Investment opportunities in Dubai

With glaring evidence, Dubai has remained unaffected by economic instability but has rather kept a steady growth thus attracting lots of foreign investors. Talking about investments, Dubai is well on top of its game in property investments and real estate, and it has a surfeit of great projects to select from now and even enough to last the future. 

Due to this and many more advantages, investors are continually keeping up with latest opportunities in the land, and no one wants to be left behind. The continual rise in investment is not just because of the grand structures or magnificent buildings, but knowing what you stand to get with just one property will drive you to invest in more. What’s more is that there is just a single time government expense and your properties are tax-free.

Dubai offers both residential and commercial real estates with rising demand in holiday apartments such as condos and beach resorts. The residential properties include villas and apartments, while you can invest in warehouses, offices and so on for commercial purposes. As an intending investor, you may need to consider your options critically before investing in Dubai real estates; this is because despite that you get your returns on any property you invest in, some properties yield much more than others.

Why you should invest in Dubai

• Dubai investments require no property charge as a onetime government expense covers this
• A favorable tax-free Economy
• High return on investment rate which increases with a rise in the city’s population
• Economy boost through tourism which results in the construction of new hotels and apartments
• Low crime rate or no crime rate at all because you can safely move about without harassment and your stuff intact
• Dubai houses 7-star hotels as well as 5-star, 4-star and 3-star all of which provides state-of-the-art hospitality
• Advanced transportation technology
• To crown it all, the next world Expo 2020 will be hosted right in Dubai, and this has caused a boost in the property sector. This is the time you might consider a wise investment as this event is forecasted to attract about 25million people from across the globe which will cause a rise in the rental demands thus bringing you a high return for your investment. I’m sure if you understand what this means, you will be on the lookout for the best property to invest in, so I have gathered few of the top areas for investment as at 2018.

Real estate investments in Dubai

1. Palm Jumeirah

The Palm’s waterfront location has earned it a reputable position among the best properties to invest in Dubai, which has steadily continued into the year 2018. With no sign of decline the plush hotels, apartments, and restaurants will soon be peaked by the time its Raffle projects are concluded.

With a 5.72km area, the Palm can easily boast of peculiar places like the Dolphin Bay, Aqua Venture Water Park, the lost chambers aquarium and lots more. You can easily view the Dubai coastline and the sail shape of the Burj AL Arab hotel while on the palm. The Jumeirah is said to look like a crafted palm tree when viewed from the top.

Asking price in the Palm Jumeirah is as low as AED 1, 019,000 for single room apartments and AED 14,025,000 for 3-5 bedroom villas at the moment.

2. Burj Vista

Located in downtown Dubai, Burj Vista is a direct image of the Burj Khalifa and boasts of two magnificent towers each having 65 stories (520 apartments) and 20 stories (120 apartments) respectively. The towers are proofs of modern architectural innovation which is reflected in their wrapped terrace. Each tower apartment consisted of one, two or three bedroom arrangements and equipped with modern amenities for comfort. Burj Vista also features a well-equipped gym, badminton and basketball court and parks. Burj is a walking distance to the Dubai mall and next door neighbor to the Dubai opera.

Apartments on the Burj Vista range from AED 4,353,888 and above.

3. Dubai Marina

Also known as New Dubai is the largest man-made marina that allows several activities such as skydiving and skiing. The marina houses six apartment turrets, an elegant waterfront, and a sophisticated lifestyle. Dubai Marina is home to new blocks of high-rise buildings, a forecast of bigger opportunities for investors. There is so much to be enjoyed and memories to keep, the marina walk, for instance, are a paved walkway with 305 outlets and 69 restaurants to enjoy a variety of dishes across different cultures.
The Dubai Marina is priced as low as AED 1,600,000 and can be as high as AED 22,500,000 or more.

4. Burj Khalifa

Consist of the record-breaking highest tower and a notable investment option to go for. The residences on Khalifa are hot cakes because they are usually in high demand. This investment rush is due to the high rental returns and the breathtaking scenery enjoyed on each tower floors. The Burj Khalifa overlooks the Dubai fountain and on it is a 30acre artificial lake built. In other news, this property provides every necessary amenity to live classily.

Apartments are available at AED 60,000,000.

5. Burj Al-Arab

Our list is not complete without this reputable Dubai property built on a man-made island. The Al-Arab is designed to look exactly like a wafting sail with a helipad located just near the roof. With a height of 321metres, Burj Al-Arab is the third tallest hotel and boasts of 28 double story floors with 200 bedroom flats. The Burj also features a 24-carat gold leaf which covers at least 22000sq.ft of the building and an underwater aquarium restaurant where you enjoy mouthwatering delicacies. In addition to these, Burj Al-Arab is made up of 7-star hotel which owns the world's largest fleet of Rolls Royce to pick you from the airport, or if you choose, you can fly in a helicopter. Every visitor on the Burj is treated like royalty until the time to leave.

Each hotel apartment is available at AED.


With the continuous rise in Dubai real estate and properties despite the global economic crisis, one can predict that a restored global economic situation will cause multiple increases in the Dubai real estate. As it stands today, there is no investment as secure and rewarding as Dubai’s so take the opportunity to invest today.

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