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Thailand is one of the most popular urban vacation destinations in the world. At first, it might seem like a place where you can feast on delicious and reasonably priced food or get most of your shopping done, but there’s so much more to do in this country! The “Land of Smiles” has many attractions to offer to tourists from across the globe. With so many wonderful destinations and unique experiences in store, Thailand boasts of being one of the most visited vacation spots in Southeast Asia. It features tropical islands, luxury modern shopping centres, historical sites and countless Buddhist temples.

Here’s how you can step away from the usual activities, and seek out more immersive experiences both in and outside of the more touristy places.

Pamper yourself with a Thai massage:

If Thailand is on your bucket list, a Thai massage is something that you should tick off first. A Thai massage can be found on almost every street in Bangkok’s tourist areas.

Experience a local food tour:

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If you love to try local foods, a local tour is something you must experience first hand. In this tour, you will get to discover all the wonders from the local Buddhist temples and shrines and you’ll see all the little shops and stalls while indulging in some delicious local food.

Share a morning with Thai Monks:

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Delve deep into a Monk’s life by experiencing the hidden world of them collecting Alms in the hidden arrays of alleyways and mazes of markets in the mystical Bangkok temple district.

Ride through the streets on a bike:

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Hop on your bike for a cycling tour that you’ll surely tell all your friends about. Be guided by your host as you pass through narrow streets, experience the real lifestyle of locals and take in the vibes of the city away from the touristy areas.

Take a private cooking class:

Make sure you indulge in everything Bangkok has to offer. If cooking for your loved ones is something you enjoy, a visit to a Thai cooking class is a must do. Learn how to cook some famous local dishes together with your localhost on this private experience.Rest assured, a shot at these local experiences will surely give you the ideal Thai vibe! 😀


Check out the ultimate top best things to do in Thailand. Discover about popular tourist places in Bangkok, beautiful vacation spots in Chiang Mai and Pai and with beautiful beaches, citiesand countryside you can have a bit of everything when you travel to Thailand. We traveled to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the island of Ko Si Chang. For more information visit us: Popular Tourist Places in Thailand

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Popular Tourist Places in Thailand, Popular Tourist Places in Thailand,

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