Negligency of Emergency Room Doctor

By Astra

Most of us have reasonable expectations that we get special attention and treatment when we go to the emergency room for an urgent care.

But, What Actually Happens!

While most common illnesss and injuries can be treated at our home place but people who are an example of serious health conditions or injuries may get forced to visit an emergency room for an urgent need and Hospital administrators, doctors, or other medical staff members result in escalating health issues or even death.

The medical members of a hospital have a big responsibility to properly hire the medical staff and maintain their emergency rooms properly so that, they get already prepared to handle busy times and  the demands of a hectic schedule created in the office. Most of the cases come, when workers are forced to deal in their busy schedules also and also need to care the patients who need an urgent care. And if, the hospital administrators gets fail to make a right decission in screening employees, hiring skilled workers or not providing the proper training to all the employees then, the patients may get suffer as a result.

Astra Health Center

For such blunders, emergency room should properly guide the workers and the other medical staff to handle the influx of patients, day and night.

Role Of Administrative Staff In Emergency Room!

Administrative staff members palys a vital role in order to keep proper track of their emergency room. It is merely important for all the staff members to get fully trained to handle emergency situations and also prepared to keep track of patients who are waiting for care. There should be no delay in notifying a doctor about any patient who is already injured. Doing so, may reult in further injury or serious illness to the indvidual in question. No carelessness can be measured in this condition, so make sure to always stay focused, organized and informal for the patient and also keep track of persons in the emergency room.

What type of negligency can happen in ER?

Sometimes, doctors have to manage to take time out of their busy schedule to handle an emergency case and this puts them to work under high pressure. They get forced to treat and diagnose the patient and make them free in a short duration of period so that they can help others who are in need, but doctors have to make sure to give proper treatment and accurate cure to every patient. In some cases, doctors prove themselves wrong because of pressure and they make common mistakes in ER which includes:


  • Surgical Errors
  • Prescription Errors
  • Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis
  • Failure To Monitor Patients
  • Failure To Accurately Read Patient Charts
  • Medication Conflicts Or Known Allergy Conflicts

No one wants to take risk with their life! So, make a right choice with Astrahealth Center.

If you or your loved one went to the Nearest Emergency Room for a Doctor to get the treatment and get suffered from serious health condition or injury due to negligence on the part of an ER staff member or doctor, you may be eligible for allowance for present and future medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other damages. For more information on emergency room negligence.

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