Your wellness is more important than anything that poses a threat to it.

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