The Lower Back Problem Needs Collaborative Efforts From Orthopedic And Neuro Surgeons

Lower back pain is quite a troublesome problem. You get completely disturbed by it, and can’t concentrate on work, study or recreation.

If you are an athlete who loves to spend time in the sports activities, then the situation is further frustrating.

To add to the problem further, you get contradictory suggestions from friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

While some people advise you to see the top orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, some feel that a neurosurgeon can only resolve the problem.

Since the lower back pain could be triggered by assorted reasons, and one of them could be a spinal problem;  you get confused.

You can’t decide whether you should fix the appointment with some renowned orthopedic specialist like Dr. Shailendra Patil. If required, then he canconsult some neuro specialist in the town.

Who is the right choice for the spine health?

Well, spine is a unique part that needs two experts to resolve the issue.

The reason lies in the unique structure of the spine.

While the core structure is made from hard and robust bones, the outer part has an intricate network of nerves that carry the signals to the brain along with the spinal cord.

Hence, the problem in the bone structure is intricately intermingled with the neuro-network.

Hence, you need a collaborative approach.

Dr. Shailendra Patil Reviews the case from the orthopedic point of view and gives his recommendation.

The neurosurgeon checks the case from his perspective.

Both doctors discuss the case and find out a mutually agreed solution.

What is the difference between the expertise of orthopedic and neuro surgeons?

A neurosurgeon is specialized in dealing problems related to nerves, brain, and spine.

Though we think about brain surgery as soon as we hear the word Neurosurgeon, in reality, they perform more spine surgeries than the brain.

Surgeries performed by them are more complex and need great precautions.

The top orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, on the other hand, perform surgeries related to bones. He is also a busy person who performs complex surgeries.

When there is a problem associated with the lower back, it requires consultation from both.

Imagine a scenario when some lower back problem is reported to Dr. Shailendra Patil, an orthopedic surgeon; he checks the complexity of the issue.

If required, then he calls expert neurosurgeon and discusses the case.

Once the surgery is done, Dr. Shailendra Patil Reviews the progress and ensures that no complications arise.

Collaboration between the two makes the surgery successful

Even the top orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai can’t resolve the issue alone if the problem is complex. The same holds true with the neurosurgeon as well.

However, when they work collaboratively, the things become easy. Once the issue is resolved, there are bright chances of success. The quality of life is restored and patients live a happy life.

Dr. Shailendra Patil says that even the most complex case can also be resolved if the treatment method chosen is comprehensive.



How to find the best doctor?

Finding the right doctor is not a daunting task if one does it systematically. In the modern era, the internet can be a great source of information.

By reading the reviews and feedback, it becomes quite easy to tap the right resource. Expert doctors resolve the issue completely and restore normal life.

Know the following Procedure Before Surgery?

Pre-operative Goals
The pre-operative analysis helps the medical personnel provide the patient with the best amount of:

  • ease
  • pre-operative medical treatment
  • monitoring during surgery
  • post-operative pain management and care.

The pre-operative process also provides opportunities for the patient, primary care physician, dealing with specialists, surgeon, and anesthesiologist to communicate concerns before and after surgery.

Medical History and Examination

A detailed medical history collects information about allergies (eg, to medication, food, allergens), side effects from medication, medication and/or dietary supplements taken daily, pre-existing medical conditions, family history and ancestors, tobacco and alcohol use, bleeding record (eg, unusual bruising), and previous surgical experience (eg, problems with anesthesia).

Through the physical examination, the person's blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, body temperature, elevation and weight are documented. The physician listens to the patient's heart and breathing, notes any malocclusions of your head, eyes, the ears, nose, and throat. The patient's physical stamina (eg, walking, climbing stairs) and range of motion (eg, neck) are observed. Through the neurological exam, the person's mental status, as well as sensory and electric motor function is considered.

Any kind of condition affecting the cardiovascular system, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and nervous systems can increase surgical risk. Understanding these problems and addressing them before and during surgery can associated with vertebral procedure safer.


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