8 Benefits of Amazon Web Services for Startups

Amazon Web Services offer new horizons for businesses of all sizes from enterprises to larger businesses. If you have a startup, taking advantage of AWS can help boost your profits and reduce expenses. Whether you are planning your new IT setup or are looking to migrate to a new cloud solution, you may want to consider the benefits.AWS offers wide array of products that are designed to lower the costs while boosting productivity which are crucial to any small business. AWS cloud hosting services include:

  • Security

  • Computing

  • Networking

  • Applications

  • Database

  • Analytics

  • Email

  • Servers

  • Storage

Small businesses will contribute 40% of the spend on the public cloud by 2019, that provides a public cloud infrastructure, has plenty of advantages for business of any size, however small startups have their own requirements and cloud services consultants from Tricension shared eight advantages of using AWS for small businesses. The main advantage of AWS is that it will grow with your business meaning that the scalable AWS  solutions are capable to cater to your needs as your company grows and expands without the necessity to switch to a different provider.

1.No Strings Attached & Scalability

If you want to take advantage of such AWS as servers for hosting a website, CDN for websites with heavy traffic or Hadoop cluster for big data requirements, you don’t need to buy a subscription. Whenever you have the need for the services, you can take advantage of the low cost “per hour” pricing. If you are not using the services, you don’t pay.

AWS Tools like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing you can scale your applications up and down whenever you need them and pay for the compute and resources when you are using them with no contracts and commitment. Times change so do the business requirements, so the AWS scalability will allow your business to get the services you need and when you need them and skip paying for those services that you no longer require.

2.High Security Levels

Working with AWS offers youtop-notch security. Dealing with large amounts of data, such as customer details, is time-consuming. Losing such information may throw a startup back substantially. You can take advantage of the numerous resources without creating a disaster recovery plan. Amazon has already done it for you.

And while in the past startups had some concerns regarding the cloud migration due to security concerns, AWS with its worldwide data centers that are monitored 24/7 have helped to get rid of these reservations. If Netflix trusts AWS then there is no reason for everyone else not to.

3.Low Learning Curve

Using AWS is highly intuitive. You don’t need to be an expert to start working with these services. This is especially important for startups without a large IT department. You won’t need to spend hours figuring out how to use these tools. AWS allows anyone with any level of expertise to host applications and access AWS Application Hosting Program.

Moreover Amazon has all the necessary tutorials for deploying, hosting and running databases, websites as well as running servers and file storage. AWS features a Management Console that lets business owners manage the services they use and API options.

4.Equipment Savings

Since you don’t need to buy or rent any hardware, you can save a substantial amount of money on the equipment. Meanwhile, your office requirements will be reduced as well. You don’t have to worry about large server rooms and workspaces. You can also minimize the number of employees as AWS is highly scalable and intuitive which means that you will not need to hire the entire IT department to benefit from the best technologies on the market.

5.Excellent API

AWS offer different programming languages so you can manage your infrastructure in the most convenient way possible. Launching new instances and making backups is possible through API.

6.Reduced IT Investments

Today, IT departments are requiring substantial investments even if the business itself is rather small. With AWS, the investment is kept to a minimum. This is especially important for startups, which are generally pressed for financial resources.

AWS eliminates hardware and infrastructure costs along with management and systems administration costs. This means that your team can focus running the business, devoting more resources to priority projects rather than routine tasks. Moreover, Amazon provides businesses more productivity and uptime delivering more cost efficiency. AWS delivers plenty of long-term benefits, like savings, flexibility, productivity and much more, therefore the longer you use the service, the more apparent the benefits become.

AWS cloud services have a low entry cost therefore you can start using the services without having to invest too much at the beginning and being able to drop the services with no commitments.

7.Software Freedom

AWS allows you to have freedom of choosing programming languages, platforms, tools and operating systems. You don’t need to struggle to learn something new. This reduces the learning curve of AWS options greatly. Moreover you will have the option of choosing services for compliance, security, mobile apps and PC’s.

AWS allows you to upload software and services to your virtual environment easing your migration process.

8.New Tools

Take advantage of new computing models and optimize your business processes. You may be surprised how much faster some things can be done when using Amazon Web Services.

If you are just starting your business or planning to optimize your work, consider using AWS. The possibilities are impressive.

9. Access From The Cloud

The power and storage of the cloud that AWS delivers, offers numerous opportunities and benefits to small businesses and startups. From computing, database, networking services to document sharing and desktop virtualization, delivers security, stability and flexibility, allowing you to work from any device with internet connection.

10. Ecommerce Simplicity

If you are running an ecommerce website, Amazon have plenty of useful solutions for online sales: site hosting, integration of effective financial transaction with little or none requirement for support.


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