Where to Get a Business Loans for Doctors or Medical Practice Loans

By Anuj

First things first!

There are many situations or life events wherein professionals such as doctors can acquire a business loan and benefit from it. Yes, if you are a doctor who is all set to expand or set up a business, have to buy equipment, or hire a team can use it. A business loan for doctors can easily help your practice grow without cash crunches affecting it.

In the context of the discussion, let’s provide a list of events/occasions when it’s good for medical practitioners to avail business loans for doctors.

  1. When you need to buy trendy equipment

Any business which does not understand the needs of his/her end-users is sure to doom, and medical practice is no exception. With time your existing equipment will worn out or won’t serve the customers/patients in a good way. Hence, utilizing business loans for Doctors can help you cover the needs of buying new and in-trend equipment.

  1. When your practice needs a push during the offseason

Every business has a peak and an offseason and it applies to the profession of doctors as well. During such phases, your income will be low, and it becomes difficult to pay for fixed costs such as rents, equipment rent, and salaries of employees. Hence, to ensure a consistent working capital balance, business loans for doctors is a fit funding source!

  1. When diversification is the need of the hour

With changing times, a business also needs to revamp its product range or product line to look and feel newer and rejuvenated. When it comes to professional of a doctor, there are numerous medicine specializations, and as a result, a hospital or clinic may diversify its operations. The set-up may require extra rooms, infrastructure, equipment, and a team to complement the needs. Hence, these extra adjustments will surely require money, and you can easily use funds by applying for business loans for doctors to do it.

  1. When expansion or a new premise acquisition is a must

Every business will see a time when the existing infrastructure, employees or working capital won’t handle the additional work pressure. Yes, and that’s when planning to move to a bigger premise should be the key to giving a facelift to your business. Hence, to cover the needs of spending extra on expansion or getting a new premise, utilizing business loans for doctors could be a smart step.

Features and benefits of business loans for doctors!

Here are some vital features and benefits of business loans for doctors:

  • A higher loan figure

Leading online lenders can let you borrow up to Rs.35 lakh to help fund your business needs.

  • Instant processing and money disbursal

You can apply online at your own convenience and also avail quick money credited to your bank account within a day.

  • Wider tenors to suit your affordability

You can make the most of the wider tenor ranging between 12-96 months to suit your needs, affordability and repayment preference.

  • Flexi loan facility

You are free to borrow an amount as per your needs out of your sanctioned amount. You can pay only the interest on your EMIs and settle remaining amount after the end of the tenor.  

  • No need to arrange for collateral

Business loans for doctors is an unsecured loan which means you need not provide any guarantor or collateral to avail the credit. If your credit score is higher, or have a consistent income and repayment history along with other eligibility as per your years of professional experience, you are good to get the loan.

The Bottom Line

You just went across the situations in which availing business loans for doctors is a good move along with its many handy features and benefits. If you are a medical practitioner who is ready to give a push to his/her medical business, availing the business loans for doctors is a nice idea.

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