12 Things you Must Get Straight in Order to Fulfill your Dreams

Certainly, we all have specific dreams or goals we look forward to achieving in life. Some are long term and may take years before we see their fulfillment. Others are short term and should take just a few months or just over a year to fulfill. Achieving goals in life brings fulfillment to the soul. That is for sure. Whatever your goal in life is, you certainly know or should know that it goes beyond you to helping others too. For example someone who dreams of making some ground breaking discovery in the medical field should know that the lives of millions of people are dependent on the fulfillment of that dream. This makes it all the more important that you understand what it takes to fulfill your dreams. No matter how much you desire to achieve your dreams and goals or fulfill your dreams, you will hardly see it come to pass without getting the following things straight.

Your desire must be aglow

Desire is like the fuel that keeps you in action and an absolute necessity to achieving goals in life. The stronger your desire to fulfill your dreams, the easier it will be to take action and even face the challenges that will definitely come your way. I am not talking about the common fantasy people go about calling desire these days. Neither am I talking about daydreaming. Desire that is not backed by action is not “hot” or glowing enough. It is not enough to say you want to fulfill this dream or that. You have to actually develop the desire to do it if you must achieve your dreams and goals. There are several ways you can keep your desire for dream fulfillment growing and burning brighter and you must have this sorted out in order to fulfill your dreams.

One way to do this is by watching others who have accomplished great things in your field and keeping your focus on the impact they have made and the importance of that impact on society. Watch inspiring programs and visit historical sites that may have become important to the memories of the great men and women of your field.

Get your motives and intentions straight

Sometimes, dream and goal fulfillment are hindered because the individuals in question are into it with twisted or wrong motives and intentions. Achieving goals in life requires that you get your motives and intentions right. Until you actually get your motives and intentions concerning the fulfillment of your dreams straight, your progress will inevitably be halted. Lets take the most common. Getting rich and famous.

So many people who have become rich and famous today are very far from the fulfillment of their dreams and goals. But it doesn’t seem to be much of a problem because they have lost sight of the substance (which should be making impact in the world and positively touching the lives of the people) and are after shadows money and fame). The people around them do not know that they are actually failing as far as dream fulfillment is concerned so everything seems to be in place.

Riches and fame have a way of making people loose focus of what their dreams and goals were when they just started out on their career path. Lets take a guy who has a passion for football as an example. He or she may have started out in a humble position, probably from some small community ravaged by poverty, with the intentions of bringing development to the area and encouraging the young people in that community with a desire to make it in the same career. As this person goes on and succeeds from one level to another, he or she has to get their motivations straight. If this is not done, he will only find out after many years that the initial reason for starting out has not been realized. Maybe by then it would be too late to make the impact you wanted to make. It is good to ask yourself this question every once in a while; “what is motivating me?”. Your goal in life does not matter much with the wrong motivation. Until your motivations are clear, it will be difficult to achieve your dreams and goals.

When things like money and fame begin to cloud your motivations and intentions, achieving goals in life becomes complicated. You have to take out time to reflect and get things in perspective.

Now there are also those who just start out with the intention and desire to be rich and famous. That is about all they think of. When the dream and goal is to make as much money as possible and be famous it will never bring fulfillment because in reality, you are never going to have enough of any of those things. Your goals should be with regards to things that can actually make an impact to your world and a difference in the lives of people.

Set realistic goals

When it comes to the fulfillment of goals and dreams, no one can meet their objectives without setting goals. Goals provide a road map necessary for the right actions to be taken. Without goals, there is only so much anyone can achieve and it will generally be difficult to know exactly how much you have been able to achieve at any particular point in time. Apart from that, goals help you keep focus as you get to know exactly what you should be doing at every point in time.

While setting goals for yourself and for dream fulfillment, you need to bear in mind that there are realistic and unrealistic goals. Sometimes, people get carried away with the idea of setting goals so much so that the goals are hardly attainable within the time frame they set for it. This is one important point where you must get goal attainment straight as far as making plans are concerned. Your plans have to be realistic. They should not be out of your present ability to accomplish or within a time frame that is too short to allow for its accomplishment. If your goal in life is not set within realistic time frames, you will find it difficult to accomplish.

Then there are also long and short term goals. We cannot really set any particular time frame that would be considered long or short term. However, short term goals should span within a few months to a couple or years while long term goals will span from three years and more. If your are going to fulfill your dreams, it is important that you get your goals and the time allocated for them in check to avoid confusion and complications.

Short term goals should also be connected to long term goals. That means as you work on fulfilling short term goals, the long term goals should be fulfilled too, at least in part. The main reason why you have to straighten out the issue of goal setting is the fact that goals are very important for dream fulfillment as we have already mentioned and if they are not set rightly, they may instead become a serious hindrance to fulfilling goals and objectives in life.

Learn to Focus on the things that really count

It is simple and basic, some things are important, some are not. Other things are more important than some. It is vital that you get your priorities straight so that you can focus on things that really matter. Prioritizing certain issues that are important for dream fulfillment over others which are not is one thing you must learn to do.

Keep your attention and focus on things that actually matter and forget those which don’t. We all have different things calling for our attention, time and resources and sometimes, making the right judgment with regards to priorities may be complicated if not all together difficult. But once you are able to decide what things are most important to you from the onset, it will be easier to make a difference. Setting your priorities right also has to do with the people you interact with. Some people are important for your dream and goal fulfillment but others are not. It will be a fatal mistake on your part to give so much attention to those who are not helping you fulfill your dreams or even ignore those who are helping you go further than where you are at the moment. Recently I read something on social media which I think you should read too because it actually made much sense. It said… Not everything that counts in life can be counted and not everything that can be counted actually counts. Take that to heart as you learn to focus on the things that really matter and better work at achieving your goals and dreams in life.

Redeem time

Time is one of the most important factors to success and progress in every endeavor we make in life and especially in achieving your dreams. It is going to take time before you see your dreams and goals fulfilled, but that fulfillment is based on how you use your time. Time is an important factor to achieving goals in life. There are two things to take note of as far as the matter of dream fulfillment and time is concerned. Maximizing your use of time and redeeming lost time. These two are absolute necessities to fulfilling your goal in life.

Everyone has 24 hours a day to their disposal. So what constitutes the main difference between those who do not fulfill their goals and dreams and those who make impact through the fulfillment of dreams is the way these two groups of people use their time. The first group, you will notice are those who let moment slip by as they idle around or sped their time accomplishing as little as is convenient to do. These are people who cherish comfort and ease so much so that everything that stresses them beyond their comfort zones become a threat they must eliminate, no matter how important it is to the fulfillment of their dreams and plans.

The second group of people are those who have know the value of time and are committed to seeing that every second counts. They invest and spend time but they decide to never waste time. Time is like money. I have mentioned that more times than I can remember. You can either spend, invest or waste it. Make up your mind to make every moment count. Make the moments count, the hours, days and months will take care of themselves. This is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself as far as fulfilling your dream is concerned.

Then there is the possibility of redeeming time. This means buying back time that has been wasted. The first question you should be asking yourself is probably if it is even possible to redeem wasted time. Well, it is. But it takes effort and you must be willing to make the effort for things to workout. To begin with, redeeming time may demand that you work and strive to accomplish more in a shorter time frame. It will take discipline and hard work but you can do it.

No more procrastination

Procrastination, they say, is the thief of time. True it is. You must get it out of the way if you have been procrastinating a lot. There is no way anyone can move from point A to point B by pushing what should be done today to tomorrow. The funny thing is, tomorrow will always come. And when it does, there would be other things you should have been doing then. Now you are caught up, struggling to do today what you should have done yesterday. It’s a sign of laziness and you should do away with it.

Beware of the lazy attitude

Laziness is the virus that has attacked many a young person with outstanding dreams and plans. The mark or sign of laziness is the fact that a person always wants the easy way out of everything they should do or challenges that come their way. To the person affected by laziness, every anthill is a mountain that is almost impossible to do away with. The effect? Such a person never goes beyond wishing to take action. You cannot achieve your dreams without a hard working attitude.

Know and appreciate the value of people and relationships

People are the most important assets we all have for the fulfillment of our dreams and plans. Without people, you will be stock in the same position for years without making any progress at all. As a matter of fact, the more people you have to help and assist you in fulfilling your dreams and meeting your objectives, the better equipped you are to fulfill your dreams. Some people are too full of themselves to the point where they trample on people whenever the opportunity presents itself. Such people can hardly go further than their present position. You should straighten this out if you have issues with your perspectives about people. The more you understand the value of having people,and building relationships that matter in fulfilling your dreams and plans in life, the better off you are.

Get you an icon or a mentor

Mentors are important for dream fulfillment or achieving goals in life. Sadly, there are people who ignore the relationship and benefits of having mentors so they find it really difficult to make progress. You can have an icon from afar. That means you can have someone as an icon and never have any relationship with him or her. He or she does not need to know you. In most cases, it is just about being inspired by the person who is an icon. And believe me, you need that inspiration.

Having a mentor on the other hand requires that you know the person and he or she also knows you on a one on one basis. That means you should have a relationship with the person you consider a mentor. Mentors are more important than icons because mentors are almost always icons. Your mentor is the person who lets you in on the secrets that make people successful in your chosen field. It doesn’t matter how much reading and schooling you do, there is always some vital information that can only be gotten through experience. Your mentor has the advantage of those experiences and can give you the knowledge without the experience they had to go through. At least it makes your journey shorter and easier. Having icons and at least a mentor makes it easier to fulfill your dreams and it spares you unnecessary mistakes too.

I also understand that there is nothing like experience. But not all experiences are necessary in your search for knowledge. Sometimes, the cost of some lessons that come with experience are too high for some people to pay. You would rather avoid them and still have the knowledge by your relationship and interaction with mentors. That spares you the pain of going through certain experiences.

Never take any opportunity lightly

In the process of fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals in life, you are going to meet with opportunities at different times and in different ways. Opportunities take different forms and one cannot actually judge the value of an opportunity based on his or her own ideas and standards. Lets take the example of a footballer again. If you want to prosper in a career like this, you must be content with each opportunity you get to show your skills. If you are called to play for a particular team which is not as big or popular as you will like, go for it. The important thing is getting the platform to showcase your talent, not showing off. If you keep rejecting opportunities because they are not up to the standards you expect, you may end up never reaching where you plan to. If you are going to achieve your dreams, you must make up your mind to maximize every opportunity you get.

More so, opportunities come to help you get better at your particular skill. They are a way of preparing yourself for the next opportunity that may come. Sometimes, those who fall into the trap of ignoring certain opportunities never get others because they never used the opportunities to develop their skills for the next level. Appreciate each opportunity as a chance to get better and move to the next level.

Know and appreciate the importance of rest

Enough with the all-work-and-no-rest schedule. You will need to make adequate rest part of your daily schedule if you are going to fulfill your dreams. People who do not take the issue of rest serious use more effort to accomplish tasks. Those who take hard work to the negative extreme find themselves putting in so much effort to accomplish very little. Every single cell in the human body needs rest and without it, the body simply cant function at maximum capacity. Your brain, which is involved in everything you do requires a lot of energy and resting is one of the most important ways of getting the energy you need.

Patience, its going to happen

when all is said and done, you need to apply patience. Each step towards the goal is going to take some time. And you have to go through the steps. Process is the mark of progress and anyone who desires to make progress must be willing to go through the process. If you ever achieve anything without going through the process, you will hardly be able to keep it. Your goal should be making progress as you go through each step. That requires patience.

Conclusively, it is very possible to fulfill your dreams. You can become the doctors, lawyers, musicians or whatever we desire to become if you get these issues straightened out and focus on what really matters.



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