10 Things to Consider when Choosing a Location for your Vacation


Going on vacations is one thing almost everyone wants to experience at least once in a while if not as often as they would like to. Vacations are not just fun filled, they also have a great role to play as far as family unity, personal development and productivity or even the health of people are concerned. You can say vacation is a form of therapy. Lets call it vacatherapy if you would allow. There is a tremendous release of stress and tension when people go on vacations. This makes it a necessity even for the most travel-unfriendly persons. Knowing the importance and pleasure of going on and having a good vacation can indeed stir up the desire to go, but that is not enough to ensure you get the best out of it.


There are so many places to go on vacation, several things to do and to be frank, the adverts are not making things easier. Hotels and restaurants, resorts and parks of different types and services all promise to deliver the best services and ensure you have an unforgettable experience. However, it will be naive to yield to the temptation of making a choice on your vacation location just based on such promises. You definitely want the best out of your vacation, especially when there is not too much time for it. So here are some important things to consider when choosing a vacation destination.


Tips to help you make the most of the vacation opportunity you have.


Finances and cost


Unless your vacation is sponsored by the company you work for and it is entirely cost free on your part, or you have a six figure monthly income that may allow for some level of laxity in financial planning for your vacation, you need to take some time to consider this very closely. At the end of the day, every other point that follows would be very much influenced by this one. If you get this part wrong, chances are, your vacation experience is messed up even before it begins.


You should start by making a budget. That budget would guide every other major decision you make about the vacation. With proper preparations you can always find family vacation spots that are cost friendly. Let’s begin with how much you are willing to spend for the vacation, and this decision of course is guided by other issues like how many people you are taking along and how long you want to stay. But you must start with deciding how much you are willing to spend. If you decide to spend just a few dollars, after making sure you really have that amount, go ahead to make other plans. It is possible to find cheap vacation destinations by simply searching.


An important reason for going on any vacation is to have some relaxation and exciting time. If you plan beyond your budget, for whatsoever reason, the vacation is just going to stress you up. You are definitely going to struggle to meet up with expenses and might end up neck deep in debts. Alas the vacation would have been an awful experience, not because you made the wrong decision in choosing to go on a vacation but because you made some financial blunders.


Distance from home


The distance between your vacation location and home is a vital aspect to consider when choosing a vacation location. The most beautiful vacation spots are not always the best choices when distance is taken into consideration.


This may sound a little out of of place for those who don’t understand the complexities that come with staying away from home for longer than usual. Some people have to deal with the issue of missing friends and family. But there are other reasons why considering the distance from home when making vacation plans is vital. If you catch a cold or become sick for example, you may have to look for or book an appointment with a different doctor. That may be more difficult than you think and besides, others are simply too attached to those specific routines and persons for certain services. There are actually people who could cancel a vacation to see their doctor or meet some other person because they can not have it any other way or deal with some other person. It is one of the reasons why people have private and family doctors anyway. Family vacation spots that are far from home have to be carefully considered in other to get the best experience.


Again, if you have an uncertain job, that is, one which may require your presence abruptly even while you are officially on vacation, you may need to consider having vacation at a location not far from your home. Maybe 10 hours away if you are driving or a couple of hours if you habitually use flights. This ensures that your vacation does not become a hindrance to rendering important services when you are needed. The distance, if considerably short could also allow you to return for the vacation if you choose to. Moreover, choosing a cheap vacation destination which is far away and costly to get there will, of course, not be a wise move. At the end, you would spend more than you intended.


Consider those involved


This is more than considering the number of people going on the vacation with you. It is about the preferences of those people and making choices that would accommodate their weaknesses if any. Family vacations for example have to take the children into consideration. You can always find beautiful vacation spots that will enable you and the entire family have a great experience. How many of them are there? Does your choice destination have places and activities that would enable your kids enjoy the vacation?


Your wife or other members of the family have to be taken into consideration too. Spending quality time together is the primary reason for having a family vacation. If one or more people cannot enjoy the vacation at a particular place for one reason or the other, it would not be wise to insist on going there. It is just going to be a waste of time and resources. In considering those involved, ,you should all come to a compromise and everyone who will be going on the vacation should be part of the decision making process.


Safety first


Its not the first on the list here, but you should know safety is very important and take it serious when considering places to go on vacation. There are so many great places to visit for vacation. The natural scenery could be beautiful, it may have a variety of sites to visit, but if the place is not safe, it cannot even be taken into consideration. Some locations which would have otherwise been good choices are noted for certain negative threats that put them on red alert when it comes to safety. It could be things like murder reports, frequent theft cases, abduction rate and others threats. If you are after family vacation spots, you must be careful about the safety of the places you choose.


For those who love beach location for vacations, you have to find out how safe the beach you intend spending your vacation period on is. One of the most troubling reports when it comes to beaches has to do with shark attacks. It is real, and a good number of people have lost their lives to shark attacks around the globe. This also does not in any way imply that you have to be skeptical or afraid of spending your vacation on a beach. Shark attacks are very sporadic. Just make sure it is not something that happens at your chosen beach. A simple question to the beach resort management would do just fine.


While we are still on the issue of spending your vacation on a beach, and especially if you will be going with children, make sure the beach you choose has a great lifeguard team and facilities to deal with any manner of incident or accident. For most people, spending a vacation at a beach location is not worth while if they are not going to have a boat and travel out to sea for fishing or just for fun. If you look forward to such an experience, make necessary findings to be sure that such services are available and how much it will cost for everyone going for the vacation.




Unless you plan to stay with some family member or friend who lives in the town or place you have chosen for the vacation (which is very unlikely) you need to take the issue of accommodation very serious. Again, remember you need to relax during the vacation and that would not be possible unless you actually have a great place for accommodation at an affordable price. What kind of place would you like to live in and how much would it cost? Bear in mind that some cheap vacation locations which are actually family vacation spots actually have some of the most peaceful accommodations.


Everything is way easier these days than they use to be a couple of decades ago. With your phone and Internet connectivity, you can make research on the hotels around your chosen location for the best accommodation deals. It is sometimes amazing how affordable some hotels are and you may never know it until you actually decide to find out. There is usually a better deal. You can also check up periods when certain hotels you may be interesting in offer price reductions or promotions that will considerably cut down your budget.


Interesting sites for relaxation


While you look for accommodation, consider the possibility and quality of relaxation you are going to have at this location. For example is the place quite and peaceful enough? Can you actually take some time out to relax and rest in the location of your choice? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Some places naturally hold the possibility of providing amusement. But because many other people are always running to such places, they tend to attract a lot of distractions. It could be overpopulated for example or too rowdy to accommodate any reasonable time of rest or be relaxed.


You have to really decide what you want out of a vacation.


It may not be about resting or relaxation to you. You may be planning a vacation because you simply want to have fun. If that is the case, even very rowdy places would suffice. In this case I would advice you to look for places where you can have fun responsibly and at a budget friendly rate. Your wife, children or family members, if you plan taking any along should be part of the considerations when choosing family vacation spots.


Children for example need places that are specially designed to enable them have fun and there are always beautiful vacation spots for them. You simply need to do a little research.


Distance between accommodation and places you will like to visit


Almost no one goes on a vacation without having plans on places they want to visit in the town, city or area they would be spending their vacation in. It is an important and exciting part of the entire preparation and choosing places to go on vacation. However, when you make up your mind to visit certain places in the course of your vacation, know the distance between the place you will be staying and the places you want to visit and make arrangements accordingly. How much will it cost to transport yourself and those you will be going with from the place where you lodge to the sites you want to visit. That should be part of your visit.


The best thing to do will be making arrangements with a transport company or person to take you to all the places you may want to visit. It will significantly reduce the cost of your vacation and the stress you may have to go through without such arrangements.


You may also find it interesting to walk. Especially if you are going to a place like Rome or the Vatican for vacation with so many sites to see. Should you make this choice, there is going to be need for a tour guide or alternatively you could make use of GPS services on your phone to find your way around.


Restaurant Availability


The savory of international dishes and delicacies are a powerful attraction and important consideration for most people who plan going on a vacation. This makes it necessary to have good restaurants in view as you make the decision on places to go on vacation. You may not need to be too concerned about cost, sometimes, cheap vacation destinations have the best meals at wonderful prices. The issue of finding a restaurant is even more important if you are going for a vacation out of your country or continent. You may be familiar with the types of food in different areas of the country or continent. But when you have to go for vacation in another continent, especially one with predominantly different culture, you definitely have to check what restaurants there offer and desire which ones you will be visiting throughout your stay there.




Even for vacations that take place within a particular country, you may have to deal with serious issues regarding weather changes. Getting weather forecast on your intended destination is just one part of the whole ordeal. You also have to make preparations for the weather so you don’t end up getting sick as a result of weather changes. Even the most beautiful vacation spots could be compromised by weather conditions.


It is very important to consider weather changes when going on vacation with other people or if you are going to that particular place for the first time. It does not matter how interesting you may find a particular place or how much you desire to go there, if you are not sure of the weather at that place and especially how it is going to be during the time of your vacation, it is better you go for vacation to some place with a weather condition similar to there you stay or one you are already familiar with.


Specific interests


Having fun is a vital part of any vacation planning and trip. But the nature and extent of fun you and those going with you (if any) are going to get would be based on your specific interests. You need to understand what kind of things are appealing to you and look for a place that has such things for a good vacation experience. You can hardly have a good vacation without making sure that the things which interest you are available there.


If you are very interested in natural wildlife for example and know that your vacation would hardly be complete without visiting a wildlife resort, then don’t ignore that desire as you chose a vacation location. Look for a place with a great wildlife resort and make arrangements to have your vacation there. There are people who cannot imagine having a vacation without spending a huge portion of that time at the beach. For others it has to be about photography for the most part. Taking pictures of people, places and things or having someone take pictures of them with sensational backgrounds. To such people, vacation without a good camera and wonderful spots for photography is just a waste of time and money.


Consider closely your specific interest in vacation trips and make findings to ensure that you are actually going to get the most out of the time and money you are willing to give up. Even cheap vacation destinations could have the things and host activities that interest you. Your specific interests also cuts across accommodation and the different types of dishes and delicacies offered in the restaurants around the town, city or village you chose as a spot for your vacation. Having a good vacation depends on this aspect of the preparation and you should not take it for granted.


Length of stay


lastly, in considering places to go on vacation, you should know how long your vacation is going to last. This particular issue is important because it is going to touch on a number of things and certainly influence the overall budget. The main things which will be directly influenced by the length of your vacation are lodging, feeding and other expenses which are made on a daily basis throughout the vacation. This simply means the longer your vacation is going to last (and of course the more the number of people going), the more costly it is going to be and you should make preparations to deal with whatever unforeseen expenses you may have to accrue.


Also bear in ming that after all expenses have been calculated, you may find things a little more different than you expected, especially if you only made your judgments based on information you got from the Internet. Chances are the information must be wanting some vital updates especially as far as prices are concerned. This is another reason why making calls to places you intend visiting is a better way of getting the information you need. That said, you may find upon arrival at your vacation destination that the prices are not as you expected. This may mean spending a few more thousand dollars or less. Of course most of us would prefer it is less, but, well, you don’t always get to choose right? Just make up your mind and be prepared for any unlikely or unforeseen expenses, even if you are going to a cheap vacation destination.


Summarily, you could indeed have a good vacation at beautiful vacation spots but that too is going to depend very much on the considerations you make as you prepare. Like almost every other thing in life, you have that wonderful privilege of making choices and of course your choices are going to shape your vacation experience. The quality of time and experience you are going to have could be maximized by seriously taking the points mentioned above into consideration.






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