How do people prevent hair loss??

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Our hair grows from the follicles beneath the scalp. Stronger the follicles are stronger the hair is. With age, the follicles become thinner and finally die. Once the follicles die, hair stops growing. It is very important that we make sure that the follicles of our hair remain active to prevent hair loss.

Apart from age, there are other reasons leading to deactivation of the hair follicles. Hormones, malnutrition, stress, medication, skin infection and skin trauma are some. Hair has a life cycle too. Initially when hair follicles are strong hair grows actively, with the thinning of the follicles, the hair strands become thinner and finer, and then once the hair enters the shedding period, hair starts falling. Now the severity of hair fall and/or duration of the cycle varies depending on the genes and hormones one has. More percentage of male lose hair than women as hair fall is caused by the excessive presence of the male hormone in the body. Some other factors and conditions may disrupt the cycle of hair growth. Taking medical help to understand the cause of hair fall will help in treating it effectively. Apart from that including certain things in our daily routine that focus on the health of the hair, will help in preventing hair loss.

Stimulate your hair follicles:

Massage your hair regularly to increase blood flow to the follicles, so that they stay active. Use natural oils. This not only will help in having softer hair without using harsh chemicals but also helps in relieving stress.

Have nutritional food:

The body needs a good intake of vitamin A, vitamin B complex, protein and iron for a healthy growth of hair. The vitamins(especially vitamin B) act as antioxidants that keep the scalp moisturized. However, over intake of vitamin A causes hair fall. It is important to keep a check on the intake of vitamin A, make sure it does not exceed 5000 IU per day. Vitamin B, however, is needed as much for a moisturized and healthy scalp. Vitamin B deficiency can cause hair fall. Protein-rich diet helps in hair growth. And when there is a deficiency of protein in the body, hair fall increases. An iron deficiency that causes anaemia has to be checked to prevent hair fall. Anaemia affects the overall health, so including iron in the diet and blood test will help you in avoiding the condition and therefore preventing hair loss.

Check Thyroid:

Blood test not only reveals anaemia but also the production of Thyroid in the body. Make sure that you are on track with the updates of your bodily function. One of the symptoms of Hypo-thyroidism in a person is hair loss. Treating it on time will heal many problems.

Avoid harsh chemicals and styling equipment:

Some shampoos and conditioners are loaded with chemicals. Be careful while choosing those products, and prefer a milder one. Styling with irons, perms, frequent application of hair dyes and bleach etc, makes the hair dull. Be careful while blow drying as direct heat on the scalp can deactivate the hair follicles. If possible avoiding them is advisable.

Take extra care after physical stress:

Physical stress over taxes the body and it needs time to recover the loss. If you have hair fall because of a physical stress like surgery or pregnancy, give some time for recovery and focus on nourishing the body properly. If stopping pregnancy pills or changing the same causes hair fall, talk to your healthcare provider. Hair fall due to physical stress is temporary. Worrying about it will only aggravate the problem, as emotional stress can cause more hair fall. Concentrate on a healthy recovery than looking for cosmetics.

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