Eatzilla Ubereats Clone script

Eatzilla Ubereats Clone script

Build your website and mobile app for ubereats clone like service Start your Food Delivery App development with Eatzilla selling successful AI powered ubereats clone food delivery script

Eatzilla platform is an online food delivery management solution which any entrepreneur can use to kickstart their own online Food delivery business. Eatzilla Food Delivery Solution is way more than just another Ubereats Clone Script. It has all the essential features of popular online food delivery and food ordering platforms. Eaztilla food delivery solution runs on Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain to solve various real world problems which current online food delivery platforms are facing and supports payment via crypto, which you won't find on the other ubereats clone Script out there.

Ubereats Clone Amazing Features

Given below are some of amazing features of the decentralized Eatzilla and helps enterprise businesses to create the monopolies of tomorrow. We strongly believe that a well organized business model makes it easier to use and thereby is captivating! This Ubereats Clone Script is just exactly what you need if you want to kick start your online food delivery business.


Thus use the category choice to organize the cuisine so as to form it more visible and thereby indulging.

Search Food

Our instant search feature helps the user who is looking for specific items to quickly spot it out and place orders in no time!

Checkout Cart

Our check out cart feature is in par with any other e-commerce solution in the market .This feature helps the user to skim through the final menu.

Referral System

Word of mouth is an efficient marketing technique that would help your product reach a multitude of people. Use our referral system feature to offer eye-catching rewards

Substandard Food Delivery and Restaurant Management1

Low-quality restaurants have been haunting online food delivery services since their inception. On Sept. 2019, Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) delisted 10500 restaurants from all online food delivery companies as either they were fake or didn’t comply with the food safety standards.

Solution On Blockchain

Since it is nearly impossible to keep a close watch on every restaurant, we have come up with Blockchain KYC to address the problem. Every restaurant requesting registration is approved only after the admin verification and smart contract agreement that again verifies the authenticity of the documents. The KYC of the restaurants is also made transparent to the customers to earn their trust and loyalty.

Low Transparency in Deep Discounting2

Deep discounting, a technique that greatly reduces the cost of certain products to push sales, has been a prominent technique of online food delivery platforms. While it increases sales, it decreases the earning of restaurants for the number of units sold. This caused the restaurants to urge the service providers to reduce the commission instead of the cost should they opt for deep discounting.

Solution On Blockchain

Smart contract agreement acts as the layer of trust between the service

Lack of trust between delivery partners and service providers3

Delivery boys went on a strike. Yes, it happened when the food delivery service provider reduced the pay of delivery partners. Although the problems have been sorted out, it weakened the trust between the two. The delivery agents surmised that if the service provider decides to take their money away, they can do nothing about it. Their cautiousness sums up because even the database would voice in favour of the online food delivery companies.

Solution On Blockchain

Although you, as a service provider, wouldn’t undertake such endeavors, the trust lost remains lost. Blockchain-based contracts and the immutable storage system ensures that payment history supports their claim if, by any chance, the data is lost.

Delivery Partners Assuming with Fake Identities4

Uber once lost its London license as unauthorized personnel started driving cabs assuming the ID of licensed drivers. This is a grave security breach that the government had to intervene. Then again, you also cannot reveal every information of the delivery boys as that would be compromising their private information.

Solution On Blockchain

Eatzilla has arrived at the solution integrating Blockchain delivery partner KYC where the biometric information is stored. Delivery partners have to authenticate themselves with timely verifications to ensure that the right person is delivering the food. The users can also view limited information about the delivery partner traveling with their current orders to act as an extra level of security.



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