Why Resin is Perfect in the Garden

When choosing a material to pave your driveway, there are plenty to choose from, each with their own advantages. But if you’re looking for the crème de la crème, then maybe focus your attention towards a resin bound driveway. Why may you ask? Take a read through some of the benefits of owning an investment as smart as a resin driveway below!

Weather Resistant

 It’s handy to have a driveway that can support itself through the somewhat unpredictable British weather. Believe it or not, the UK does get the odd spot of sunshine. Granted, it may only last half a weekend so don’t plan for a BBQ without the inclusion of a couple of umbrellas! The point is, even in the rare sunlight, a resin bound drive will not fade in appearance or soften in the heat.

With the more typical doom and gloom weather, the driveway will not freeze over and become a dangerous area either. By installing a permeable material like resin you can guarantee a resilient, robust driveway fit for purpose all year round.

Long Lasting

The bare minimum you expect from a driveway is longevity, right? Why spend money on something that will need replacing in 2-3 years? Well, with a resin drive surface, you can sleep peacefully knowing you’re in the presence of a truly long-lasting relationship between you and your driveway. On average, you’re looking between 10 and 18 years. However, depending on how it is installed and the kind of resin product used, you can look at up to 25 years guaranteed.

Rapid Installation

One of the most pivotal factors about driveway installation is the time it takes to finish the job. In an ideal world, there is minimal disruption and the job is completed in a reasonable amount of time. Granted, there can be some obstacles that delay this target, but you’re already off to a good start by having a resin driveway installed.

With resin, you can cut down on your installation time by up to a third, meaning you can install more in less time. If you have a substantial area to install, this could be extremely beneficial!

Good for the Planet

Those who are environmentally conscious will be drawn towards a resin driveway because the underlying bases act as a natural filter from earthy pollutants, normally caused by oils and metals. These traits can make for a sound investment with the planet’s best interests at heart!

Find Out More

Should you be curious as to where to find out more about resin driveways, companies such as the Yorkshire Resin Company are great at dishing out the advice you may need! You can get in touch with them or visit their website to take a gander at what they have to say!

Did you know that resin driveway are one of the most popular choices for driveways in the UK? Or that resin is not only beautiful but also durable and surprisingly affordable too? The best part about resin material is that every single project is different, giving you a truly unique driveway and a new spot of envy for the neighborhood. This also means that no two prices are the same, so figuring out how much your new resin driveway is going to cost can be a bit of a challenge.

Factors Influencing Driveway Costs

When you’re planning on installing a new resin driveway – and having the work carried out by professionals is always the best move – there are many different factors that can influence how much your project is going to cost.

Obviously, the larger the area, the more aggregate required. The layout of your driveway can also impact the cost. The size and required depth of aggregate, as well as your color choices, will also influence the amount you’re going to spend. A more complex pattern or design that requires multiple colors of resin (as well as edging) is going to cost considerably more than a simple, mono-color resin driveway.

Concrete, Tarmac or Grass – What’s Your Existing Surface?

The type of surface your driveway currently has will directly influence the cost of a resin bonded driveway, as more preparation may be needed for certain types of surfaces. If you have a grassy or stoned area, excavation will be on the cards. Whilst a resin driveway can be laid directly over a concrete or tarmac surface, there will still be some amount of preparation required.

Don’t let your installation company convince you a quick hose down of the existing surface is all that’s needed. Weeds, potholes, and cracks on the existing surface can all impact the quality of your finished resin driveway and may lead to problems in the future. Look for an installer who will take time to properly prep the base layer – that means power washing it, repairing cracks, filling in potholes and removing weeds. This ensures a perfect finished product and a resin driveway that will last for a year to come.

Get a Quote and Site Survey

A resin driveway is always going to cost a little more than more traditional types of the driveway, but as you can see, many different factors influence the cost. Many companies offer a free quotation and survey, allowing you to figure out exactly how much your new driveway is going to cost before you commit to installation. We highly recommended taking this option before making a decision!

Every homeowner has an obligation to take care of their property. Besides ensuring that it looks beautiful and maintains its value, you also want its functionality to remain intact. A poorly-maintained home speaks volumes about its homeowners. What do you want your home to say about you?

Many don't consider it, but your driveway, in particular, needs occasional maintenance. This is particularly true for those beautiful resin driveway surfacing. Let's examine whether jet washing a resin driveway is something you should do!

Before You Begin

Before cleaning any resin surface such as a patio, path or driveway, be sure to remove any and all objects from it. This includes furniture, plants and of course automobiles. Once this is done, you can make the process more efficient by sweeping the surface to eliminate any larger pieces of debris such as bark or pebbles.

Once any loose debris is cleared from the resin drive surface or patio, the next step is to evaluate what exactly is being cleaned from it.



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