How to Discover and Achieve your Purpose in Life

For you to live a purpose driven life, you must first of all find out what your purpose in life is. The irony is that a lot of people in the world do not even know which direction to follow. Some are merely living life the way they see it, they have accepted their conditions as fate and do not care to do anything to ameliorate their situation. Such people are just existing and not living. They are pushed around by the winds of life. When you live this way, you will never be fulfilled. You ought to live a purpose driven life and you can only achieve this by knowing your purpose in life.

You should be clear about who you want to become and what you want to do. Living a life without purpose is simply frustrating because you don’t get to imagine life above the present. You are practically like a fish out of water struggling to survive. You may have interesting dreams and aspirations concerning the things you want to do and the things you want to have but they don’t seem to materialise. You are just left in the midst of your challenges and limitations because you lack a sense of purpose. Living a life without purpose will give you a negative perception about life. You may have everything you want in life, you may have many estates and expensive cars, but until you have discovered your purpose, you will always feel that you are lacking something somewhere, you will always feel a void. Take note that a life of purpose is not acquired by gathering all the riches in the world. A life of purpose is a life where you get to do what you have always dreamt of and what you were created to do. Happiness is not measured by riches but by the things that make us fulfilled.

You may be wondering how some people live their lives happily everyday meanwhile you are left wondering why you still live in limitations. Maybe they have found their purpose and have decided to live a purpose driven life and they are enjoying it. You should try to do same. The following points will enable you see how you can discover your purpose and equally achieve it.

How to discover your purpose

Forget the past: the first step in finding your purpose isletting go of the past. The past might have some events that are concealing your ability to think again, until you decide to forget about the memories of the past, you will never hold the power to create again. Sometimes, the fact that you are still living in the past stops you from finding your purpose. Forget about all the negative things that happened before or the negative things you had done before, forget about the fact that you were shy in the past, forget that you could not do anything in the past and face your future.

The past should never hold you back in your plans, rather, learn from what you have gone through and do better. Maybe in the past, you were persecuted and regarded as nobody, fine! This shouldn’t stop you, rather, it should encourage you to become somebody, to prove to others that you can be even better than them. Though this should not be your primary motive but you should use it as a self-motivation. Finding your purpose needs a lot mind and heart searching, but you cannot even start finding your purpose when your mind is blocked by the things of the past. Step out of the past and face your fears. When you do this, then you are in the first phase of finding your purpose.

Search your mind to find your purpose: this is the first reason why many people are not able to live a life of purpose. It is impossible to live a purpose driven life without finding out what your purpose in life is. To find your purpose, you need to search your mind, meditate, have a quiet time to think within your dreams, your desires, your aspirations and your imaginations and get to know what your life’s purpose is. Your purpose is what you do that brings fulfilment to you and others. Maybe you enjoy talking to people and making them feel better. That could be your purpose so why not work towards being a motivational speaker and adviser. If you find joy in it, then you are good to go. Your purpose could also be to sing and to appease the heart of people, until you discover this gift, you will rarely find happiness elsewhere. You can choose to follow your purpose or die wishing you had done so. The task is up to you because life is driven by purpose and your purpose is the reason why you exist. God created everyone and made everything for a reason and for its purpose.

Another way to find your purpose by searching your mind is to try finding out the things that made you happy as a kid and the things that you had dreamt of doing in your childhood. Probably those things still make you happy now and you still want to do them. The easiest way to discovering your life’s purpose is through the art of introspection. It is all about going deep into your mind to find out about who you are and to uncover the very essence why you exist in order to discover your purpose. A writer once advised that “people should think of their life’s purpose as a golden thread; for some, that thread comes in the form of a certain career or profession, while for others it looks like a way of being or expression.”

Identify your purpose and start living a fulfilled life. Knowing your purpose in life is extremely important because even when you succeed in other places outside your purpose, you will not find that inner peace you long for. A lot of people have drifted away from their purpose because the moment they discovered it, they found that it was challenging. There’s no time in life when we would not face challenges. Each phase of our life comes with its own challenges and our responsibility is to become victorious even in the face of those challenges. When you are living a life of purpose, you will find it easy walking through the many obstacles you come across because that is what you were made for. Knowing your purpose in life also gives you the power to be innovative. Once you know your purpose, you get to be creative, to find out the things that will have a positive impact on you and on people to inspire change around the world. The reason why you have a purpose is not just for you to be happy. Your purpose has to be something that will impact lives and something that will bring change in the world.

How to achieve your purpose in life

Combat your inner fears and uncertainties: Once you have discovered your purpose and have begun to sail in greater seas, you will always have a certain fear inside of you. You begin to doubt if it will work or if you even did the right thing by trying to live a life of purpose. Every human feels this way in the beginning of every adventure. Take note that your inner self is your first enemy which you need to conquer. Your inner mind will always try to discourage you, to make you feel down casted, you will get questions from your inner mind like; who are you to think you can successfully live a life of purpose? Will you even succeed? And all the like. If you are not strong enough to defeat your inner mind, then you find yourself giving up when you’ve not even started. You inner mind is made up of your internal beliefs. It just wants you to be comfortable always, to save you from embarrassments and disgrace. That is the part of yourself that enjoys the comfort zone. Your inner mind is scared of these things. Funny enough, you cannot achieve your purpose without being embarrassed at some point in time. You have to leave your comfort zone and work hard to achieve your purpose.

Have a positive mind set: In order to live a purpose driven life, you must reprogram your mind from negativity and doubt to positivity and hope. Always build a positive mind set because if you cannot start by thinking positively, then you are bound to fail in flfilling your purpose. Always think about success in the face of challenges. Push out all the feelings that are not positive from your mind. More importantly, you need to be your self-motivator. Always encourage yourself believing that there will always be an opportunity for you to do better. Tell yourself that you are the best there is. Start your day with positivism and extend it to the rest of the day. If you wake up feeling that nothing good will happen to you, then it might just be true for the rest of the day because you had set the pace.

Living a life of purpose is all about you accepting that there will always be challenges and yo should be prepared to face them positively always. A life of purpose is one focused on the good things no matter how small they are. Try to put it in your mind that challenges make you stronger and gives way for better opportunities. Another way by which you can live a positive life and a life of purpose is by interacting mostly with positive friends and colleagues. The people you spend most of your time with have a great impact on you and how you relate with many situations. You may have a very positive mind set but when you interact mostly with people who always think negatively about life, then you are bound to fail in your purpose because at some point, you may start thinking like them and before you realise it, it might be too late. A writer once put it that “you become like the five people you spend most of your time with” so choose your company wisely. This is how to live positively by knowing your purpose in life.

Keep your focus on your purpose: knowing your purpose in life is just the beginning of a whole lot of work for you. Once you find your purpose, you step into greater challenges and opportunities side by side. One thing that will make it easy for you to achieve your purpose amidst all these challenges is if you concentrate on it. Stop treating your purpose as if it is just your hobby. It should rather be the main thing in your life and you should devote almost all of your time to achieving it. Don’t treat your purpose like a side job, it should be your priority. That is to say, if you are a singer, you should devote your time to writing songs and singing first before anything else. Sometimes you just have to concentrate on one thing to make it work. It takes a lot of sacrifice.

Practice skills that help you fulfil your purpose: living a life of purpose is all about being a pro in what you do. If you are passionate about something, and you cannot effectively produce good results from what you do, then you will not be fulfilled as well as others will not be very pleased with you. This is not to say that you have to be perfect, it is just about practice. Some people’s purpose is a career or a job, meanwhile other’s is to be able to express themselves or to belong somewhere. Whatever your purpose is, it has to constantly be practised. You should be able to carry out your purpose at all moments of your life. This does not also mean that you should spend all of your time on your purpose and forget about your necessities, it needs time management. Your time has to be managed properly so that you can allocate each activity to its time and eventually achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Dream big: your ability to dream big defines how much and how far you will be willing to work in order to achieve those dreams. If you don’t dream big, you remain where you are because when you dream big, you get to work out ways by which you can achieve those dreams. Living a life of purpose is all about achieving your dreams and getting your heart desires. When you work within your purpose, there is no crowd. Once you are devoted to the work, you can achieve anything. Sometimes, you even have to dream above the ordinary. Write down your dreams and your goals which comprises of everything you want to become and want to do in a book making sure that you do not leave out any. Meditate on these dreams and try to see how you can achieve them. The advantage about dreaming above the ordinary is that even if you cannot achieve all those things you wrote down and worked for, you will be able to achieve about 80% of it according to your hard work.

Be sure to take action: procrastination is very dangerous to your purpose. Living a life of purpose demands that you take immediate action. Avoid the act of postponing things that have to be done. Knowing your purpose in life is not the final stage to achieve your purpose. You have much work to do after that. Postpone not tomorrow what you can do today. You do not know what can happen tomorrow, other issues may crop up in your agenda. The consequence is that you risk forgetting about what you were normally supposed to do and this is how you begin to fail. Procrastination has led to the downfall of many youths today because most of them do not make use of opportunities at hand. They have cultivated the habit of postponement and as a result, they have lossed so many opportunities.

Another danger in procrastination again is that, you pile up work. You forward or push things you were supposed to do today to another day, forgetting that the other day has its own agenda which becomes very difficult for you to manage the things you have to do. It might even cause you to give up on your purpose.

Avoid distractions: Distractions are an indispensable part of every human being. However, the question is not whether the distractions are there; because they will always be there. A greater part of the challenge lies in being able to logically move away from distractions that may derail one’s purpose in life. For instance; in an Open University system, students have a lot of liberty; parties, dealing with friends who are not focused, alcoholism, prostitution. All these distractions can prevent a student from studying effectively. If there is no mechanism to prevent them, the student cannot achieve a fulfil purpose. It also follows that when one misses the opportunity to study, for instance, it follows them throughout their life. There is a price for every action taken at the moment.

Distractions could be intentional or unintentional. Intentional distractions are initiated by an individual, that is, you just let yourself get distracted because you lack a sense of purpose, while unintentional distractions are mostly consequences of the type of environment one finds him/herself in. All of them must be adequately contained so as to achieve one’s purpose in life. One thing in life is, no matter the environment where you find yourself, it is your duty to distinguish right from wrong, and this is what qualifies you as a human being. Try to select between situations and people and choose whether you want to be distracted or not. Some people have always complained of being distracted due to peer pressure for example.

Truly it is a contributing factor to distractions among youths but again, you have the knife and the yam, meaning that you have the power to make your own decisions. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. In living a life of purpose, you have to purpose the power to make and stand by your decisions. Be strong at decision making. If you someone who makes decisions and keep changing them all the time because you are not sure, then you are bound to fail because people will affect your decisions and most often, they will do so negatively. There are times that you need to be your own boss, which is to be able to make decisions for yourself in order to achieve your purpose.

Pray and work: Some persons live on the illusion that only prayers will do the magic. No! Prayers without work boils down to zero. It is true that God graciously listens to prayers. However, it is important that each individual puts maximum effort into every while they make prayers. By so doing, the work goes on efficiently. Individual attitude towards work counts. Every individual can always have something to do. Work characteristics like commitment, consciousness, effective time management, and respect for colleagues are hallmarks that can help an individual remain focused, thereby moving towards attaining one’s purpose in life. For every work action, the individual has to critically think about it and commit it in prayers. Every employer wants dedicated and committed staff. Committing to the job increases organizational efficiency, and also helps to boost the individual work careers of the employees.

Never give up: in life, people will always fail, you will not be the first to fail and of course, you will never be the last. Most successful people have failed at one point in their career, but the most important thing is their ability to accept failures and bounce back to start over. You can also do it, they are not super humans. As you strive to live a life of purpose and to achieve your purpose, failure should not be sonthing you fear because sometimes, failures are part of your success, they make you stronger and fit to withstand certain situations.


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