Top 9 HR Analytics Solution Providers – 2018

HR Analysts are assisting organizations to get familiar with implementation of data driven techniques for collecting and distributing information, tracking employee performance, and making the best hiring decisions. With the help of HR Analytics software, it is now possible to gather, compile, and interpret data for identifying new trends, assessing employee behavior, and enabling smooth operations across various departments. Hence, when your company decides to move to a sophisticated, consolidated, and streamlined HR system, it is essential that you choose any one of these best HR Analytics Solutions Provider in 2018.

1)      Bamboo HR

 The winner of the best HR Management Software Award in 2017, Bamboo HR is a flagship product of the company by the same name. It is helpful in governing multiple aspects of recruitment and employee administration workload. The software has been designed to cater to small and medium businesses, and the kit comes with complete administrative functions making the job of the HR hassle-free. With this software, you can easily manage job advertisements with all relevant information, send out customized onboarding emails to prospects, oversee employee performance, and generate accurate reports. It also supports electronic signature, and the unique functionalities give you a chance to improve employee engagement activities at the firm.

2)      Zoho People

Another successful HR management product, Zoho People is a comprehensive online package that comes with a variety of benefits. It allows employees to access and modify data to get instant approval on their requests. Apart from this, it has been built with ready to use training material which can be used as an alternative in place of the expensive learning management systems. The product makes it easier to get in-depth insights on performance and reward the right person. It's an excellent software to record details about leaves, manage travel data, inform about the changes in the company policies, postponed approvals or send reminder about activities through notifications. The product is compatible with most systems, and includes powerful APIs which can be customized and is highly scalable.

3)      SAP SuccessFactors

With several software products already available and new ones being introduced each day, choosing a reliable HR solution provider is no easy task. As a result, usually, we often rely on the vendor's reputation before selecting any product. If your company handles projects in the SAP domain, SuccessFactors would be the best choice. This product helps in employee management by providing  an end-to-end workforce management solution right from social business tools, LMS, ATS, talent management, HR analytics, and much more. The network of collaboration is highly organized and is currently being used in more than 60 different industries. It helps to protect the highly talented workers and even notifies of the possible damages to business by identifying bad performances. It can be operated from any smart device and comes with innovative integration that work seamlessly with a wide range of CRM, and financial management products.

4)      Gusto

Gusto has changed the way employee compensation is handled in the companies and has launched variety of schemes, including health insurance, HSA and even 401(k) plans. It is the most popular software that brings HR, payroll, and benefits at one place. Even the non-professionals can easily operate it, and it comes with variety of functionalities. This software is said to be a master of calculations and is capable of generating error-proof payroll information for the employees. The product is fully compliant with HIPAA, ACA, ERISA standards, and is efficient in preparing compliance reviews of the employee's benefits, sending automated notices while maintaining complete privacy, and even helping him/her setup appropriate retirement plan.

5)      Breezy HR

Whenever the recruiting season approaches, it becomes a great headache for the hiring managers to handle thousands of applications. In addition to this, the company has to generate apt job descriptions to post on various job portals to find the fitting candidates. So, if you want to make the whole recruiting process easier, your company must make use of the Breezy HR software. It has a user-friendly interface that is said to attract employees to business with ease. With its drag and drop management technology, Stage Actions the product proves effective in managing routine tasks, and creating attractive job posts which could be uploaded on 40 + job portals. This software could be added as an extension to your Chrome browser, and streamline candidate interviews on the go. The product is modern, user-friendly with appealing look. The application comes with a scoreboard to evaluate candidate performances and since it is mobile based, it can be operated from any place irrespective of the location.

6)      TribePad

With many companies now deploying applicant tracking system to ease out the hiring process, these ATS products are in demand. TribePad is one of the modern international ATS products with high security standards and enterprise level functionalities. The product is efficient in performing an array of HR functions including tasks related to workforce like vacancy management capabilities, recruitment and providing brand support. Till date, this software has helped multiple organizations in improving their hiring and employee engagement strategies, ensuring exploration of positive trends from the talent pool and organizing employment process to suit their current work-flow. With the help of this software an interviewer gets a chance to interview the candidates in a video call without installing any other tool on the system. The product is known to be interfaced with different SEO based career websites, applicant categories, and can be easily configured. It also includes a large knowledge base to support hiring, and guarantees protection of personal information.

7)      PeopleSoft

This software is known to be one of the pioneers in the industry for providing HR services, and upgrading the versions as per the changing requirements. It helps in planning and delivering HR programs according to the fixed legislative rules. This is a popular Oracle product with impeccable functionalities for handling core workforce management, and labor monitoring activities. With the help of this product, you can easily streamline the tasks to get timely approval, find resolutions for exceptions and even make better decisions by doing a real-time analysis of the company's labor data. By deploying this software on the system, the HR department in your firm would be in a better position to attract, maintain and retain the workforce as well as provide a rich onboard professional experience. In addition to this, with PeopleSoft you can also provide excellent workforce service delivery features including an internal HR help desk, smarter planning surveys etc.

8)      Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS is also one of the popular software that is famous with small and medium-sized business organizations for managing all stages of employment life cycle right from recruitment of new candidates to talent management. The product also includes a payroll system which makes the software easily available in various industries. Sage HRMS provides an ample number of reporting tools which helps the employer evaluate their workers, determine performances, suggest required training programs, and also give accurate information regarding the promotion of employees. By using this software, an employer can realize ROEI and will also get assistance for HR department as well as in payroll system. This solution provider has been significantly designed for small to mid-size businesses, and includes an extensive range of applications that can simplify your business tasks.

9)      Xobin Interact

The interviews today are usually conducted by screening the candidate in pre-employment tests to determine his or her worthiness. This helps the recruiter get an idea if the candidate suits the position and also saves the effort if the requirements are not met. This Hr analytical solution provider includes various sections with pre-built assessment tests, skill tests, and even AI base tests to determine the candidacy of an applicant. The product has been integrated with various aptitude tests, coding exams, SaaS sales skills to determine if the candidate possesses the required traits, and whether he is ready for the industry. By using the visual reports for individual performances and test filter, this software can assist to speed up the hiring process to a large extent.

There are many other HR analytical solution providers available with old ones being upgraded and new ones being launched each day. Depending on the company's requirements, select the most suitable software for better decision-making, and enhancing recruitment process.

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