Finding the PR Plan That Sells: The Keys to Writing One Successful

By Christina

Whether you’re preparing for a product launch or a promotional activity for your company, it is a great idea to have your plans and ideas well organized. PR pros will tell you that a well-written PR plan is far more effective than any form of advertising. In fact, public relations falls in the bracket of marketing but differs from advertising in that you do not pay for the coverage that results from your PR efforts.

Public relations is among the least expensive and the most reasonable sources of positive attention that your company can receive. However, drafting a plan for this seems like a daunting task for most business owners particularly those with no PR experience. The acuteness of the situation may evade you for some time to a point where you find yourself struggling to remain afloat as you learn how to create a good plan while on the fly. This article highlights a few essential keys that will help you write a successful PR plan that will raise your rates and margins.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analyses are used to gauge the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a business PR plan. They allow you to look into the opportunities that exist for your products or service locally, nationally or internationally. They also help you identify the opportunities that you have over your competitors thus placing your company at a higher level from your competitors.

A SWOT analysis can also help you identify your company’s strength which can be highlighted in the PR plan. With SWOT, you can discover your company’s weaknesses and the threats facing it and therefore address and plan for these challenges in the strategies outlined in the public relations plan.

Define Your Objectives

The first step to developing a good PR plan is to think things through. Your PR plan should exceed the typical expectation of raising awareness. Therefore, consider your objectives carefully and make sure to include actionable goals.

The goals can be as many as you need and should be consistent with your business’s vision and mission. Great PR objectives should be realistic and achievable. They should aim at:

  • Generating sales leads for your company
  • Creating and exhibiting your corporate image
  • Building trust among your customers
  • Introducing a new product to the industry
  • Establishing yourself as an expert among your clients

Make sure that you differentiate between output and impact objectives. Output objectives simply refer to production output while impact objectives refer to the effect of your PR activity on your target audience. There are three types of impact objectives:

i).    Informational

ii).   Behavioral

iii).  Attitudinal

These three impact objectives all affect how your audience responds to your PR plan. With this in mind, you can go ahead and create compelling objectives for your company.

Use Your Objectives to Set Goals

Thenext step is to define your goals in order to achieve your objectives. Use the SMART acronym to help you come up with manageable goals;

  • Specific: What exactly do you want to achieve? Make sure that your goals are specific to your objectives.
  • Measurable: Break down your goals into measurable elements. Defining the physical reflection of your goals makes it easier to achieve them.
  • Agreed: It is essential that all the relevant stakeholders agree on the proposed goals.
  • Realistic: Keep your goals realistic by breaking complex goals into simpler and smaller goals.
  • Timed: Install deadlines on your goals and keep them. Be sure to make them flexible to keep your morale high and make you more productive since you’re not rushing against time to achieve your goals.

Track your goals as often as you can to monitor your progress and assess what is keeping you from attaining your goals.

Lay Out Strategies for Achieving Your Objectives

Now that you have an idea of what you want to achieve, the next step is to determine how you’re going to achieve your set out goals. A PR strategy will help you plan your PR activities and make decisions on the best way to communicate. It will also help you to develop your brand awareness and increase your profile.

In this section, you will describe your strategy in detail. This will include messages conveyed, methods of communication, in-person events, targeted emails, newsletters, hashtag campaigns, public speaking and other strategies related to achieving your goals.

Identify your audience, their demographic information and tailor your communications to suit their needs and preferences. Write targeted messages using keywords for search engine optimization. The best messages are easy to understand, believable, credible and push your agenda. This will help increase the effectiveness of your PR plan.

Make good use of influencers who will market your company and products by telling others why they appreciate what you offer. This strategy will help create one of the most powerful and effective marketing tactics called third-party credibility.

Develop a Budget and a Timetable

Create a realistic budget for your PR plan and remember to set aside some money for unexpected occurrences. Even though you will not be paying for ads, remember that there are charges associated with hiring staff to help run an event, catering, promotional products, transportation or international communication.

Writing a PR budget can be quite challenging because it is impossible to track sales against it. This is mainly because the relationships that you start in the present will pay off in future. Therefore, the thought of using up money now to cultivate future worth is hard to justify among small business owners and entrepreneurs. The short-term expenses of PR are high but the returns increase over time.

Develop a task list at https://www.custom-writings.net and put time frames for each to ensure that they are all completed in a timely fashion and so that you can implement your strategies with maximum efficiency. It will also help you organize your workload, ensure accountability and make sure you do not forget to complete a task. Understand that the success of your PR plan will depend mostly on your ability to stick to your timetable.

Review your budget and task list during the campaign period to ensure you stay on track and make adjustments where necessary.

Implement and Measure Your Results

Implement your plan and measure its success. You can do this by creating your own measuring tools or setting key performance indicators (KPIs) on your goals. You could also measure your results by determining whether you’ve achieved your goals before your deadlines.

By monitoring your achievements, you can determine whether your strategies are working effectively and also discover the areas that need improvement.

As a business owner or marketing expert, the importance of writing a good PR plan cannot be emphasized enough times. Creating a compelling public relations plan will go a long way to help a business reach more clients and increase sales. Therefore, PR plans require creative thinking, strategic management, budgeting and the ability to mitigate risks.

This article above has elaborated some of the foolproof ways to write a successful PR plan. Has it been of educative value? Feel free to share your tips and opinions in the comment section.



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