Are you looking for a versatile topwear that goes well in every setting? Why not choose a Polo shirt online? Polo tshirts have a great advantage of being versatile in almost every occasion possible. Polo striped t-shirts were originally worn in games like tennis and golf where a dignified clothing article is required. These games are also very physically demanding and require the clothing to be mobile, agile and comfortable.

René Lacoste developed the Lacoste polo shirt for the game of tennis with the intent of a topwear meeting all above requirements and thus, polo shirts were born. You can look for a polo shirt online at Snitch, as it boasts a large collection of this cotton shirt online.

Check out the best mens t-shirts online here:
Jocose Olive T-Shirt

This plain polo striped t-shirt is the definition of subtle and classy. Featuring an embossed striped pattern on olive colour, it looks great. A fun polo shirt online to wear for a date night or to wear at the office. Just pair it up with khaki, brown or beige coloured chinos and leave the polo striped t-shirt tucked or untucked, whatever you prefer!

Elite Green T-Shirt

With a subtle stripe design over dark green colour, this polo striped t-shirt will make you look like a true gentleman. Be it a club night, or an outdoor meeting with a client, you can make sure you will leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Pair it up with light colours like khaki, beige or white for the best contrast.

Check out more mens t-shirts online below.
Perky Black T-Shirt

A staple in every man’s closet, this polo tshirt online is the perfect addition to your outfit. You can wear this shirt over basically any colour, although to create a contrasting outfit, it is suggested that you wear this with a light colour. You can check out plenty more mens t-shirts online at Snitch, which has a great collection of designer clothing for men.

Cardamom Green Knitted Polo T-Shirt

A unique cardamom colour meets a funky striped design in this polo striped t-shirt. This polo shirt online has stripes running from the left breast over to the left shoulder which gives it a very unique and a casual look. If you want an outfit for a semi-formal, semi-casual setting, this shirt is something you can put your money on!

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